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    I recently had some mint chocolate malt balls from a place called Nifty Nut House in Wichita, Kansas. Despite coming from a place that sounds like a brothel, they were magnificent.
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    You cannot upset Watford FC or the moderators on this Club sanctioned and run forum.
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    Just a thought, obviously we need the Pozzo's to leave from a financial perspective. That's clear for all to see.

    However, we often talk about how the club has changed for the worse under their tenure. With these new coaching hires it has got me thinking, Watford cannot really be that bad a place to come and work. Gosling, with his A-license, presumably would have had plenty of options but chose to come and work here under Daniels. Lloyd has heaps of lower level coaching experience now, and chose to come back here to continue his development.

    For all we criticise, it is nice to see that these former players want to return which makes me think that in reality the Pozzo's can't be bad employers. Obviously the head coach and his staff are in a different position, but was just a thought I had.
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    What say does Gino have in that department?

    Got the impression its all down to Duxbury and Nani alongside Johnson and Gilligan.
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    I've made this point before but it doesn't fit the narrative - supposedly everyone is desperate to leave this supposed "circus" at the very first opportunity.
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    That's nice to hear, but you can get all kinds of organizations that are badly run but plenty of people enjoy working for, because of the people there and working environment (some of it at least).
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    I’m not saying you’re wrong by any stretch.

    But the opposite view could easily be taken on a couple of your points…

    Namely, I don’t know why Gosling would ‘presumably have had lots of options’? He doesn’t have his badges and is helping his former team-mate Charlie Daniels. I doubt he’s selected us out of loads of options to be honest.

    And Doyley has been working exclusively in non-league. Even if we aren’t a great place to work, he’d be mad to turn down an approach from a Championship club given where he’s spent his coaching career up to now.
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    The thing a lot of those who've been in and then out of the club over the past few years have said pretty consistently is the facilities are top notch. You can't underestimate the value of perfect pitches to work on, modern kit in the gym and physio room etc. I always think the training ground looks a bit tired from the outside whenever they show it on social media but it's clearly punching well above its weight behind the scenes.

    That said I pretty much agree with @Burnsy. Wouldn't put too much weight on Gosling coming back or Doyley for that matter. At the end of the day a Championship wage is better than no wage or a non-league one. I don't suppose there were other clubs at this level or above beating their doors down to join.
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    Gosling probably knows Charlie Daniels well and Lloyd Cleverley - maybe even Jonno or Gilligan.
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    Brazil + Belgium as well, all started the season rockily (Lyon especially - were bottom of the league at the start of December - but ended up finishing 6th) but seem to have all found stable footing now, wouldn't be against it. That being said, he does take the piss a bit with the multi-club stuff, his team in Belgium spent €25m on Ernest Nuamah, eclipsing their previous transfer record of just €3m. Nuamah joined Lyon the next day on loan (Lyon had FFP issues so it was a workaround to sign him). Imagine the outrage if he did that here!
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    Does anyone actually think Pozzo is looking for new investment / has a willingness to sell..... Other clubs seem to able to attract it, we get a murmer every 9 months and then it all disappears.
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    You would hope that Pozzos know that something has to change otherwise Udinese or Watford will be relegated. I can’t see they have the resources to keep both clubs, so either need to sell one or an overall stake in both. Let’s hope it happens soon
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    While I can only speculate at best, I think he wants either a sum that is too much or wants a deal struck where he still has some sort of control on the running of the club. There was a rumour a while ago about him wanting to sell a stake in the club but that came and went as did the American business talks. I have no idea how much Watford FC is worth and on top of that any suitor would also have to pay off the entire remains of the debt so we start with the finances in the black. That in itself is a possible hurdle for any investor to overcome. Yes all clubs have debt of variable sizes, but being a smaller club who's attraction is getting smaller each season due to more incompetence from you know who, it's going to be hard sell to anyone.
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    Don’t know.
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    I can believe he might be looking for new investment but cant see him wanting to sell, no. Wasnt that why nothing ever progressed with the American lot that were rumoured to be talking to Watford?
  20. wfcwarehouse

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    Not from what I've heard no, I seem to recall hearing that they walked away from the deal after Leventhal leaked it.
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  22. RMT79

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    I wonder if that is why we haven't heard a peep from him for months
  23. The undeniable truth

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    A concrete grave ?
  24. wfc4ever

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    Well loads of things get leaked all the time in the media but this probably wasn’t helpful .

    Not sure we can blame the club for that .
  25. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Might have annoyed them somewhat that names came out slightly earlier than they would have wanted but highly doubt they'd walk away from a good investment because of it. Think the club pushed this narrative out to bash Leventhal and deflect from whatever the real reasons were that it collapsed.
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    Entirely possible, in fairness.
  27. Jumbolina

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    Maybe the old due diligence report simply concluded WTF?
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  28. wfc4ever

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    Didn't people feel Gino was asking for too much?
  29. RMT79

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    I think I read he was asking for somewhere between £150m and £200m which does sound a bit lumpy, but I have never valued a football club either
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    We can’t be worth anything close to that.
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  31. IRB

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    Thats only 150 times the annual cost of a mid table Championship club CEO

    Bargain if you ask me
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  32. The undeniable truth

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    Actually the correct way to value a champ club is indeed to apply an industry established multiple to the CEO salary. Smart move by Scott to retain such a generous package to help support the owners valuation.
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    Wow Anthony Joshua
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    Do you deliberately make your messages as opaque as possible?
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    Well if it ties in with the other hot news doing the rounds, we are really in business !!!!
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