Mazzarri sacked

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Harris, May 17, 2017.

  1. Harris

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  2. Cassetti's Beard

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    Also on Watford Observer and ESPN.
  3. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Let's hope Paolo de Toffol leads the team on Sunday then. In Paolo we trust.
  4. Harrow Orn

    Harrow Orn Squad Player

    Lololololoo Paolo de Toffol...

    Nah doesn't fit. I'm out.
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  5. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    not official.
  6. Pozzo Out

    Pozzo Out Squad Player

    Such a shame everything's ended up this way.
  7. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

  8. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Squad Player

    Can i be the first to want the new manager out
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  9. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    you need to wait for the announcement first.
  10. scummybear

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  11. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    Confirmed - he's gone!
  12. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

  13. Cassetti's Beard

    Cassetti's Beard First Team

  14. Harris

    Harris Reservist

    Confirmation from Adam on Sky Sports, he's gone.
  15. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    I have it on good authority that there will be more to follow on this!
    Watch this space!
  16. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    :dancingman: :bananadance: :beer:
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  17. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Thank the lord.
  18. Malteser

    Malteser Squad Player

    No surprise. We were told a decision would be made straight after the Chelsea match.

    He came with a good pedigree but it never really worked out. He came, he saw but couldn't quite conquer. He will leave with a decent payoff, and we can all now start dreaming of a brighter and happier season ahead.

    No doubt the footballing world will criticse us tonight for changing coach yet again, but so what.
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  19. Halfwayline

    Halfwayline Reservist

    Quite liked him really
  20. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    looking at his stats he managed his lowest win % here
  21. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Boom, gone. Why after Man City though? Just go.
  22. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    bring back mazzarri!
  23. PowerJugs

    PowerJugs Doyley Fanatic

    Something is seriously wrong in the background. Gino has made a big step to fix it. Time for a few more bold decisions and we'll be set.
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  24. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    It is a shame in a way as I would have liked to see him build a dynasty however no one had the foggiest what he was saying.

    Next appointment is crucial.
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  25. Relegation Certs

    Relegation Certs Squad Player

    He was a complete ****, but he was our complete ****.

    Forever in our hearts.
  26. Teide1

    Teide1 Squad Player

  27. hatterhater

    hatterhater Academy Graduate

  28. Now get rid of the bad apples.
  29. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    If I was him id play Pyramid formation with Rush goalie at city
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  30. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Thank **** for that. Thanks for the memories, it just never really got going.

    Let's start to move forward now. COYH!
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  31. Oscar calling

    Oscar calling Squad Player

    Be interesting to see the reaction of the players on Sunday. Shame however that Wally wasn't sacked immediately so someone lelse could pick the squad for Sunday.
  32. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

  33. Levon

    Levon Squad Player

    I do feel a bit bad for him. I never once felt like he didn't want things to work out, and you don't go round the dugout pulling out your hair and kicking things in frustration if you don't care. Sadly, I, like many people here, witnessed a large number of communication issues, which rendered progression almost impossible. Even at the 'At Your Place' a couple of months ago, Luke Dowling's comments that Britos, Behrami and Okaka were doing most of the translating didn't fill me with confidence.

    JK HORNET Reservist

    Good decision by the Pozzo's. Been waiting a long time to get Mazzarri as a manager so it takes balls to cut their losses after 1 season.

    Hope we get a new manager appointed quickly so they can start talking about transfer plans and the players have time to settle into a new system
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  35. King Dev

    King Dev Squad Player

    Players are knobheads. I blame them for the form, not Mazzarri. We've shown we can play good stuff at times, they don't obey instructions. They're moaning about having to train every day as if we don't have to work every day in our jobs. Overpaid canuts.

    He had to go plainly so we stay up but frankly it's not his fault. I hate this team.

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