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    He sounds perfect.
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    Trouble in paradise?
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    Most serious businesses have a Plan A Strategic Business Plan for the following financial year, within which would be included Contingency Plans, ‘In the Event of x, y , z occurring’ etc

    In Watford’s case it would be imprudent to say the least not to have a contingency plan for relegation. (Contingency plan x).

    There would also probably be something like 3 year, 10 year Strategic Plans for the longer term ‘Vision’ of the Business.(Or ‘Project’ in Football parlance).
    These would no doubt include things like ownership (selling part of the business), Sale of Vic/Sparkly New Stadium etc

    There would also likely be consideration for sudden events like Covid Lockdown Plans, major Interest Rate hikes, Windfall £65m sale of Sarr etc.
    (Do we sell him to a ‘relegation rival’ (eg Newcastle), what do we do with the income (pay off debt, buy £20m defender, etc).

    Gino wasn’t at Harvard Business School for nothing.

    So relegation is not a business plan, but I’m sure there would be a contingency plan in place should that event occur.
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    The notion that relegation is a force majeure event is obviously ridiculous. However, I think as much as businesses should have contingency plans, it is not reasonable to expect a business to anticipate all possible risks and plan accordingly. Few businesses had contingency plans for a respiratory virus pandemic grinding the world to a halt. I doubt any football club even had a contingency plan for the much broader possibility of ban of fans in stadia. Harvard Business School, as impressive an institution as it is, does not teach its students the art of divination.

    Now, (and I see it in transactional contracts) all force majeure clauses will refer explicitly to pandemics and governmental responses etc as such incidents are much more foreseeable.

    For what it’s worth whatever the contingency plan was for relegation appeared to have worked quite well. We held onto our 2 biggest assets (Sarr and JP) and got promoted.
  5. FTFY
  6. In my experience businesses dont have detailed contingency plans for should they fail, I’ve never met a business owner who had an ego that much under control. Businesses tend to react when things happen to them.
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    Relegation is not a force majeure situation.
    Very few businesses would have had a plan for Covid lockdown, but the possibility of it happening again is real so there will now be contingency plans in place should it reoccur.

    Any Owner/CEO of a middling EPL club who does not have a contingency in place for the possibility of relegation is a fool.
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    Wouldn’t know, I’ve never been.
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    While I agree with everything else in your post, the bit I’ve highlighted in bold really isn’t a cogent defence for the bloke anymore.

    There’s 100% been decisions he has made at the club where Harvard Business School taught him to take the opposite action.
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    I’ve been to paradise.

    But I’ve never been to me.

    (You’re probably too young).
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    Too young? Just about.

    But I’ve worked in music for 15+ years so I’ll spot a Charlene reference when one is made.
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    Thankyou !

    But you may be missing this lecture he attended in the Basic Business 101 module.

    To succeed in business, it can sometimes be a good plan to...
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    Watford fans on Twitter really are a different breed….

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    Can be added to the £50m we got for Chalobah
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    We'll be very lucky to get £50m for both of them.
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    FTRE expressed a bit of concern and were dismissed by 1881 bloke. Need to look at the positives of this loan apparently. It must be reducing overall debt at a better rate. Everything is fine.

    Everything is fine…….
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  17. It seems to be the only way to try to keep pace with the big boys, but hope they aren't betting the ranch on being able to do enough to stay up.
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    Phew. Well that's all I needed to hear.
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    Yes, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, 5h1t, it's actually the headlights of the Admin Express!
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    They are some of the most deluded/entitled eejits going. They are great entertainment.
  21. "Less"
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    Christ, if FTRE are expressing concerns, we might actually be absolutely ****ed.
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    Are the 1881 still about? I thought they only popped up on Twitter in November every year to show off a foil demonstration from 7 years ago.
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    Is this the fella from San Francisco who’s desperately trying to setup a Watford podcast and sell yellow T-shirts with clip art on them for £60 each (plus £25 P+P) to Watford fans?
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    Someone on Twitter just said they aren’t interested in anyone’s comments on the club finances unless they are an IFA.

    IFAs, who advise individuals about pensions and life insurance :). Got to love Twitter.
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    Not being funny, but if Gino is having meetings with the local IFA, we're totally 5crewed.
  27. No on would argue with that.

    From the number of clubs which have found themselves in financial situations down the years I would say there are and have been a lot of fools running football clubs.

    I question your belief that owners have a business plan A, B, and C in a drawer depending on where the club finds itself. I propose it is far more reactive than that.
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    The Indian Football Association? It's outside their jurisdiction
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    Was this person a self proclaimed ‘absolute mentalist’ by any chance?
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    It was.
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    Don't sound like it at The Vic recently anyway unless they are doing a sponsored silence.
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    Adam’s on the case:

    Watford take out £50m loan and could be open to further investment

    • Says it’s a £50m loan repayable over 5 years. 5.35% interest rate.
    • We’ve had various loans secured against the stadium
    • ‘Understands’ the club has paid off the £70m of previous borrowing and £15m overdraft from Barclays
    • The money owed to Gino is ‘working capital’ and not treated as a loan
    • Thanks UEA_Hornet for uncovering the FIFA judgment against Watford which revealed information about the Sarr transfer
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