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Discussion in 'Politics 2.0' started by hornmeister, May 29, 2024.

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    I sympathise with the general concept of losing faith in the two main parties but, out of interest, why the Reform Party rather than the Lib Dems or the Green Party for example? Which policies of The Reform Party resonate with you?
  2. SkylaRose

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    To be honest Politics has never really been my forte' but since I was able to vote I was always pushed to vote Labour by my family (sort of in-house tradition) but having read into what both parties are doing right now none of them seem like the right choice. I sided at first with Reform due to the ending Migrant Hotels and I liked their policy statement. However, having read what @Ghost of Barry Endean requested I looked into it's changed my view.

    I had a long think about it today when I was resting by noggin from coding and I'll probably vote Lib Dems. I know a lot of the pre-election is smoke screens and half-basked promises before anything is put into action, but every party seems to tackle the same sort of themes, so it's picking the ripe apple from the basket of rotten ones.
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    Tory manifesto out today and basically contains nothing they haven't already announced. There seemed to be a last minute flicker of hope from their client journalists and social media supplicants this morning that Rishi would pull a rabbit from the hat but nope, not a sausage. Quite clear they've given up at this point. The financial costings are a thing to behold - basically all the money for their promises is coming from savings generated by cutting welfare and beefing up tax recovery. No more detail provided.
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    I think you’ll find he made the rabbit disappear along with most of the promises in their previous manifesto.
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    Yep they needed a couple of bombshell announcements. Cancelling or raising the thresholds for IHT & Stamp duty for example to appeal to the oldies and rasing the basic income tax threshold to appeal to the youngsters.
    There's nothing I can see that remotely compensates for the **** show.
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    Whether it's true or not I'm not sure, but this suggests he was basically being risk adverse:

    Why Rishi Sunak didn’t play his boldest hand (
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