Stupid Advertising Slogans

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  1. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    “Sony. Bony.”
  2. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Any perfume advert. Natalie Portman. What would you do for love ? Well I wouldn't buy your overpriced tat for a start. The sheer vacuousness of these is mind boggling. Daisy. Daisy,Daisy uttered over and over again for Marc Jacobs. Sauvage etc.etc.

    And Elle Fanning who only got into the film industry like her sister thanks to her folks (no hint of nepotism of course) with that other awful lady Longoria uttering Hyaluronic acid in a flat stentorian monotone. Lies and pseudoscience.

    And then the dentists used to promote the latest in toothpaste technology. Garbage. Pity they cannot treat their NHS patients instead of running off to the private sector. Ant & Dec too. Pity Santander cannot use the money they spent on hiring these two financial experts on saving staff and keeping some branches open.
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  3. Are these ads arguably doing their job by putting their products at the forefront of your minds by being so awful that they're memorable?!
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  4. I like the Specsavers ads. Some make me chuckle.

    There's a Specsavers billboard up here in Sheffield on the way to IKEA that's printed upside down that just says "should've gone to Specsavers". Did make me smirk.
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  5. K9 Hornet

    K9 Hornet Border Collie Dog

    Not really. The car ad I mentioned earlier that bangs on about electricity, I still have no idea what car it's advertising.
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  6. andy wfc

    andy wfc Academy Graduate

    Head and shoulders. I didn't know you have dandruff. I don't. Farkin loathe it.
  7. hornmeister

    hornmeister Tired

    Lilly James more than makes up for the awfulness of the slogan though.
  8. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    She does not.
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  9. Lubaduck

    Lubaduck First Year Pro

    72 hour deodorant ads
    Let's face it someone fresh out of the shower, but no Lynx on , is more appealing than someone who
    hasn't seen water for 3 days but whacked on a bit of deo 3 days ago .
  10. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Yes, had this in mind when I applied my 72 hour roll on this morning.

    Who is their target market? Homeless people who only get to shower once per week? People on jungle trecks with approximately 30 miles between waterfall?

    Get in the shower people! Bacteria in your armpit is what's making you smell. Masking it with some febreze is still rank.
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  11. Arakel

    Arakel First Team

    The mere thought of not showering at least once a day makes me feel dirty.
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  12. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

  13. "Kenko- made to uplift".

    1- uplift is not a verb, it's a noun.
    2- If you already had a football pitch sized piece of perfectly manicured grassland available, why weren't your kids playing football on it already?
    3- if this piece of grass is community of wned, is it okay to put pitch markings on it and install goals?
    4- why didn't you tell the miserable old ******* who shouts "you can't play here!" To just **** off? A lot less work involved.
  14. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    I think you need a nice calming and uplifting cup of coffee to make everything alright.
  15. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Squad Player

    Maybe a nice cup of Mellow Birds, which it was claimed in the 90s "will make you smile".
  16. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

    1. It’s both.
  17. Can we expand this to include radio ads?

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  18. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

    Or that ridiculous one with the meerkats and their cousin the wombat.

    “Don’t wombat it, meerkat it”.

    **** off.
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  19. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    "Ah were born in Mucklethorpe, but ah wuzz med in the Royal Navy!"

    The Royal Navy - Come because there's no other jobs going for those with few qualifications, Stay for the dolphin shagging.
  20. hornmeister

    hornmeister Tired

    Stella Artois, "Reassuringly Expensive"

    How that ever worked I do not know.
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  21. Carpster

    Carpster Squad Player

    I take it that you've never been in the military then?
  22. Carpster

    Carpster Squad Player

    A double diamond did wonders in the 80's.

    I always remember a teacher saying to me that sometimes it's the worst advertising you remember. I dare say he's not far off.

    The shake and vac music and lyrics are ingrained into my memory unfortunately.
  23. K9 Hornet

    K9 Hornet Border Collie Dog

    At least the Mars bar slogan spawned a great pisstake song by the Undertones.

    Another lamentable ad is the current one for Activia, with some woeful rap going through the alphabet. So badly done it could have been produced by halfwits on the Apprentice
  24. Chewitt

    Chewitt Forum Extraordinaire

    Came to mention this one, utterly ridiculous.

    It appears to be based on an amateur side, I play Sunday league still and if one of our lot started any kind of sh*t pre-match he’d get hammered!
  25. Wombleizer

    Wombleizer Academy Graduate

    The Asda "Uniform for the People" ******** with the kiddies rapping.

    The slogan is annoying enough but one line in particular perplexes me:

    "Reinforced knees
    Make your mum go jeez!"

    I mean, what the actual ****.
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  26. a19tgg

    a19tgg First Team

    San Miguel TV ad:

    “For the Seekers”

    No, it’s just a beer.
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  27. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    The Seekers split up half a century ago. They need a larger and more relevant target audience.
    The carnival is over.
  28. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    Yes, it's time for them to move with the times and start referencing the New Seekers.
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  29. andy wfc

    andy wfc Academy Graduate

    Every single Christmas ad ever made.
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  30. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    I honestly thought they preferred coke. Or was that the New Seekers?
  31. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Birra Moretti - especially designed to appeal to Fairport Convention

    Ar least there are loads of them.
  32. Teide1

    Teide1 Squad Player

    They wanted to " teach the world to sing ", would prefer if they taught our lot to play football!
  33. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

  34. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

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