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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by wfc4ever, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    I think what Jurado has in his favour is that he was played out of position, and £6m, while completely out of sync with what we used to pay for players until then, didn't exactly break the bank considering our new Prem riches
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  3. a19tgg

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    Very weird player Jurado in that he never seemed to do anything at all, but he clearly fulfilled some sort of function in QSFs team, which ultimately was a team that achieved its objective. When you consider the extremely limited game time he gave to Gueds, just keeping the ball more and not losing possession was clearly deemed far more important than actually contributing anything remotely meaningful, as far as any sort of goal threat is concerned.
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  4. Jumbolina

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    I thought we signed him for £7.5m and sold him for £1m? Given he only stayed a year, played most games as well, that is pretty dreadful from the transfer genius that is Pozzo?
  5. Happy bunny

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    Jurado was very good at pushing the ball back to Holebas.
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    The WDSport continued defence of Jurado as some sort of misunderstood genius was a highlight. I remember someone on here giving him credit for playing a short sideways pass to Guedioura whose shot from 30 yards was deflected out for a corner which we then scored from (he didn't take the corner, obviously).
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    See also Mario Suarez
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  8. Burnsy

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    Peak Affleck that was.

    Up there with his strange obsession with defending Pereyra’s lack of effort on his personal social media accounts - and having arguments with any and every Watford fan who dared call him lazy and decrying them as not understanding football. That guy was utterly dazzled by Pereyra’s CL medal and believed it meant he was some sort of genius who was just constantly playing at levels above his teammates who couldn’t catch up.
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  9. Holebas barely played that first season as I recall ? Ake ?
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  10. Burnsy

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    No. Holebas was on the bench and a lot of Jurado’s passes went out of play so it’s still fairly accurate.
  11. Happy bunny

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    Yes, you're right. I was so dazzled by Jurado's backpassing skills that I rarely noticed who he was passing to.
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    Hey, I admit I was the one who gave him credit for that and it may have been clutching at straws, but at the time it was out of frustration towards certain posters who continued to scapegoat him (including one who blamed him for one of the WBA penalties when he was nowhere near the incident) when there were plenty of players who were just as bad if not worse during the closing months of the 2015/16 season. But while I can’t find one of my posts about that due to the crap search function on here, I could’ve sworn he did more than just play a short pass to Guedioura - it started with him picking up a wayward cross from Nyom, passing it back to Ake and receiving the return pass before passing it long to Gueds who was on the other side of the pitch. Unfortunately he didn’t contribute much else in an attacking sense (although he was unlucky not to get a few assists) - a couple of key passes for goals at Everton and vs Liverpool, and winning a penalty against Sunderland reserves. If he’d contributed more of that and didn’t have the other faults I mentioned then probably some people wouldn’t be unfavourably disposed towards keeping him on despite his lack of league goals and assists.
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    That's not what the hookers thought I guess.
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