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  1. UEA_Hornet

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    A lot depends on relegation clauses of course but are is our wage bill really that high? As recently as 17/18 we had the best wages to turnover percentage in the division(https://www.theguardian.com/footbal...guide-2017-18-accounts-manchester-united-city). And Swiss Ramble said we had the third lowest wage bill in 18/19, only beaten by Huddersfield and Cardiff.
  2. Jumbolina

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    True but easier said than done. I’m sure all owners want to get to premier league.
  3. Jumbolina

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    Not high by premier league but I don’t fancy paying Cathcart and Dawson a combined 70k a week in 2021/2022 after two years in champo when they are in terminal decline.
  4. UEA_Hornet

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    I doubt they’re even on that combined now. But if they are and Pozzo hasn’t put relegation clauses in then we’ll deserve everything coming our way.
  5. Jumbolina

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    Dawson 40k, Cathcart £30k no? Why wouldn’t they be on that as first teamers - fairly standard for premier league. Prodl was on £35k doing nothing for 3 years.
  6. a19tgg

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    I think we’ll actually have an advantage in doing that though despite what everyone seems to think. Many championship sides are going to be monumentally screwed by Covid losing all these gate receipts. As long as we have relegations clauses in most contracts, then alongside selling a few players we’ll be in a comparatively stronger position as well as being fine financially for the two years we get parachute payments. If we don’t get up within two years that’s when the **** will really hit the fan, but until then we’ve got a much better shot post Covid than we would’ve had pre covid.
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  7. Jumbolina

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    Doesn’t Covid also impact what we get for our player sales though?
  8. The PozzMan

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    We’re gonna end up having them do the double over us next season aren’t we?
  9. a19tgg

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    Relatively speaking only fractionally compared to the current championship clubs. We’ll probably sell at least three of our decent players for a decent chunk of money that most championship clubs could only dream of. We’ll also free those wages up and all the remaining players will (presumably) be on reduced wages as well. We'll have more than enough cash to pick up any proven top end championship players for a bargain price because the sellers will be way more desperate than us. Getting promoted back within two seasons will mostly come down to the owners getting the right manager from the start.
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    At best you’re guessing for all three. Which is fine of course, as this place would be boring if we didn’t speculate about things. But even if it’s that high now you’re also having to speculate Pozzo hasn’t put in place significant relegation clauses to make £70k/pw in the Championship happen.

    Anyway, my point at the outset was based on published data our wage bill is far from out of control. Or least wasn’t up until the end of last season. I think maybe it’s a bit premature to overly worry about it even if we go down. It’ll obviously have to fall but there are a few ways to go about that.
  11. Jumbolina

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    Well there are websites that speculate them although they are doing guesswork as well of course. But do you honestly think Cathcart a first team player who has had two contract extensions or Dawson a man on his last big contract are really on less than 30k a week? I’d be amazed.
  12. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    I hope you are right but I think we will be in a hole. Assets sold. Poor defenders on long contracts and Deeney and Gray up front. And a large external debt.

    Time will tell.
  13. a19tgg

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  14. hornetboy1

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  15. Jumbolina

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  16. a19tgg

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    Good to know many years later we’d spend the equivalent of the Ellington fee paying Andre Grey for one year.
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  17. That list is totally trustworthy because it's quite normal for companies to publish staff salaries online and not at all a violation of GDPR :rolleyes:
  18. lutonh8a

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    I think you are right and personally I think we already have the right man in charge to get us promoted if we were to go down.
  19. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! First Year Pro

    Nothing would surprise me about this club!
  20. Someone down the pub told my mate's mate that Gray is definitely on £150k a week. FFS Pozzo, you don't know what you're doing....sort it aaarrrttt.
  21. Bwood_Horn

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    I completely reject any criticism whatsoever from a 'man' who can neither maintain decking nor grow a lawn.
  22. wfcmoog

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    I'm comfortable that both these aspects of my garden qualify me to be bamboozled by your favourite website
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    He may know too much about the Nani incident
  24. Loyalhornet

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    I Appreciate you articulating what is making you feel this way about the current ownership.

    The main themes I see in this are that you feel no connection with the players , you don’t agree with their philosophy on buying selling players and you are concerned about the level of debt.

    I think it’s been talked about elsewhere , but I think the lack of connection thing is a problem if modern day (premier league ) football . Gone are the days where a team is full of local boys or who have a real connection . Footballers are larceny unable to motivate themselves and need a manager to do it fur them . If you want your team to be in he premier league this is unfortunately the reality of it in my opinion .

    On the financial issues I can understand how you might not be able to enjoy the present if you fear the club is in danger . I don’t feel this way personally . I know debt is expensive and it’s not ideal , but it’s common for a growing business to take in debt . It signifies that the Pozzos are aiming high as they are existing ring a big pay day at sone point . Be that player sales or the team getting into Europe . I think they will cut their cloth accordingly on relegation .

    I could be priced completely wrong about this, but it does seem a shame to be unable to enjoy the good stuff while you can .
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  25. HELGO

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    I don’t fancy either of them being in the team next season. Paying them anything even half of that would be too much. Get rid, past it.
  26. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    Who is going to pay them what they are on now (even if lower than my estimate) and for the next 3 years? We are their retirement nest egg. Why on earth did we feel the need to give Cathcart the extension we did. Brainless.
  27. HELGO

    HELGO Reservist

    We really do shoot ourselves in the foot so many times. Without VAR next season I don’t even want to rely on calamity Kabasele to be in our defence as he is just a gift for other teams.hes recently signed another contract if I recall correctly.
  28. AndrewH63

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    Isn’t the reason Pozzo gives everyone five year contracts is that the salaries are, compared to our peers, well below average. £20K a week for five years is probably for many players more attractive option than higher wages for a shorter contract. Speculation on my part, but it would explain the frequent long contract extensions.
  29. wfc4ever

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    Yes - think so although it was petty quietly done .

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