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    You read my mind!

    When I heard the news earlier this morning I thought of this.

    Can't believe World of Sport ended in 1985.

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    I can top that: I've got a ****ie Davis patented go-faster stripe although it's growing on just one of my temples.
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    I always liked John Motson, he also read GT's eulogy written by SEJ.
  7. I Blame Pozzo

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    RIP to such a recognisable voice who was always there on the big occasions.

    Local man too I think. Lived near the St Albans Waitrose for years and drank in a pub in Redbourn if my memory serves.
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  8. WillisWasTheWorst

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    At one time he lived in Harpenden, I believe, certainly around the time both us and L*t*n were promoted to the First Division in the 80s. More recently I think he was in Little Gaddesden.
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  9. Teide1

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    Was an Iconic Commentator, started when football on the TV was limited to highlights only, despite many modern developments managed to remain at the top of his profession with his trademark old school tools! R.I.P. Sir.
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  10. Diamond

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    Motson in his heyday was the best by a mile and dressed the part too. It's the exact opposite of what we have now :(
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    That sheepskin jacket will always be an icon. Fantastic commentator, he knew football inside and out. Rain or shine he was there, RIP to the "voice of football". God bless his family and friends and all who knew him xx
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    Poor chap - last season was enough to make anyone unwell which I presume he was but kept it quiet.
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  14. wfc4ever

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    Tribute to Motty tomorrow on BBC 1 at 11.10pm (presume it will be on the IPlayer too )
  15. Bwood_Horn

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    Apparently "The Holly Bush" according to the regulars who seemed to be having a competition of who can say the most complimentary thing about Motty.
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    There’s a potato with three daughters. Presumably triplets for the joke to work….

    The potato sends his three daughters out into the world on their 18th birthdays to finds suitable husbands that he approves of.

    Time passes and the first daughter potato returns. ‘Father, I’ve met a potato whom I wish to marry and I seek your approval. He is a Jersey Royal’

    ‘Excellent’ says the father. ‘I would be happy to have royalty marrying into our potato family.’

    The second daughter returns. ‘Father, I have met a Kind Edward potato and I wish to marry him.’

    The father approves again, happy to have more royalty marrying into the family.

    Eventually the third daughter returns. ‘I have met someone I wish to marry, his name is John Motson.’

    ‘You can’t marry him’ says the father potato….

    ‘He’s a common tater.’
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    Presumably any kids produced would be common tator tots.

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