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Discussion in 'This Site' started by Defunct, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. PotGuy

    PotGuy Forum Fetishist

    There is a bogof on Mr Kipling apple pies in Tesco at the moment.

    Few apple pies, taxi to/from the church. Job done.
  2. oxhey67

    oxhey67 Squad Player

    I'm quite happy to offer my services throughout the day and, if needs be, the wedding night also.

    I am in no way a baker so I'm happy to leave the cake as the start of the Birdydoug Baking Company (BBC) and I wish you much success with that sir.

    I am willing to undercut his offer, whatever that may be, on transport though.
    We offer something a little different at Oxheys Official Hooves! (OOH!) with our company specific Human Only Transportation system (HOT).
    Go for our new premium HOT model of lithe young men oiled up to the ear lobes who will piggy-back you and your bridesmaids to the church (or registry office) and for our incredibly strong Mongolian female staff who although looking petite and ladylike will be able to carry the groom and the best man to wherever they need to be.
    For an extra fee the HOT service can be used for a week before the wedding day and for any honeymoon period after, extras included.
    We also offer budget HOT's where gangs of hooded youths will carry out your same needs and requirements but just keep an eye on the wedding presents if you were to choose this option.

    Please PM me for any specifics you may think are unique to you and your future husband and I'm sure our OOH! sales team will be able to provide a working system tailored exactly for your needs.

    Thank you.
  3. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

    keep the wedding as cheap as possible, divorce is far more expensive.

    Your future partner may wish to get in contact with Layton - who as a member of this forum will become a cut above the rest in the near future.

    what ever yopu think you need to spend, you are most likely not... afanof got it right.

    better to keep the dosh for a best possible honeymoon, wink wink nudge nidge say no more...

    Moogstar will most likely oblige you in the kitchen - he is particular to breast and dips tandori style.

    anyways - be well and be happy....:drinking::eating:
  4. inayellowshirt

    inayellowshirt From the other place

    I have noticed an increased trend in spammers signing up, leaving it a while then popping up with the spam.

    They still die the same way though :)
  5. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    It's still a nice feeling squishing them though.

    Todays new user is called "freegirlsgames". This could be interesting.
  6. Timbers

    Timbers Apeman

    How I wish that could be true with me! My problem is I am marrying an Irish Catholic girl from Luton(!!!!), those sorts have extremely large families and everyone seems to be invited from her side of the family! The only thing I have manage to change is that I refuse to get married in a Catholic church.

    It is going to cost me an absolute bomb but originally she wanted Luton hoo, not good!
  7. Layton

    Layton First Team

  8. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

  9. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Why don't you have a word with PYA, you could hold the reception at his favourite "Vegan Restaurant"

    Apparently there are no prices on the menu, they just ask you to pay what you think their food is worth!!!

    So you could do the food for 20p a head or even less :eating:

    That's right in'it Paddy?
  10. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Good luck! The best wedding I ever went to was my Spanish Catholic mate marrying an English jewish girl. Now that was a party!
  11. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

    only if the bridesmaids give vegan bj's - normally weddings are £45 per head, it has its pros and cons you know.
  12. albangura9

    albangura9 Squad Player

    Enjoy your big fat gypsy wedding! ;)
  13. Timbers

    Timbers Apeman

    Her family don't seem to like that when I mention it! :biggrin: Good job they are all Chelsea fans and not scummers!
  14. Birdydoug

    Birdydoug The Flying Scotsman

    I'm waiting for our newest user to post , very interesting name.
  15. alip01

    alip01 Reservist

    How does that work? I thought vegans didn't eat anything animal related! :sign13:
  16. 99mph

    99mph 4th Prediction league 2011/12

    Dinoporn lover?

    Seems legit
  17. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    hey all :smile:

    didnt know where to start cuz wasnt able to access some of the pages i was advised to go to but when i saw this thread i had to peek into it :smile:

    didnt know if i should wait or not to see what you will put up with my nickname, i must admit i laughed at some of yours comments :biggrin: so thought would be fun to wait a bit :smile:

    i found this forum by accident, if i may refrase myself like that, while searching for werewolf game on the internet. your page was in top pages shown :smile:
    but before i step into the game would like to know more about this forum. i read you arrange weddings :smile: i wont getting married for many years i hope hehe but do have a sister who's getting married on 2nd July :smile: all i need to think about really is hen party :smile: so any advices?

    will have a look around, see ya :smile:
  18. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    Yes. You can hire me and Smithy to arrange your wedding, just let us know!
  19. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    If ever a WTF was worth using it's now.
  20. Smithy

    Smithy Moderator Staff Member

    You read correctly.

    PM me your bank details and we'll have the wedding sorted out asap.
  21. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    was that the longest post you've seen or what???
  22. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    haha guys/gals i did, i guess you didnt lol :biggrin: i aint planning on getting married any time soon :p
  23. afanof

    afanof First Team

    Yeah, Smithy, she wanted help with the hen night not the wedding. You blew it.
  24. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    well its already taken care of the wedding + you live far far away...
  25. TheDon

    TheDon First Team

    I'm sure we can organise a coach load of us for the night out in slovenia!
  26. Birdydoug

    Birdydoug The Flying Scotsman

    Too much detective work going on today , but I have a hunch who this is.
  27. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Birdy, this person is most definately posting from where they say they are, I ran a little trace.

    So Reycika, let's have a little info. Were you looking for Werewolf games, (we don't run them that often), are you a fan of Watford FC, (our major reason for existance), or any other reason. As Admin I can demand pictures :naughty:.
  28. RussWatford

    RussWatford Reservist

    I'm calling your bluff admin.
  29. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

    Greetings Renata from Slovenia- welcome to the wonderful world of watford football club - i have Polish friends with the same name Renata - In Slovenia it means reborn, yes?- i am not sure if the meaning is the same in Poland or not.

    We have lots of things on here to amuse you - to start with we have a real Moog, she's funny and you will like her lots. We have the games that you said you accidently found this site ie the werewolf - i guess you are into that. Out of curiosity have you ever seen the Rocky Horror show? Maybe before your time but its been out for 40 odd years now - not quite blood and guts etc but was brilliant in its day and the music is fantastic.

    My crystal ball tells me you like poker - there are some texas holdem players on here and we have a special thread on this one subject - OLD MAN RAY can teach you a lot about this game..

    Do you play much poker - online or live games?

    anyway - Lepo je bilo govoriti z vami.


    PYA - aka the Bear - aka the canut.
  30. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    If you need any help in working out how to use smilies then just say so and somebody will help you.
  31. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain


    thank uck i wasn't drinking - brilliant.
  32. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    hey :smile:

    i do come from where i wrote :smile: dont you see my english not as good as yours :p

    yeah just like i said in my WTF post i found this forum by accident... i was searching for more werewolf game to play... sue me, cuz im guilty :redface:

    and i mentioned i didnt know what kind of community you are but i would like to check you out, after all its nice to see some hot football players having accounts on Twitter and stuff like that lol :)

    ok so girls not allowed ??? :cool:

    i better end so you dont scream WTF again :eek: :smile:
  33. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    You may call it, but I give you my word it's the truth, this person is posting from exactly where they say they are. No messing, no wind ups.
  34. reycika

    reycika Academy Graduate

    lol thx for the advice i will try to use them less often lol :biggrin: but this is just me, im always smiling and that is how i write my posts then too...

    sorry yeah might be disturbing :redface: will do my best...
  35. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

    smiling is healthy - not much to smile an=bout in watford though!:biggrin:

    so welcome to the boards - we need cheering up as the football season has finished and we didn't get promoted.

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