Emiliano Sala - 1990-2019

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    Maybe the dead rat tied round CID’s ankle spurred the thought.
  3. Burnsy

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    Just so Okaka didn’t feel lonely when his lungs started to run out of air 30 mins into the journey?
  4. RookeryDad

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    If I’d just bought something for £15m, I’d would interested in how it was transported.
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    Good thoughts come when in the shower or having a poo.
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    I'm no aviation expert, but I think the word you're looking for is "car."
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    I changed my energy tariff on the toilet this morning. At work too. Ker-ching.
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    Bio fuel :eek:
  10. The undeniable truth

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    Is it a gas or electric powered toilet ?
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    Someone else paid for my gas this morning.
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  12. UEA_Hornet

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    I see with the search now having been called off (staffed as it was mainly by volunteers), those involved are now being barracked by millionaire footballers and football clubs to continue. FC Nantes are whipping up some sort of social media campaign 'encouraging' Guernsey Police to carry on.

    I can understand the illogical hope of Sala's family but everyone else needs to get a grip. If the Sala family and his rich pals want to fund a private search they can crack on. But there's no reason volunteers and a police force with tiny resources should have to carry on risking their lives searching for two bodies.

    Oh and if anyone wants to despair at those we share this planet with, take a look at the bile and drivel under the Guernsey Police posts on Twitter.

    "have you searched under the sea?"
    "why have you given up?"
    "have you searched here?" [includes google maps image of a rock about 2m across]
    "you haven't stopped searching for Maddy but you've given up on Sala"
    "he's definitely alive, somewhere in the middle of the Channel"
    "imagine if he was still in the water with the pilot after all this time but no one was coming to rescue them"
  13. UEA_Hornet

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    "maybe he has got onto a passing cargo boat so you should call any possible docks or popular docks to see anything as sala might have no phone as it could be under water as they cannot trace the phone, they need scupperdivers aswell to look for the sunk plane"
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  14. PhilippineOrn

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    He would be alive today if only they put scupperdivers in the water to look for the sunk plane from the beginning.
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  15. The undeniable truth

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    Any resemblance to our new signing, Emile Salabasini, who will start for us tomorrow, is mere coincidence.
  16. Bring Back Standing

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    Hair dyed red?
  17. cyaninternetdog

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    Saw on that Guernsey Police twatter two people arguing over whether it was more likely that Sala and the pilot or Maddie McCann are alive. What a time to be alive.
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  19. Arakel

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    Has anyone considered that the tragic events of Princess Di, Maddie McCann and Sala might be linked? We could be dealing with a serial killer here.
  20. UEA_Hornet

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    Apparently a Fiat Uno was passing through Guernsey airspace at the time Sala's plane dropped off radar...
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    Reading that Pilots forum has made me very grateful that I am not rich enough to consider anything other than commercial flying to get from A to B. Admittedly hindsight is a wonderful thing, but this "wingly" type of service sounds like it was always a disaster waiting to happen.
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  22. cyaninternetdog

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    My sources tell me Prince Philip was driving.
  23. Filbert

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    Prince Phil was trying to disctract the media with his crash. I reckon you could be on to something here.
  24. The undeniable truth

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    You could be right. No-one can tell me the similarities are just down to coincidence.
  25. Keighley

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    They’re just down to coincidence.

    See, you’re wrong, someone could tell you that.
  26. wfc4ever

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    Reports that the under water search has found the plane involved.
  27. UEA_Hornet

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  28. wfc4ever

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    In a way lets hope they find both bodies as it would be hard for one family not knowing where their love one is.
  29. hornetgags

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    Unless I've got my biology wrong, it's too cold for the bodies to fill with air so they won't float to the surface.

    If they survived the initial impact, then hypothermia would set in quickly if they didn't drown.

    All round it's just tragic beyond belief as the likelihood of survival would have been extremey remote.
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  30. wfc4ever

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  31. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    Sadly that was predictable. I've seen a report from Cardiff which appears to be claiming that even though they announced the signing registration had not been confirmed by the Premier league. Lawyers are going to profit from this
  32. hornetboy1

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    It's a really tricky situation. They've only just recovered a body, although the identity has not yet been revealed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47152773.

    The ugly word of money was always going to crop up. I hope that Cardiff pay up and do not backtrack over a technicality on the contract. Morally, Sala was their player, and he was going to Cardiff to play for them. No other reason. For this fact alone, I hope even if the paperwork is not entirely in order, they do they right thing and pay Nantes what they owe them.

    If they did not have insurance over this transfer, or any transfer/player etc, then it's a crazy oversight. Any commodity of value, be it a football player, a building, painting etc needs to have the proper insurance set up well in advance of purchase.
  33. Arakel

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    There's no doubt in my mind Cardiff owe the money from an ethical perspective. Sala would never had been in the situation if it wasn't for them. Hopefully the legal side of things backs this up.

    Still, it's the height of farce to see a club sanction the wailing and gnashing of teeth, only to get coy over paying for the player they were just sobbing about.
  34. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    How very Premier League to be bickering over money before the bodies are hardly cold.
  35. hornetboy1

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