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    I doubt they will will do much better, they looked well out of their depth in this league when they played us at Carrow Road. But either way I think fair play to Norwich for not spending their money stupidly and putting themselves in financial danger, just at to try and achieve finishing at the bottom end of the table and having zero chance of winning anything in a division dominated by billionaires.
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    Billy Wright told Graham Taylor not to give a fig about what the papers write. He said having experienced it when Wolverhampton Wanderers stormed to successive titles playing what was deemed a unfashionable club and style that putting the newspapers noses out of joint means you're doing something right.

    I personally could not give a fig about what anyone writes or talks about in regard of Watford FC. None of them are supporters or have any vested emotional interest in the team. Spare me the boring tired jokes the same sort of formulaic drivel that garners hundreds of likes from the dribbling masses on social media. The decision was made not for their benefit but for the progress of the club. Which depends on staying in the PL allowing the club to grow further and balance it's books. If we do get relegated then so be it. What is more than likely is that under Xisco we would get relegated quicker as unfortunately he has not the experience at this level or was given an experienced assistant. At least Ranieri has plenty of experience, an experienced tactician alongside him and the potential to attract some players in January that may otherwise not be interested, should they be required. Or even attract one or two of his former players at Sampdoria.
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    I think it's a good demonstation of how little these supposed experts want to know or present a balanced view on things that they see Watford have got rid of another head coach and are a disgrace to football. You can totally point to Watfords hiring strategy and question that but it takes barely half an hour to do an easy bit of digging to see how many mistakes we've made releasing these, supposedly hard done by, coaches...

    Dyche - fair enough, the clear exception. No matter what you think of him and his playing style, has gone on to do a fantastic job at Burnley with tiny budget. Still, first out as Pozzo's wanted their own man, so.....

    Zola - Up there with one of the greatest seasons despite not getting promoted. Has not been anywhere else for more than 26 games. Last head coach post - Brimingham 2017

    Sannino - Hard line Italian (won't be the last). Has gone on to coach 8 more teams since 2014. Last head coach post - Levadiakos 2021

    Garcia - Health issues meant he stepped down (so not our choice) but don't let that fact get in the way of your rants, pundits. Some decent teams among his 5 since. Current team - Reims

    McKinlay - Club admitted mistake in giving him full time role instead of caretaker. Generally been assistant roles since including currently at West Ham

    Jokanovic - Ah, what might have been. The parting at the end of a season which really kick started the Watford FC coach narative despite the fact his contract was only until the end of said season so wasn't technically sacked. Has actually only been at 4 clubs since 2015, including longish stint with Fulham. Now trying to rebuild reputation at Sheff Utd, dodgy start but starting to look decent.

    Flores - Ok, this is quite a mess. Flores was brought in to tighten up the defence and get us through at least our first season. Job done he departed at end of season, again option to extend contract not taken up. Less said about his second stint the better. Some decent stints since. Current club - Getafe

    Mazzarri - This just didn't fit at all. It was at least a change of tact, going for an experienced coach, but his personality seemed to rub many up the wrong way from the word go. Clearly an Italian club specialist. Current club - Cagliari 2021

    Silva - Not much needs to be said. ****ed off when Everton called. One year there and now aiming to fail to get a Fulham side with arguably one of, if not the, best squad in the Championship, promoted. Current club - Fulham, but likely not beyond Chirstmas.

    Gracia - Should we have stuck by him? Maybe, as he was as much undone by a selection of players who clearly didn't give a **** after the Cup Final. Anyway, lasted less than a year with Valencia so maybe not.

    Pearson - Again, I suspect partly victim of players who didn't care. Victory over Liverpool should have paved the way to safety but COVID and crap performances in empty stadiums put paid to that. Current club - Bristol City

    Ivic - Oh dear god how bad was this? Somehow thought that EFL Championship was up there with the Premier league and played defensive ***** as a result. Currently out of work.

    Munoz - Successfully got us promoted and, unlike Jokanovic, gave him a chance despite his inexperience. Clearly out of his depth. 7 points from 7 is apparently too good a start to be sacked until you realise, if you actually watched the games, that we have been **** and the only "top 6" side we played was a Spurs side that were equally ***** at the time and we still couldn't even score.

    Sorry for the ramble, but the point is how many coaches that we have let go have gone on and done much better things? Garcia does stand out, although we didn't have a choice in this, as he has gone on to some good posts (although he's gone through 5 clubs in 7 years). Point is, average life of a head coach is pretty short in football anyway. We have been pretty ruthless in removing them but it's hardly like we've currently let the next Alex Fergusson, or even Brendan Rodgers, go since the Pozzo's arrived.

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    The media loved us when we brought in Honest Nige.

    They have a problem with us bringing in no-name foreigners as opposed to up and coming British lads like Paul Ince and Rob Earnshaw.

    They’re in a bit of a fix over the signing of Uncle Claudio though. They love him, as our mention on national news about it shows. But they still hate us overall so the coverage is all over the place.

    Smiling, high fiving and laughing about a dictator taking over Newcastle though. Those poor fans deserve it.
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    I think the one thing I should have added in my post is that, who’s to say that some of those who were removed couldn’t have turned it around.

    It’s not just a Watford problem but the reason you’ll never see a manager evolve to be as good as Fergusson and our own GT is that clubs bin coaches, often at the first bump in the road. The wealth at the top table of football seldom allows for patience these days and we are far from the only club like this although we are somewhat ahead of the pack on shear numbers!

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    All this really shows us that our recruitment of coaches has been pretty poor, based on short term need rather than long term planning.
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    Some comments:
    Doubt Dyche would have accepted the type of Head Coach role the Pozzos want, so not sure he'd have stayed even if it were offered to him.
    Zola, Sannino & Garcia all officially resigned; under what pressure from above for the first 2 is not certain. So not technically 'sacked'.
    Jokanovic...we did not offer him a new contract as I think the hierarchy always doubted his ability to keep a newly-promoted side up. Again, not technically sacked.
    QSF Mk1...I'm sure it was he that asked for the one-year break clause to be included in the contract. Again, not technically sacked.
    Mazzarri...if a condition of him becoming Head Coach was to at least attempt to learn some English, then he could have been dismissed for breach of contract!
    Silva...the error was not to let him go to Everton as soon as they had approached us for him...screw them for mega compensation & let him go. I fail to see how the club could be criticised for finally sacking him in the context of how he behaved & then the degree to which the results plummeted.
    Gracia & Munoz were kept on too long, so we sacked them early in the season which always sends the 'pundits' into a spin. Getting rid during the close season, even if seen as harsh, would be more acceptable to them as a 'resetting of direction.'

    Who knows what happened with Pearson & Ivic must have acted bloody well in his pre-appointment meetings if the club didn't suss just how miserable & morose all aspects of his tenure would turn out to be!
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    Exactly this. The punditocracy in this country only have time for their own.
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    Arguably, the Pozzos have only sacked one Watford manager - Dyche. The rest have all been coaches.

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