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    From a limited budget to start with. If someone said to me go and find me a car for £10k I could draw up a list, but if someone buys the wrong one through the negotiation that’s on them
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    Depends if you got paid or not for drawing up that list. If that was your job you would be accountable.
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    Haven't bought the Manga hype since he admitted that he was unprepared for Championship football and they brought the wrong players in during January. How do you start a job in a new league without researching it? Plus he was watching the games from November onwards, so much for a great scout!
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    Must be why he signed Koné
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  5. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    Easy to forget that for all of his dodginess, we do get the odd good signing from Bayat! Signs are promising with Ince and Rajovic, Livermore was inexplicable (even if he had played under Ismael before), Lewis is yet to make his debut and Healey I wouldn't be surprised if he had nothing to do with, Ismael doesn't seem to like him, he's not like any of the multitude of other strikers we've been linked with, and he's someone who we were linked with last season who happened to be available on a free. Some flawed ones in there, but at least this time around there seems like some kind of plan
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