Second Manager Next Season

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by The undeniable truth, May 11, 2023.

  1. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    So the first manager has now been hired.
    Who do we expect to pick up the baton, probably in October ?
    Lampard ? Pardew ?
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  2. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    Farioli hopefully but that’s unlikely as he has no German connection, which would appear to rule him out with our Technical Director who seems to believe he’s still working in the Bundasleague
  3. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    I asked on the other thread but why Farioli, he really has very little experience and what he has, is only in Turkey
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  4. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

  5. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    Already sat in the dugout - surely nailed on.

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  6. Cunning Plan

    Cunning Plan Academy Graduate

    Only Big Sam can save us now.
  7. davisp2

    davisp2 Reservist

    Surely it would have to be long ball expert Aidy Hoofroyd
  8. Optimistichornet

    Optimistichornet Penguin Assassin

    malts I asked in the other thread but why are you so high on farioli?

    I had not even heard of him four weeks ago and have never watched a team he has managed. He seems to have very little in the way of background and no significant managerial achievements.

    Is the hype all because he worked under the Brighton manager?
  9. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Squad Player

    I have no idea who this is, but if she's had moderate success in the Belgian second division, then she could well be up next.
  10. BeersThen

    BeersThen Reservist

  11. a19tgg

    a19tgg First Team

    No, have you not been paying attention? The next manager is always a knee jerk reaction to the last and is very often the exact opposite of the outgoing manager.

    I reckon it would be someone like Gary Monk, a crap manager and an exponent of sideways football that doesn’t go anywhere.
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  12. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    Nun of that please.
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  13. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    Monk. Good shout.
  14. WatfordTalk

    WatfordTalk First Team

    Malts, good to have you back!

    Probably not worth asking as you seem to be ignoring everyone else who does, but what's the reason for the Farioli love-in? Do you follow the Turkish league closely?
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  15. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    Emma Conybeare.

    She was sort of Emma Saunders under-study for a while and handled a fair bnt of media for the club. She was also a bit, how to put this, bonkers? Dated Oli Murs and is also a model. Google images has more than enough to show you her character. Looks like a fun gal mind.
  16. uptonhorn

    uptonhorn Academy Graduate

    QSF V.3
  17. Since63

    Since63 Squad Player

    He’s been gone too long.
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  18. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    As far as Watford are concerned, still nowhere near long enough.
  19. Since63

    Since63 Squad Player

    Although he’s a supreme tactician?
  20. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    You think he could get us back up the ladder to the roof ?
    I second that emotion.
  21. reids

    reids First Team

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  22. Oscar calling

    Oscar calling Squad Player

    Sir Alec Ferguson
  23. a19tgg

    a19tgg First Team

  24. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Squad Player

    Attached Files:

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  25. ITK platypus

    ITK platypus Squad Player

    I would like get back on the Zola-coaster personally, but he may need a specialist 'defence coach' to assist, such as Dyche or Mourinho.

    Failing that and despite growing up detesting him, I think Fergie would do a good job.
  26. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Reservist

    I can’t see her leaving the Peas for us tbh
  27. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    Correct aswer is A. D!ck Tingeler is the name of Andy Capp (comic strip) in Germany.
  28. I Blame Pozzo

    I Blame Pozzo First Team

    "Nutty Walt" from the Bob Newhart sketch,not our previous incarnation.
  29. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    And what's the name of Andy Capp (comic strip) in England?
  30. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

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  31. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    So the joke is that he's wearing a hat, right? :)
  32. SkylaRose

    SkylaRose Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure, basically the premise is he is a drunk who lays around all day, sleeps on the sofa, drinks at the bar and smokes like a chimney. Make of that what you will. :p It used to sell hundreds of copies, so had a fanbase for sure around the late 1980's to mid 1990's.
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  33. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    I loved Andy Capp. Is it still going?
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  34. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    It will be Reids hopefully. Need to get Ubenga on the forum.

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