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    Well certainly some have said certain decisions that have been made by VAR could have involved the ref being asked to look at the screen - ( Sheff U penalty v Wolves for example)

    But don’t mean for more decision that hold the game up more .
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    Remind me never to sit next to you lot! ;)
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    Won't be long until VAR is 'Sponsored by SpecSavers' and TV companies will 'step aside for a message from our sponsors' whilst decisions are reviewed.
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    I have to disagree .
    It is how "offside" is defined.
    Level , daylight have all been used in the past
    Today we have "forensic" offsides using some thick lines and a bit of guesswork when the ball is kicked
    and Fred Karnos army at Stockley Park
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  5. UEA_Hornet

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    Isn't the daylight thing a myth invented by pundits? I'm not sure it's ever been part of the offside law.

    I've already explained the lines are just a broadcasting thing to make it easy for viewers to see. Not sure I really get the point about guesswork when the ball is kicked either. Sure, there have been a small number of cases where the fps of the footage means the moment of a kick happens between frames. But for the vast majority it's obvious when the ball was kicked.
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    We always had forensic offsides in the sense the linesman was working to defined parameters that make someone offside or onside, and this could come down to mm, offsides have always been binary in that sense, it’s just a human using the naked eye often got it wrong, or in some cases very wrong, but they were using the same parameters VAR does, they just couldn’t do it with the same accuracy.

    The difference being the forensic analysis then happened at half time or full time and the decision was pulled apart or otherwise in the TV studio, it didn’t affect the result of course, but it still happened. Now it still happens but instead it affects the result and in the right way.

    I think it’s slightly odd to criticise the accuracy of when the ball is hit when being analysed by var, when previously it was down to a human to determine both when the ball was hit, and at the same time keep an eye on several players moving in different directions maybe 20/30m further away.
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  7. WillisWasTheWorst

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    The daylight rule was in place for just one or maybe two seasons to try and get over how to define ‘level’.
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    When abouts?
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    Dropped because it made the rules different for Saturday 3pm game and night matches.

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