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    Just sent to me - might be useful for someone:



    We are sometimes asked how to obtain priority tickets for our shows. Some of these priority tickets are allocated to people who take part in special offers that we run from time to time - and here's one of those offers!

    If you book Offer tickets and attend this show, then once you have attended, you will be sent a priority note to use for your choice of one of our shows.


    It's The Chase, presented by the inimitable Bradley Walsh, in which four contestants take on one of the country's finest quiz brains in order to win! But who will they be facing?

    Will they have to grapple with The Governess, Anne Hegerty? Could they be in a showdown against The Sinnerman, Paul Sinha? Perhaps they can out fox The Vixen, Jenny Ryan? Are they good enough to decimate The Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace or maybe even bring down the biggest of them all, The Beast, Mark Labbett. They think they're clever enough so, The Chase is on!

    Join us on Wed 16th & Thurs 17th November 2022 at BBC Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

    Booking is now open, so if you would like to join us for an afternoon or evening of fun with Bradley, then apply now via our website at

    and if you state the codeword CHASEBWOFF (CHASE Bradley Walsh OFFer - geddit?!) in the 'Comments and Information' box, then we shall issue you with Offer tickets while available.

    Applications made via the website without the codeword may still be issued tickets, but not be considered for this offer, so do make sure you state the codeword CHASEBWOFF!

    When you attend with Offer tickets, it is the same as attending with regular tickets, but once you have attended, you will be offered a priority note to use for your choice of one of our future shows. Please note some shows have a limit on how many tickets can be booked.

    The minimum age for attendance at this show is 18 years. The maximum number of tickets for this show is 4 per application. We shall notify successful applicants as quickly as possible by email with their eticket. All tickets are issued free of charge and are strictly non-transferable.

    You may also apply for tickets online where you'll also find details of all the shows for which we are booking. You may also add yourself to the mailing list for upcoming show. Tickets for all of our shows are FREE. To see all the other shows for which we are currently booking, please visit our website at

    We look forward to seeing you at a show soon!

    Kind regards

    Martin & the team
    SRO Audiences


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    Been there. Won that.

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