West Bromich Albion 2-2 Watford. Monday 1/4/24

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by Ilkley, Mar 30, 2024.


Watford Brilliant Again? Fat chance?

  1. We'll be annilhilated - home win

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  2. We'll be all right - draw

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  3. We'll be amazing - away win

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  4. Why bloomin air fryer chat?

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  1. Ilkley

    Ilkley Formerly known as An Ilkley Orn Baht 'at

    Keighley pointed this out ages ago (in a surprising turn of events). I blame the excitement of taking a point off Leeds - that and posting at 3:15 in the morning.
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  2. Supertommymooney

    Supertommymooney Squad Player

    Better late and, er, twice?
  3. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse First Team Captain

    Hubba hubba!
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  4. Hairyfrog

    Hairyfrog Squad Player

    It was moving like a rocket and took a deflection off Porteous, but don't let that stop anyone singling out Bachman for a slagging off.
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  5. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    A good keeper would have anticipated and dived for that deflection.
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  6. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Watching the replays back I'm pretty sure it hit Porteous' hand/arm, which took a lot of the sting out of the shot. Not an impossible one to stop but would have been a really excellent save of the type Gomes used to pull out a few times a season. Those are largely out of Bachmann's skillset.

    The second goal was poor keeping I'd say though. He wasn't helped by his defence but ultimately got beaten by a routine shot from range he could see all the way and which, despite the commentators claiming was right in the top corner, in fact was at a saveable height and not hit that hard. Even after he gets his fingers to it and tips it upwards it only hit the far post about three quarters of the way up. Suspect the difference between saving it or flapping at it like he did was starting position.
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  7. folkestone orn

    folkestone orn Squad Player

  8. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    Firstly, I'm not a goalkeeping coach, but is there anything particularly wrong with his starting position? Doesn't look it from my limited perspective:


    Also, "saveable height"?

    The ball loops up before coming down, and Bachmann is literally at full stretch while up in the air when the ball glances his fingertips.


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  9. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    Watching the replays back it did not take any of the sting off the shot, it just diverted the ball so that instead of going more across goal as Thomas-Asante has aimed for, it is instead suddenly diverted so that it flies in near post.
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  10. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Worse than I thought now you’ve evidenced he was lobbed.
  11. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    He's not standing in a bad starting position is he? If that's the case and then he leaps at full stretch and still can barely reach it then what else is he supposed to do ffs?!
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  12. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever Administrator Staff Member

  13. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

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  14. Hairyfrog

    Hairyfrog Squad Player

    I'm sick of seeing and hearing him being singled out, we are a mediocre team, of mediocre players, in a mediocre league, yet many seem to think that we should have a world class goalkeeper and are happy to pile onto one individual for every bad result.
    I wonder how they would feel having their daily work output analysed by 15000 people that obviously don't like them.
  15. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

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  16. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse First Team Captain

  17. Lubaduck

    Lubaduck Reservist

  18. reids

    reids First Team

    UncleRon wildly claimed on Twitter after the game that Bachmann was "the worst GK in world football". Hilarious take really.
  19. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    He's an idiot - why does anyone read/care what he says ?
  20. reids

    reids First Team

    I read them as I like laughing at his ridiculous takes
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  21. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    I am not a fan of Bachmann, but to be fair to the man he does pull off quite a few match saving saves. He is not a top class all round keeper, and he is prone to some serious gaffs, but he is not as bad as he is painted by many on this forum.
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  22. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    He's a pretty average Championship keeper. In an ideal world we'd have better but it's not a priority for me, we need more depth/quality in pretty much every outfield position.
  23. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    We're a pretty average Championship side to be fair
  24. Chumlax

    Chumlax Squad Player

    I'm sure you can provide evidence for literally any of these terrible people who are of this opinion/vocally believe this, right?
  25. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse First Team Captain

    He’s not the ‘worst goalkeeper in the world’, but let’s not beat around the bush, he’s absolute garbage.
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  26. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    He's not though.

    He was poor when the whole of the rest of the team was also poor and lacking in confidence under Ismael, but he's been good under Cleverley, and more often than not with us he's been a good Championship keeper. In our promotion season he was arguably better than Foster, or at least there was nothing to separate them.
  27. a19tgg

    a19tgg First Team

    People (rightly) give him stick, because at the start of the Pozzo era we had the GK position nailed in both the championship and the PL with the fool proof formula of employing a mid-thirties keeper who had played at a very high level much earlier on in their career. It meant we never really had to discuss that position at all, as it took care of itself, there was certainly no need to analyse mistakes and positioning errors after virtually every game. We’ve since inexplicably decided we can scout our own younger keepers, and have proven to be appalling at it, and hence you naturally have fans disappointed in Bachman’s ability, in comparison to the obvious and better alternatives that served us so well.
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  28. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse First Team Captain

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one I’m afraid. He’s rubbish.

    Very good at flashy Hollywood saves and thats about it. His distribution is awful, he’s far too easily beaten at his near post particularly and comes across as a bit of a **** with his continued antics to referees. How he was ever made club captain by Ismael is beyond me.

    I actually agree with you that there wasn’t much between him and Foster, but I think for balance it’s fair to see this was a Foster who’d already checked out mentally and was playing with his pipe out and slippers on. Compare both at their peak and there’s no argument.

    He would be one of the first 2-3 names I’d replace if we had the means this summer.

    Edit: Take a look at our defence when he’s in goal - there’s a constant line of communication of our defenders yelling at him to be more decisive and come out to claim balls into the box. One such instance from a game against Wolves in the season we started with Xisco in the Prem comes to mind. He hesitated, there was a mix up at the back and Troost laid into him telling him in no uncertain terms to make his mind up.
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  29. Keighley

    Keighley First Team

  30. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    It’s probably easier to simply write a post saying you rate Bachmann if this is the alternative! I don’t think anyone on here does or thinks any of those things. Unintentionally though your last sentence is very close to the truth. A very large number of Watford fans don’t like/rate him. I’ve never known the Rookery more jittery or quick to turn on a Watford player than Bachmann in a match. During the Leeds game the Sky commentator even mentioned the home fans getting vocal when Bachmann had the ball at his feet and was trying to pass out.

    And that’s why I’d have shot of him. Not because I disagree with the analysis that overall he and we are a good match for averageness at this level, but because as long he’s in goal the majority of Watford fans having lost confidence in him will keep transmitting nervousness to the rest of the team on the pitch and giving him dog’s abuse when he mucks up.
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  31. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    Although also in the last couple of seasons I've repeatedly asked people on this forum who we could realistically sign to replace Bachmann - whether an experienced former PL keeper or not - and there has simply been no plausible candidate anyone has been able to name.

    And as I pointed out above, in our previous promotion season we had Foster who matched that description, and Bachmann was at least as good as him that season, if not a slight improvement.
  32. hjw

    hjw Reservist

    I agree with your 2nd paragraph, but I would also say Bachmann has regressed the last 2 years. I'm not a Bachmann hater, but I do feel we need an upgrade. who? well that's for the Watford scouts as I don't have time to watch any games apart from Watford matches!
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  33. lowerrous

    lowerrous First Team

    It's true he has regressed a bit, but he's not old for a GK so it's not impossible he regains his form eventually.

    There certainly haven't seemed many obvious easily obtainable upgrades in the last couple of seasons from the English leagues; there definitely weren't any at all who have matched the type we used to sign of ageing good former PL keeper.
  34. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Grbic plays for Sheff U m8.
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  35. a19tgg

    a19tgg First Team

    Like Hjw has said, that’s not my job to know every other keeper option, but I can only assume that keepers of very similar ability and experience as Almunia, Gomez and Foster have come along the conveyor belt at the appropriate age after them?

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