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  1. wfc4ever

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    Yes - took a while to get fit.

    One questions if he really has ever been fully fit...
  2. Ybotcoombes

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    I played squash for a long time , never warmed up (didn’t really know what to do) , injured myself all the time - but that is mainly because I am an idiot.

    most of our injuries are hamstring ? What in general causes hamstring injuries ? Are they being caused by the new demands on essentially unfit players(to actually put some effort in) ?

    who is responsible for fitness is it generally the manager or is there another team within the club that deals with this ?

    the only thing you can say with any certainty is that this injury list isn’t a case of bad luck something is wrong somewhere
  3. Arakel

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    Without knowing what the problem is you can't really say that with certainty either.

    It's not impossible it's just a streak of bad luck. Improbable, sure, but not impossible.
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  4. Since63

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    Could be an over-concentration on building up the quads during the WC break as an attempt to get the players able to cover more ground during matches; that coupled with colder weather and slippy surfaces make the hamstrings more vulnerable. All in all it stinks of the wrong types of training at the wrong times, starting with pre-season.

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