Is Marco Silva all that?

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    I wonder when the Everton stuff actually started. I thought it really kicked in after the Everton game, but perhaps it was a bit before. We beat Arsenal but then collapsed against Chelsea and Everton with a loss to Stoke in between. We rallied against a poor West Ham before the wheels fell right off. As HB1 said in this thread and others have said, Gino had to turn down the money at that point, he had no-one else lined up and Silva may have come into line. With hindsight we should have grabbed the money.
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    It was before all the Everton nonsense when I started this thread, my issues with silva were down to his tactical naivety. I called him out to be a charlatan very early doors, think I was proved correct
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    Yes, no doubt, Silva was approached by Everton a while before the scenario came into public view.
    If I recall correctly, the first reporting of the issue was immediately before the Everton game so looks like Stoke may have been the first match affected.
    Not sure about Chelsea, we played well, and we will certainly not be the only team that they make a comeback against.
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    Marco Silva did have some periods of success, including his early games at Watford. I wonder how much of this success was dependent on the coaching ability of his assistant, João Pedro Sousa, rather than his own talent. Sousa was the assistant to Silva throughout his career beginning at Estoril, then Sporting Lisbon, Olympiacos, Hull, Watford and finally Everton.
    However, Sousa left Silva at the end of last season to become a manager at Famalicão, a small club which has just been promoted from the second division in Portugal. Famalicão had a great start to the season in the top division and he won Manager of the Month in each of the first two months. The club is in third place at the moment (below Benifica and Porto but above Sporting Lisbon). Everton had a terrible start to the season without Sousa as assistant and Silva was eventually dismissed. Is it possible that Silva was no more than the front man and Sousa should take the real credit for any success? Just a thought.
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    Nothing more than a chance. Great when it worked but far too easily found out.
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    Whilst I'm not discounting your suggestion, Famalicão aren't amateurs - they have good links with Mendes and Atletico Madrid (Famalicão's chairman also owns 33% of Atletico) who are supplying them with players (2 players on loan from Atletico Madrid, 2 from Valencia, 2 from Nice, 1 from Wolves and one each from Porto and Benfica). So whilst it's a nice story it's hardly the fairytale that the media over here want you to think it is!
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