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    Those PPG from now would give us just shy of 92 points. Enough?
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    Looking at the top picture, I'd forgotten that for all our swashbuckling football, we didn't get all that many points, less than 2005/06 and only equal to 1998/99 - we'd need near relegation form not to equal that total this season.

    Makes me wonder how we'd have fared had we won the play-off final - Palace are still up there after going up with fewer points, but they had Holloway in charge for much of the season and had a better squad than the points total suggested, are a bigger club than us, and like or loathe him, they have the Zaha factor.
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    During the Brighton game the commentator mentioned that Palace are still in the PL after they beat us. I just assumed they had gone down and back up like they usually do! They're now on their longest run of consecutive seasons in the top division.
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    Most people seem to believe we'd have got relegated if we'd gone up due to Zola's struggles the year after. I think the opposite. A side built around a prime Abdi and Vydra, a younger less arrogant Deeney and the likelihood of bringing in players of a higher calibre due to the Zola factor would have been great.

    Shame we never got to see it.
  7. Otter

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    Who's to say whether we would have retained Zola had we gone up in 2013?
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    last 14 games of 14/15 was 10 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. That's 33 points (2.35 per game). Do that in these last 14 = 93 points and that's enough for top 2
    Win all games apart from
    Cardiff away - D
    Norwich away - D
    Brentford away - L
    Swansea home - D
    You can mix and match your draws and one loss from those 4 games, but just have to win the other 10 games ☺
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    All very well but losing to Brentford could be decisive.
  10. UEA_Hornet

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    Factoring in a loss to Brentford is probably too high a risk.
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    If we win two of the games v Swansea, Norwich and Brentford, and don't lose any of them, then we almost certainly won't need as many as 92 points.
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    They achieved that quite some time ago after avoiding relegation in 2016/17. Before then they'd never managed more than four seasons in the top flight, including when they finished 3rd in 1990/91, now they're on course to more than double that!
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    Yet their fans aren’t happy about the style of football and lack of ambition.
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    They only need to look as far as Charlton to be careful about what they wish for.
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  16. Hornet77

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    Copying this into this thread as more relevant .....

    Just did a bit of statto research into Xisco's reign. This is based upon an admittedly small sample size of 14 games , but enough information to instigate an interest.

    1- Under Xisco, Watford have scored 1.57 goals per game. In comparison to other teams (over the whole season) this has only been bettered by Brentford at 1.79 gpg. Third in the list is Cardiff with 1.56 gpg - Watford under Xisco are second in gpg scored.

    2- Under Xisco, Watford have conceded 0.64 goals per game. In comparison to other teams (over the whole season) Swansea are second placed having conceded 0.72 gpg. Norwich are third placed having conceded 0.74 gpg - Watford under Xisco are first in gpg conceded.

    3- Under Xisco, Watford have won 2.08 points per game. In comparison to other teams (over the whole season) Norwich are first having won 2.15 points per game. Brentford are third with 1.86 ppg - Watford under Xisco are second in ppg.

    4- And for the Xg fans , the net XG ( ie the difference between XG and XGA) we are second behind Brentford. Norwich are third. These stats are for Watford's whole season. I cant find stats for net XG for just the last 14 games ( Xisco's tenure). We may be top for net XG for Xisco's tenure also, I dont know.

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