Werewolf XVII - Day One

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    Although I'm sworn to celibacy and poverty, there's nothing against inebriation...make mine a double.
  2. Optimistichornet

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    Remaining two players have until 9:30 to vote or their heads are on the block too.
  3. Optimistichornet

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    thread closed. Executions to follow.
  4. Optimistichornet

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    The villagers gathered in The Admiral Amrabat. HornetGags had a crowd gathered around him, all cheering him on as he desperately tried to turn the water in his glass into wine. He was focusing so hard, that he was face was turning beetroot red. 'The power of Christ compels you!' he shouted at the water. No luck, the water remained as clear as the tears pouring from the condemned mens eyes in the opposite corner.

    The three of them sat in a booth. Grrwood was bawling his eyes out, openly having a tantrum. Squibba silently cried, rocking slightly in his chair. WatfordTalk however just sat there watching the crowd on the other side of the room. His steely gaze was fixed on With A Smile, who feeling a shiver down his spine turned to look at WatfordTalk. He gulped, glad that WatfordTalk was not going to be around to claim any vengeance over the next few days.

    The villagers continued to laugh and joke until the clock struck 10:00pm. 'Its time!' announced Miked2006, 'grab the suspects!' Diamond, Meh! and Harrow Orn walked forward and took each of the other three by the arm. They did not struggle, where did they even have to escape too. There was one horrible grotty little town not too far to the north up the M1, but to be completely honest death was a more favourable fate.

    The crowd moved out of the pub towards the town square. As they approached they could see that a gallows had been erected in front of the fountain were Hornmeisters body had been found earlier that day.

    Three lengths of rope hung from a large wooden crossbeam, and underneath each was a small wooden stool. AshdonWFC had been elected the executioner for the evening. He called each of the three condemned men up onto the gallows. Squibba and Grrwood were shaking so uncontrollably that they had to be helped up onto the gallows. WatfordTalk looked almost bored by the proceedings. To add to this he still hadnt taken his eyes off With A Smile who had now broken out into an uncontrolled cold sweat.

    Before long the three men stood on their stools on the gallows, AshdonWFC had done an expert job ensuring the nooses fit snugly around their necks. 'Any last words?' he announced. Squibba and Grrwood could do little but wimper. WatfordTalk stayed silent, defiantly glaring at With A Smile. 'Very well then,' muttered AshdonWFC. He walked behind Squibba and kicked the stool from under him. Squibbas born writhed on the end of the line, his face slowly turning puce. His legs danced about beneath him looking for something to find a grip on. He tried in vain, but after 45 seconds his squirming had slowed to an occasional twitch. As he died, he emptied his bowels. SQUIBBA WAS GOOD.

    Grrwood was next and AshdonWFC smiled as he unceremoniously kicked the stool away. Grrwood was slightly heavier than Squibba and this time the knot did its job. Grrwoods neck broke instantly with a loud crack that reverberated around the square. GRRWOOD WAS GOOD.

    The villagers were looking nervous now....never had three good players all died on the first day of life in the village before...
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    AshdonWFC paused behind the stool on which WatfordTalk stood. An eerie silence hung over the square. WatfordTalk started laughing, at first a soft quiet laugh that grew louder and louder. 'Do it!' pleaded With A Smile, but AshdonWFC couldnt hear him over the laughter. WatfordTalk was laughing so hard that his shoulders were heaving with the effort. Suddenly AshdonWFC awoke from the reverie that had enchanted the crowd and booted the stool from under WatfordTalk.
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    He hung there completely still. Eyes shut, laugh abruptly cut short. 'Is he....is he dead?' asked Meh! quietly. 'I think so,' replied 352. AshdonWFC prodded WatfordTalk gently.

    His eyes opened, and he started laughing again. All of a sudden hair started sprouting all over the place and the rope around his neck snapped as it became about 5 times too small. Falling to the floor of the gallows, the wolf swung an arm around at AshdonWFC sending him flying. He growled and then howled at the villagers standing before him. He charged at With A Smile, mouth open ready to tear the latters head off. He was only an inch away from his target when the shovel caught him on the back of the head. The wolf staggered, falling forwards. Casetti's Beard thrust the silver shovel downwards severing tissues in the wolfs neck. It took several more stabs, but soon the wolfs head lay seperate to the rest of the body.

    WatfordTalk was evil.
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    Nighttime players please send me your kills and protections. The game will resume on Monday.
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