Emiliano Sala - 1990-2019

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    Nantes arent a Prem team m8. I suppose now the body has been found the insurance will pay out? Hope they can find the other body so the other family can have some kind of closure also.
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    Nantes are retiring the number 9 shirt in Sala's honour.
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    I just lol at that article implying he didn't want to sign for cardiff. Didnt want his wages to go from EUR50k/month to £50k/week. It's a tragic tale, but this is far from a case of modern slavery.

    Sounds very plausible.
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    Too many noses in the trough.
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    We're mentioned quite a bit in that including the "interest" in Cornet.
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    TL;DR: Football agents were trying to invite clubs to bid for a football player. That player was then involved in a plane accident and unfortunately died.

    Next week they are going behind the scenes at a bread company. Without bread, Sala may have not have had enough energy to win the move to Cardiff and this tragic accident may not have occured. Do not scratch your eyes.
  8. I know this is maybe not appropriate, but:
    Is it just me? A moderately talented footballer, who very few people, outside of lower premier fans who scour CalcioMercato for news of their club, had heard of, dies in a plane crash. If it had been a car crash would it have got half the attention? And what's the deal with Cardiff? The guy never played for them, probably never set foot in their stadium, and they are insured against the financial loss, but they are acting like it's their version of Lady Di and Madeleine McCann rolled into one. Warnock most hysterical of all.
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    u ok hun?

    Sending thoughts and prayers.
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    The one thing I really didn't get was when Warnock said some of the Cardiff players needed counselling after the crash... surely they had never met him, and even if they had it wouldn't have been for very long.
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    I guess it all started with Lady Di, or so they say, but we seem to have become a nation of serial mourners.
    Not sure if there's a psychological explanation of the human need to show remorse but if there is one we are suffering from it.

    In the event of a death in the world of football the following procedures must take place...
    -Post on social media making it sound like you knew them personally
    -Someone starts a Crowdfunding page (cause throwing money at it is always the answer)
    -Minutes silence/applaus at all football grounds (whether the person had anything to do with the club or not)
    -Black armbands
    -Retire a shirt
    -Applaus at appropriate minute during subsequent games
    -Statue maybe?

    Anyone who doesn't endorse or follow the procedure will be frowned upon.

    I'm being cynical of course and i know none of these things do any harm. I just find it a little disturbing how we get so involved with every passing now. Unless it's something huge or closer to home (GT for instance) i think a simple "That's tragic/sorry for your loss" is sufficient.
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    I came on here to vent after our Chairman died, it all leaves me feeling so cold and slightly concerned as to how some people make through an entire day, with all of the random **** it could throw at them, without having a breakdown.
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    Not just you.

    I can understand it from Nantes as he's been there ages and by all accounts was well liked by players and fans but Cardiff? I can't help but think colin is trying to use this tragedy to cardiff's advantage. He's probably hoping refs and opposition players subconsciously go a bit easier on them.

    Seems to be working too.
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    I remember our dearly beloved fanbase singing "Elton, we are proud of you" after he sung at her funeral.

    We're the absolute worst of the lot.
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    Take what you're saying about the faux outpouring of grief by people who realistically have a spurious, at best, connection to the poor lad (as RG says, Cardiff rather than Nantes players and fans). However, I think there are genuine reasons the case is of more interest than a car crash. There are still so many unanswered questions surrounding the flight - whether or not the plane, or indeed the pilot, were licensed for a flight of this nature; who organised this flight; who actually owns the plane itself; setting aside the personal tragedy for the victims' families, how did a £15m asset come to be sitting in a single engined plane, flying over a long stretch of water at night with bad weather forecast, piloted by a gas engineer with a private pilots licence who it appears may not have been licensed to fly commercial flights or fly using instruments at night? The accident has exposed a very grey area within general aviation and I have to admit the journalist in me finds the whole thing pretty interesting.
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    At least on that occasion there was some connection.
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    We left the country for a fortnight to avoid all of that stuff.
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    It's known as Liverpool syndrome. Boris Johnson once highlighted it.
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    Social media must play a part as it allows a greater expression of mass emotion. I think it's incredibly sad what has happened and imo Cardiff fans are entitled to grieve, I'm sure some of our fans would in the same circumstances. If others don't agree so be it, everyone looks at mortality and life in different ways, there isn't a right or wrong with this.

    With regards to payment on paper it looks like Cardiff should pay however I imagine neither they or Nantes have buckets of cash and its no wonder terms and conditions are being reviewed.
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    Clearly utter piffle then.
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    When Jimmy Davis died we had our match postponed that day and then a minute's silence before our league cup fixture a few days later. That was it, other than us putting his favourite song over the tannoy before z-cars for the remainder of the season. This Sala mourning should be over now it's gone on for too long.
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    I think his own family even told us to get on with just playing and winning matches for him.
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    Hopefully every Watford player has taken that message to heart. We should win our next league match and dedicate it to him.
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    Well we can become even more unpopular with the media by beating Cardiff on a "emotional night"....
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    It is very murky and casts further questions on the role of superagents like this Mackay fellow who has sons working and playing for Cardiff not to mention James Warnock running many of their transfer deals. It is all very shady and the nature of the flight in a cheap unreliable plane with a pilot over whose competence questions are being raised is all very disturbing. FIFA and UEFA need to get a grip on these parasites who live off the gravy train of football and exert undue influence and power over clubs for doing next to nothing.

    Nantes and Caen did give Emiliano a very dignified and moving send off for a humble, down to earth player who made the most of his abilities and could have been a Hornet.

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    Someone close to me worked with Mehmet Dalman in the City. I have to be very careful what I say but let's just say this person does not remember Dalman at all fondly and it doesn't surprise me in the slightest to read that Cardiff are pursuing these avenues.
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    I suppose the flip side though is it's very possible any insurer would expect the club to pursue/explore all reasonable avenues to reduce their liability before agreeing to pay a claim.
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    I think that the grief and sadness shown by cardiff is appropriate and respectful. Unless theres things ive not seen, like a spike in the name Emiliano for new borns over the last month in south wales. The legal case is another matter but i feel its just got to run it's course.

    Imagine we smashed our transfer record on a decent sounding foreigner with a good record and a reputation for hard work. Then in the first day of training he snapped his cruciate and was out for 18 months. Would we shrug shoulders and say c'est la vie? Or would it be devastating news, gutted for the lad and a shock for the club? I think we all know the answer. Sala is 2 steps beyond that, the cardiff fans were all looking forward to getting him in and it would have been a horrible few weeks. Yes they never saw him but the grief is half that they'll never get the chance. If I were going on a blind date and she never turned up because she got hit by bus, I'd be devastated. I still remember Jimmy Davis, that cancelled match. I remember him more than half the loans we had in that era.
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    What a peculiar post. Do you really think most normal people think like that?
  32. Respectful Cardiff are now effectively saying 'we were had, he wasn't as good as we thought he was.
    From Times:
    Yet we now hear that Cardiff are seeking to avoid payment not because of alleged negligence but because they think they may have paid an inflated price for Sala. According to a report in the Mail on Sunday, confirmed by the club, Cardiff have written to other Premier League clubs asking for assistance in “sharing your knowledge of Sala as a player”. The correspondence from a Cardiff law firm describes Sala, who was 28, as “the player that Cardiff tried to sign” rather than the player that they did sign. The phrasing is telling.

    To understand the context, consider the events leading up to this impasse. You’ll remember that Sala’s transfer was brokered by Willie McKay, an agent operating out of Monaco. In an interview with L’Équipe, McKay admitted to fomenting coverage in the British press that West Ham United and Everton were interested in Sala. These fake stories were a calculated attempt to ignite interest in the player, inflating his sale price. “That is how we work,” he said in an email to Sala.

    We also know that when Nantes first asked for payment of the initial tranche of the transfer fee this month, Cardiff refused. The public stance was that the club were “shocked” to have received a request for payment before Sala’s body had even been recovered. They also let it be known that they wanted to understand the full details surrounding the crash before paying any money.

    This is the context in which the latest manoeuvring has to be viewed. It seems like an attempt to delay payment again, but this time not by pointing to the circumstances of the crash but the legitimacy of the fee itself. The idea is that if McKay planted false stories to inflate the price, Cardiff may have grounds not to pay. According to sources at the club, they believe that they may have a case of fraud.

    It is here that one cannot help but shake one’s head. It is not Nantes who are behaving unreasonably; it is Cardiff. They must know that no sane judge would accept that, in a world such as football, a club could reasonably claim to have been defrauded because they were duped by a fake transfer story.

    Cardiff had everything they needed to objectively verify their valuation of the player: his stats, goal tally; hell, they could have watched replays of every match he had played.

    One cannot help being reminded of the Latin phrase caveat emptor: buyer beware. If you are purchasing a player for a record fee, take the time to be certain that you have assessed his talents correctly. If you are being approached by an agent, ask yourself whether he may be exaggerating the qualities of the player in order to get the deal over the line. It is not as if Neil Warnock, the Cardiff manager, was unfamiliar with McKay’s modus operandi; they are reported to be close friends.

    Yet if Cardiff have little prospect of making this argument stand up in court, why are they pushing it so hard? Do they hope to outstare Nantes? Do they hope that the French club will blink first? Do they think that by delaying, dithering, and engaging in selective leaking about the crassness of Nantes in demanding payment for a deceased player, they may get off the hook for payment, if not for the full price, then at least for a chunk of it?

    If this is the case, then I suspect that Cardiff are making a severe miscalculation. The public, including fans of Cardiff, are not stupid. Yes, they are horrified by what happened to Sala; yes, they want to get to the bottom of the tragedy, not least to prevent such a thing happening again; and, yes, they wish for respect to be paid to the player and his family. But they also understand that the rule of law is the bedrock upon which all our liberties and safeties depend. They understand, too, that for all the distaste for football agents, it is hypocritical for clubs to use them to leak stories to inflate the price of their own players and then cry blue murder when they do the same to transfer targets.

    Of course, nobody beyond the parties themselves knows the precise wording of the contract upon which the sale was based, so if Cardiff really do have legal grounds to avoid payment, they are entitled to pursue them.

    According to the Mail on Sunday, Cardiff have said they will “do the right thing” but have indicated that they “first want full facts disclosed about what happened and the involvement of agents with Nantes in the deal”.

    But this does not alter the subtler point that Nantes should feel no qualms about seeking this same money through all legal means, despite the insinuations of crassness and insensitivity levelled at them.

    For the moment that PR and spin take precedence over the objectivity of a signed contract, we are all in trouble.
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    That is a very unpleasant read.
    Thanks for posting but in many ways,in the words of Bob Seger "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then".
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    Looks like they've hired the red helmet to run their negotiating strategy on this one.
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