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    What the actual **** is going on here?

    It’s a contest to impersonate pigs? Set to metal yes? Was the guy at the start singing ‘hey piggy, piggy, piggy…’ actually there?

    Reminded me of this classic
    Patient: Doctor, I think I’m turning into a pig.
    Doctor: I see. How long has this been going on?
    Patient: About a wheeeeeeeeek.
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    I mean, I know murder isn’t funny… but you’ve got to admit the audio of that woman who stabbed her husband is pretty funny none the less:

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    It's this year's tactics by the look of things
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    Very impressive.
    I enjoyed that.

    And the overall message is ......?

    Don’t do drugs when you’re flying a spaceship??
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    An absolute favourite of mine. The delivery is impeccable. The police thought they were nabbing a very important criminal. He wasn't.

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    I have seen this before and wondered what the story was behind it.

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    A masterpiece.
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    She is great with a tool and loves to handle wood.

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    A great series, very strange.

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