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    Your welcome, thanks for the feedback.
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    Our best start to a Championship season under the Pozzo's after 6 games.
    12/13 - 6
    13/14 - 9
    14/15 - 12
    20/21 - 13

    Also in 05/06 we only had 11 points at the same stage.

  3. Otter

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    In 6 matches we've conceded just 2 goals. In 05/06 and 12/13 we did that in match 1 and we'd conceded more than two by match 2 in all three of the highlighted seasons.
  4. ITK platypus

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    Brilliant stuff. Didn't realise we didn't get a single OG in 14/15!
  5. BigRossLittleRoss

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    OG are our joint second highest goal scorer this season
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    Yes but we some added adjectives!
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    MMMMMM that's some good and tasty stating
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    You need to put Doyleys 2012/13 goal in bold case with stars around it though
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  11. Hornet77

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  12. Hornet77

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    A solid first ten games and we are well in the race for automatic promotion, just one point off second place and four off first. We've not settled into a rhythm yet, the players are still learning the system and the coach is still getting to know which players can be relied on. Plus we have some quality players returning and still to be integrated. So I'm positive going into the next ten games.
  13. cyaninternetdog

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    Jp scored two last night, Clevs didnt score.
  14. Sort of OK

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    JP penalty, Sarr injury time winner. Cleverly debatable to say the least but it the ref gave it as crossing the line from the original shot I guess it will go down as his, lucky boy.
  15. hornetboy1

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    I thought they'd given the first Watford goal to John Eustace.
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  17. Sort of OK

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    Not sure if this is the place to put this but remember how dire we were at the start of last season, if you haven't erased it completely!


    This season is even worse! Not only do all of those in the relegation positions have the same or less points that we did at the same stage (OK Burnley have a game in hand) but worryingly for them only the top half had 10 points or more last year, this time 15th has already got that.


    There has been some very strange results in the fancy Dan big league this season so not sure we can say the best are getting better but based upon this sh1t are getting sh1tter. Already looking tough for Brighton and below, last years 34 points may well be enough this year.
  18. BigRossLittleRoss

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    So apart from 14/15 and 81/82 have we had a better start to a season in the second tier, or can we officially call this season the 3rd best ever start to a season in second tier ?

    Not bad for a team with one of the worst squads in the division , a clueless manager and owners who are nothing but destructive to the clubs best interests.
  19. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    Brighton have been playing decent tbf, you'd think they can pull away. Bottom 3 need to buck their ideas up soon, Fulham somehow outside the bottom 3, they did some decent business in the window, but still, they were bang up against it at the start of the season
  20. a19tgg

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    One of Burnley or Sheffield Utd have to go down this season, I can’t see who else it is going to be even if WBA and Fulham occupy two of the slots, the rest of the league is just too good in comparison.

    Sheffield Utd were ridiculously overhyped over just one season. They’ve got a limited squad that wasn’t improved much at all from the championship and all they did was press hard. It was never going to be sustainable without significant squad upgrades.
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  21. wfc4ever

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    Got 3 strikers they paid good money for who don’t really score.

    And one is of their better player wants out.
  22. Teide1

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    Great stats, interesting our goals scored and conceded are both the lowest out of the highlighted seasons, we are yet to win or lose a game by more than one goal, if things stay the same and considering we have the capability to watch all games we are all going to need a set of new nerves by the end of the season!
  23. goldpapaya

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    blackburn 3-1!
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    Whoops one exception! My nerves have gone already!
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    Hornet77, have you ever thought of applying for a job with Public Health England, they could probably do with someone with your skills ;)
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  26. LondonOrn

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    The other seasons only go back to 2005/06, but I thought people would be interested to see how this one compares to earlier ones when we were in contention: (After 10 games to take account for there being 42 matches instead of 46)

    Some more interesting stats:

    In 1981/82, 10 of the 22 teams in the second tier are now at this level.
    In 1988/89, only 6 of the 24 teams
    1998/99, 7 of 24
    2012/13, 12 of 24
    2014/15, 15 of 24

    I thought maybe this thread could be updated every five games starting from game 15 to show the earlier tables, makes sense given that Davidmsawyer included the 1999/00 season in his Premier League comparisons!
  27. DannyM

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    Those goal scorer stats really highlight how much I miss Almen Abdi.

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  28. PowerJugs

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    That and an outstanding goalkeeper in Henderson. Ramsdale has an air of Johnstone about him; competent but not PL level.
  29. leavesdenorn

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    Interesting to know if we’ve had an easy start to the season compared with other teams. The 11 teams we’ve played the league positions add up to 148 so an average of 13.45 helped by the fact we have played the bottom 4 teams.
  30. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    From mid-December to early January, we have a very difficult couple of games, Brentford, Norwich, Millwall and Swansea in the space of 5 games. Now that we're almost back to full strength, we could do with racking up the points in the next 7 games before Brentford
  31. Hornet77

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  32. Hornet77

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  33. AshdonWFC

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    Given how utterly toothless and boring we have been for large swathes of the season so far, these stats are at least putting something of a positive spin on it for me.

    If - and it’s a big if (!) - we can get things to start clicking and take some chances whilst keeping things tighter at the back than in recent weeks, it could be a decent season.

    Not sure why I’m trying to be vaguely positive as it has been beyond tedious to watch so far.
  34. WalthamstowHornet

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    It's clear that our performances have been poor but we have been picking up points at a rate that is keeping us in contention.

    The optimistic (COG) part of my brain thinks things are going to click and we will start to show the quality that we on paper have compared to most teams in the division.

    The pessimistic (bed wetter) part of my brain thinks our luck will run out and we will start sliding down the league if we don't get our act together.
  35. TomWatfordFC

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    Pretty crazy that we haven't scored 2 goals in a game yet.

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