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    So as soon as the season finished they stopped responding to emails? A minor inconvenience that needs to be dealt with in the short term and then ignored just like the supporters who were dragged out of the stadium on their orders.

    How many times are you going to allow yourselves to be played like this guys?
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    It's our club. If they continue to ignore us and belittle the fanbase they will only create more and more unrest. Protesting is not in our style, but continuing to run the club into the ground is only going to end one way. Him getting us relegated then jumping ship and leaving it up to somebody else to clean up his mess. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but promises of change have still not happened. We have been hearing about change for last four seasons.
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    Great, now all I can think about is Gino as an onion. Thanks Moog.
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    Well, he makes me cry
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    Ha sorry was supposed to be saying they seem to be having the same trouble getting their owners to talk constructively.
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    You can never have too much of the Rutles!
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    'You didn't have a club to support in 1877'
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    Been mentioned on their podcast this evening now. Over 1,000 questions submitted apparently. But they’ve been chasing a date from the club and the most they have been told is it might be later than they like, possibly in late July. That’s it. Also sounds like the DNSYE chaps are getting hacked off with it now.
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    Parlaci postponi
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    Probably never happen - certainly not with Pozzo.

    Be a start of season thing with Ismael and Manga at best .
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    I still have faith it can happen, but this is just another string to the bow the club are using against the supporters in improving communications. Constantly delaying a possible date is obviously a tactic to slowly dis-engage, which is typical from Gino and Co. considering how things have been going as of late. If they are not interested, tell DNSYE that. Stop leading them on like a puppy with a string. It's just going to cause more frustation for the group of fans' who would like this to happen in some form. But then again, maybe this just another move in Pozzo's chess game against the fanbase.
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    Pozzo playing the fans again who were willing to give yet another chance to him. What a shocker.
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    Was evident it wasn’t going to happen when the club only get £1000 for not meeting with the fans as required to.

    fans: “Hey Gino, we want to meet with you because we can’t stand you and want you out of our club. We demand to know everything going on”

    Giaretta: “Hey boss, we only get fined £1000 if we don’t do it.”


  19. I Blame Pozzo

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    At least he's yellow!
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    How utterly idiotic to be submitting over 1000 questions though, it should have be about 10 key questions max, that got to the heart of the main issues. The club have really pulled their pants down by giving them the impossible job of trying to represent everyone.
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    1000 questions submitted by fans to the submission website thingy, not from the fan groups to the club. That would be bonkers!
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    Trouble is if this ever goes ahead people will now complain that their question won’t get asked.

    As @a19tgg says with that many how do you decide which are the key important ones and most likely to be answered .
  23. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Think it's pretty easy to identify the main issues that fans want answers on as there will be so much duplication, it might be a little bit time consuming but it's not a herculean task.

    I don't think whether they're likely to be answered should be the yardstick though, the more difficult and specific the question, the less likely they are to answer it properly. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be asked and their non-answers should then be highlighted.
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  24. SkylaRose

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    As Steve said above, I am pretty sure the 1000 questions would be filtered down before any were sent. Sending 1000+ questions to the club would be mistake and I am sure that would never happen. Ten good well structured questions would probably be enough though. This gives the club time to think of ten back door answers to fob us all off with.
  25. hornetboy1

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    From what I gather from DNSYE, is that the questions are to be collated from fans. There will be a lot of duplication, so a common theme will become evident over what we really want answering. 1000 questions is great, as it gives you a wide database.

    My criteria would be something like if there were at least 20 independent questions on the same topic it gets asked, no matter what. How many questions that leads to, is how many it leads to, basically no cap on the questions asked.

    These questions will not be sent to the club in advance though, so there will be no prepping or staging of answers.

    There will be a spokesman, putting questions to the board, (Andrew French has said he’s willing to do this) and there is to be an open floor Q&A for follow up questions.

    That is pretty much the format DNSYE have proposed. But I think it’s all immaterial. No way will Gino ever do this.
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  26. SkylaRose

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    Just as an update - I've just spoken to Peter from DNSYE and he will prepare a statement on where we are after the Ladies game today (he's going to be in attendance to cheer the girls to victory). He needs to fine tune what he has already in relation to any developments on this. I will post his statement with his consent of course when it's ready.
  27. wfc4ever

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    And someone at the club will want some idea of what the questions asked might be so they can “prepare answers”..
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  28. EnjoytheGame

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    The club should not have sight of the questions beforehand. Absolutely not. Good on them for holding firm on that.

    Negotiate the frames of reference, fine, but sharing specific questions in advance is a definite no-no.
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  29. wfc4ever

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    Only thing is they aren’t likely to give an honest answer on the spot but agree so long as they get a rough idea of what to expect should be ok.

    Nothing particularly enlightening will be said as the club will hide behind legal jargon on certain issues .
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    Have you seen the flooding in Italy? Have you no consideration for the high level of dismay this will be causing our beloved leader? And you expect him to carry on as normal?

    Oh, wait, that’s exactly what he’s doing!
  31. vecro

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    We already know our owners are unapologetically non-communicative. That doesn't change even if they bother to turn up to the planned session. I hope they do, not because the answers will be so informative in themselves, but because we will have more to go on to try to decipher their intentions, like Kremlinology.

    Here are some scenarios:

    1. Pozzo and sidekicks change strategy and from now on stick to a long-term plan and we establish ourselves as a top Championship club with some visits to the Prem.

    2. Pozzo & co carry on as now, then

    a) we slowly sink down the divisions

    b) suddenly sell the club to a con artist

    c) suddenly sell the club to a keen, dumb billionaire

    d) suddenly sell the club to a fantastic new owner.

    I suspect 2a is the most likely, and 2d the least.
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  32. Jumbolina

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    I think this will happen but Pozzo will have an illness or have a pressing need to go to a distant relative’s funeral, so it will be Duxbury and Manga wifh Giaretta on the panel but saying little.

    That’s not to say Duxbury can’t have a shocker here all on his own. Hopefully he will get irritated by the line of questioning.
  33. scummybear

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  34. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Well if history is anything to go by it won't take much to get up Duxbury's nose. A mildly critical question from a middle aged lady on the last streamed At Our Place riled him enough to give a sneering, dismissive answer. Someone obviously pointed this out to him at the break as he reverse ferreted and tried to be all sunshine and smiles after that.
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  35. SkylaRose

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    As promised, here is the offical update from Peter.

    Hi all,

    You may or may not have heard me have a bit of a rant on the DNSYE podcast last week. My main frustration is that having got reasonably far with the gathering in of questions from across the supporter base (that is still on going by the way) we have reached a moment where we can not really proceed very much further.

    The issue in question is that the club have yet to confirm a date for the Q&A including Gino Pozzo, we had hoped it would be in late June or early July and the intimation we have at this moment is that this might not be the case and it might therefore be in late July shortly before the new season starts.

    My issue is not with the people at the club who are trying to get this agreed but with the top table of the club itself who having thrown down the challenge to the supporters to organise a format for the meeting are now prevaricating on the one major item that without we cannot move on from.

    The setting of the time of the meeting has a host of dependent actions that can not be moved forward without it – the main one being getting the link out so that people can apply to attend – to do this without knowing when the event will be would cause more confusion and we would see applications from people that might not be able to attend.

    I vented my personal frustration on our podcast, and I regret and retract absolutely none of it. I simply can not understand why when the club dumped this on the supporters in March a provisional set of dates could not have already been made ready. The reasons for the delay could be anything from not thinking we, the supporters, would get to this point, being surprised that the club season was quite so horrific after making the initial announcement, they are watching the team from up the M1 doing well with our previously spurned head coach and fear a greater level of embarrassment or a combination or none of the above.

    Who knows? And that’s really the question as always, because with the lack of real communication from the top of the club its just the same problem on a different day. I was hacked off when we recorded our podcast and my reaction was genuine but as with every hurdle, we moan, we grumble and then get back on with trying to get this done.

    Anyway, thanks for your time the other week – as stated previously and at the risk of repeating myself – it won’t be perfect, but, if we get a date for the meeting and if the owner turns up – then it should be better than nothing. It is not meant to change your mind about the owner or the management of the club – it may end up achieving very little but we hope it will be the start of keeping the supporters more informed by the club.

    You will likely see some more comms from us in the next week and whilst I appreciate not everyone will be content with all aspects of what we are trying to achieve, I hope you at least know what we are trying to achieve.

    Skyla, so sorry it has taken so long to get this to you. Thanks
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