Gatwick drone mystery

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  1. Meister

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    The one thing I take from this whole episode is how easy it is to cause chaos. All the reporting on it is going to give people ideas. Part of md wishes they'd just announced that the airport was closed due to a realisable threat until further notice. At least until they'd solved it and sorted a defence out for the future.
  2. RookeryDad

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    Fellow forumite with a grudge?
  3. hornetboy1

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    Yes, I think it was the Russians. SMERSH has a lot to answer for.
  4. hornetboy1

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    My gay lover don’t you mean? Easy mistake to make.

    Plus I don’t think it could have been me, because another “member” on this forum said I was shouting abuse towards the team at West Ham yesterday in the London Stadium while sitting in my armchair licking windows and changing my underwear.
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  5. The undeniable truth

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    Must be pretty impossible to prevent. A bit of rogue software and presumably someone could control it from hundreds of miles away ?
  6. RookeryDad

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    Like that current ad in which the dad is counting penguins in the Antarctic & turns on the lights in his daughter’s bedroom with his watch.

  7. And now the police say that there may not even have been a drone at all...

    "always a possibility that there may not have been any genuine drone activity in the first place"

    Just as well they didn't panic and deploy Trident.
  8. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    Yes like that but a tad more intrusive.
  9. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    Makes me think of the song 99 Red Balloons
  10. Airport authorities have announced their plans to deal with possible repeat instances - Argentinian experts will be training locals...
  11. UEA_Hornet

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    Gotta love the media. Name the people arrested by the police (even though the authorities declined to do so), camp outside their house and hound their family and associates. Then when they're released without charge turn on the police with a vengeance to cover up their own questionable approach.
  12. Moose

    Moose First Team

    Trial by media and social media is one of the most unappealing aspects of modern times.

    Thousands of people have written that these two or ‘eco-warriors’ are ‘scum’ and such like.

    I know there is a principle that arrests or accusations are published so the public may be warned, but there are elements that are so irresponsible they deserve their bollo.cks chopped off.
  13. Moose

    Moose First Team

    Au contraire. Neighbours normally say the accused seemed such a ‘normal chap’ when confronted with the news 20 bodies have been found in the back garden.
  14. GoingDown

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  15. Wexford-yellow

    Wexford-yellow Academy Graduate

    Could there be an agenda here
    One of the big problems with brexit is the effect it would have on aviation as Britain would no longer be part of the European aviation system.
    Could this be an example of what might be ahead if there's a hard brexit.
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  16. Could well be - another airport closes due to a 'technical hitch'. Sounds suspicious...
  17. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    I thought the posts from earlier this week showing footage of Griff Rhys Jones as a police officer were from a satirical comedy sketch.

    I didn’t realise they were factual reportage.
  18. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    How can they not know if there were actually any drones at all?
    How can they close the airport, ruin thousands and thousands of people's xmases, costing billions, then state there may have been none ?
    It's unbelievable Jeff.
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  19. Keighley

    Keighley Squad Player

    But that was a “miscommunication”.

    Whatever that means.
  20. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    Ah that's ok then. Good to know they have it all under control :)
  21. RookeryDad

    RookeryDad Squad Player

    The poor couple who’ve been hung out to dry by the papers.

    Luckily, Mr Winston Cudoogo was wearing a discreet black t with black sweater combo this weekend so unnecessary unpleasantness was averted.
  22. Moose

    Moose First Team

    This has to be wrong. What can be done about these vile newspapers?

  23. Keighley

    Keighley Squad Player

    Suspect they will be sued. The couple have been making some play of their mental anguish in the past days.

    Probably won’t stop the papers though.
  24. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    The trouble is the police arrested them and released their names. Given that you would expect papers to run with something like this. The issue is what on earth the police were thinking. They have got this so wrong. I think there is detail we are not being given. I suspect whoever did this set this couple up, maybe registering the drones (if there were indeed any!) under this couple's name and address ? Just seems crazy they would be so sure that people who couldn't have done it, had done it.
  25. Keighley

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  26. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Except the police didn't release their names at any point.
  27. Teide1

    Teide1 Squad Player

    Whatever one says, if the couple are completely innocent, (which it appears they could well be) then as the chap says they have been violated, the only way to balance this up is for them to sue the newspapers who accused them and for a sum of money to be paid.

    I assume a good lawyer will come forward offer their services, round up all the articles and provide the couple with monies they would have had no chance in receiving had this sorry situation not happened!
  28. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    I imagine a lawyer was in touch immediately and advised them on their statement.

    You would have thought that this wouldn’t happen post Leveson. At least the BBC seem to have learned their lesson after the whole Cliff Richard scandal.
  29. Wexford-yellow

    Wexford-yellow Academy Graduate

    It's all very typical of the way the papers jump on an issue.
    But what happened to the so called drone.
    It closed the second largest airport in the UK on some of the busiest travel days of the year, and not a whisper.
    I would assume the mainstream papers will be carefull what they report now as they have already dropped a clanger.
    It wouldn't surprise me if they weren't led down this path.
    A big question is how the police ended up at this couples door.
  30. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    £50 grand reward for capturing in the pilot, eh?

    It's very tempting to get Cif to turn me in. What would I get? 6 months? A year? Very, very tempting to hold my hands up to it.

    Besides, if it was environmentalists wot done it, I think they've got something of a point. They interviewed various distraught yummy mummies on the radio about the trauma of little Cuthbert not being able to take his return jaunt up to Lapland to visit Santa. Very sad I'm sure, but talk about unnecessary travel! Perhaps Cuthbert will just have to see the £2.50 Santa in the department store in the local high street like normal kids.

    Worse things happen at sea I reckon.
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  31. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    Anyone seen the new Mary Poppins movie?

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  32. Moose

    Moose First Team

    There is one solution, which is a total boycott of the Mail (and its website) and a stern look given to anyone lacking the moral fibre to resist buying one.

    I always shake my head at the 'patriotism' of these nationalistic newspapers who think nothing of ruining the lives of British citizens.
  33. Moose

    Moose First Team

    This was all bo.llocks wasn't it?

    An unfortunate couple have endured a torrid time at the hands of the press and thousands of people were inconvenienced. No environmental group did anything to deserve the negative press they got and the hatred towards them online.

    Makes you feel really confident in the 'no deal' planning doesn't it? If it follows the same course it will be a shambles and a few individuals will have their lives ruined for it.
  34. Cthulhu

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    Have they caught the Russian "Tourist" who inevitably did this yet?
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  35. Aberystwyth_Hornet

    Aberystwyth_Hornet Squad Player

    At the time I wondered if the police drone looking for the drone in question was the one being reported by the public and now...

    Police suggest in this article their own drone may have inadvertently led to some of the confusion

    What a mess.
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