Emiliano Sala - 1990-2019

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by luke_golden, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Yes, it's breaking news on SSN. I hope this is not what they are saying it is.
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    Holy ****. What a tragedy.
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    Does not sound good at all. Shocking news
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    Just terrible if true
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    Completely agree, you wouldn't wish this kind of news on any club or any one!,
    lets hope its a miscommunication of some sort!
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    Sounds dreadful. Hope it’s not as bad as it sounds.
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    French authorities are just confirming that Sala was on board the missing plane.
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    Very sad - hope there is some better news soon, but it does not sound very positive
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    Oh that really isn’t good
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    Nothing I can usefully add. Second football air crash of the season. Awful
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    Heartbreaking. God know's how his family are coping still not knowing whether he is alive or not
  17. The Voice of Reason

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    Hopefully they will be found alive and well, but if not what a disaster for them and their loved ones, and although not anyway near as bad as the loss for the families, but for Cardiff City FC as well.
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    Very sad.

    Later in his life...from the mouth of John Glenn, former combat pilot, test pilot and Mercury program Astronaut (and even later US Senator)... "I never get into a plane with less than 2 engines and 2 pilots".
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    Just seen an interview with John Fitzgerald who is the Chief Exec of the Channel Islands Air Search. He said basically if they have the correct clothing (wet suits) or a life raft, their chances of survival were pretty good. However, if they were in the water with just life jackets their chances of survival is approximately 1 hour as the waters are extremely cold.

    They interviewed another aviation expert and he said the plane the were flying in, the Piper PA-46 Malibu, did not have a life raft as standard fitted. It only had one life jacket located under the seat of the pilot. Anything else would have had to been added by the owner of the plane as an extra.

    It's extremely unlikely Sala or the pilot would still be alive had they landed on water at this stage, some 19 hours later.

    This is another extremely tragic event for football. Very sad indeed.
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    Grim news indeed.
  21. Filbert

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    Search for the plane has been suspended for the night.

    Sad news.

    Can’t believe they’re trying to one up us like this though. We are the air tragedy Champions. I’m off to change my FB picture to a crying bluebird and tweet the word ‘Speechless’.

    We stand together.
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    Awful news, thoughts with all the friends and families of those involved.
  25. Smudger

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    Very sad news indeed. Must have been bursting with excitement at the prospect of the Premier League and financial security for his family. Many a tear no doubt at Nantes where he was a huge favourite and a huge blow or Cardiff as well.
  26. cyaninternetdog

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    Will still be better than Andre Gray.
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    Not sure you should say that at this delicate time.

    Sure, it's true. But let's have a little respect for the family & friends.
  28. PhilippineOrn

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    Perhaps but a little perspective too.

    Thousands of people go missing, presumed dead, every day, each a tragedy for those involved but none warranting threads with total strangers posting hollow condolences.
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    I feel sorry for people that carry such a hollow, cold, cynical view over the loss of life and are unable to show any compassion. You do not need to personally know the individual to feel a connection to the story.

    If I hear a story of children being slaughtered at school by a crazy gunman, it upsets me greatly, even though I don't know anyone involved.

    It's a human reaction for most decent people to have. Clearly that does not apply to everyone, which is very sad.
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  30. cyaninternetdog

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    I apologise to Andre Gray and his family, sorry. #PrayForAndre
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  31. hornetboy1

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    Stories are coming out saying that Sala was texting friends while he was sitting on the runway saying how unsafe he felt on the plane. It was making strange noises and he thought it was going to fall apart. He also chillingly wrote, "if you don't hear from me in an hour and a half send out a search and rescue party".

    Add this to the final photo he posted on Twitter which read "the final goodbye", it's as if he almost knew what was going to happen.

    Having listened to the aviation experts being interviewed over this, it was a huge risk to fly in this type of plane. It has a single propeller engine, so should not really be flown over water.

    This type of plane is for land use only, and most pilots would choose a route avoiding urban areas. They will constantly be on the look out for places to land, in case of emergency, and would pick a route which would take them mainly over rural countryside.

    If the engine fails it will glide to the ground, but over water if the engine fails you've basically had it. It is a single point of failure and there is no backup system to aid you in this event. It's not designed to land on water either and will only float for about a minute or so, that's if it landed on calm water. If it landed on choppy water, it would likely break up on impact.

    We all take risks, without even knowing it, during our lifetime, but this one was really flashing red alert. The pilot, who was from Sheffield, must have known the risk, but took it anyway. That is incomprehensible he would fly such a plane over the channel.
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  32. zztop

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    It was a bit worse than that, it wasn't texts, but via an audio feed on his Whatsup account. They played the clips on the news earlier.
  33. The undeniable truth

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    There are clearly some pretty big questions that need to be asked about why this flight was made in such a flimsy plane over sea and in those conditions. Was pressure put on him to fly ? Did he express reluctance to fly ? However while the search goes on these questions are understandably on hold with all focus on just trying to locate the plane.

    Must be an odd feeling for the Cardiff Board, knowing that had they not convinced Nantes to sell and him to sign, he would still be alive and starring in the French league. No blame of course, but just knowing that he would be alive if they hadn't signed him. I hope they didn't put pressure on him to fly.
  34. Filbert

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    Jokes = bad

    Mawkishly recounting his final moments and speculating about the circumstances of his death before they’ve even found his body = fine

    I’m not having a go at anyone in particular, just seems to be the way these things go on social media.
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  35. hornetboy1

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    SSN have just reported there is a possibility that both Sala and the pilot got into a life raft. The plane did carry a life raft and this is what the search and rescue team are currently concentrating on.

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