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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by wfc78, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. wfc4ever

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    Another big name coming to the Vic in the 5th round.

    “The draw for the FA Youth Cup 5th Round has given #watfordfc a home tie against either Newcastle or Arsenal (who play this Tuesday at 7pm). Fifth round ties are to be played by February 11”
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    Another game on Utube hopefully, I watched the second half of Sheffield Wed v Leicester this evening in the same competition, no commentary provided or replays, one up for us I feel!
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  3. RS2

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    I know they're only being used because of the injuries but hopefully the club realise that the fans really react to the academy kids being out there on the pitch. 99% of them won't be good enough, but the ones that show promise need to be given an opportunity. You'll never know if they're going to be good enough if they have a couple of minutes from the bench in the League Cup, only to disappear while dross like Manaj, Kabasele and Okoye keep clogging up the first team squad.

    Hopefully Manga realises this and a pathway is created at the club where the most promising kids are given a real chance in the first team squad. People may not be bothered but I feel a whole lot better about the club this evening after seeing that from Adeyemo.

    I'm still Pozzo out though. Do one Gino.
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    Even some of the best youth set-ups have players who mostly end up in the lower reaches of pro football, but if we could just have one or two young lads coming through and making the first team regularly here that's all I ask! Overall the young lads don't seem to be pulling up any trees, but I don't see why the likes of Forde, Blake and Adeyemo can't prove to be decent for us one day
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    The Youth team will play Arsenal in the 5th round after they won at Newcastle 3-2.

    Probably put a few more on the gate potentially as it’s a local team.
  6. 84% of forum members will attend now. Half and half scarves ?
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    Yes! Half Arsenal home colours, half Arsenal away colours. Gooooners!

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