Leicester 4 Watford 1 - 3.3.84

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    A disappointing defeat here, but some PROPER football and some great goals, including one from the boy Line-acre.

    The major reason for the defeat was Steve Simms mullering himself making a horrible foul on the halfway line. For which the ref gives him a strong talking to. But he's done his ankle and has to limp off. He receives the magic sponge for around 20 mins but then limps back on again! What a man! He can barely walk, but since a pished off looking GT has already brought on little Worrel for Cally at HT, we have no more subs. Simms has come back on as a sort of only marginally better than nothing semi-mascot. We leak a goal while he painfully hobbles around the halfway line and little Worrell tries to outjump their centre forward at a corner.

    Another goal goes straight through Shirley, although to be fair he pulls off a couple of great saves too, including one at the feet of their CF who falls over him but doesn't roll around and it doesn't go to VAR. Delicious!

    The filbert st pitch is cutting up, but the players seem to have more athleticism than today's. How did they not get 'exhausted' like the poor dears of the Prem?

    As Jimmy Hill says, we went down gracefully and showed good spirit, despite some bad luck. True dat.

    Keep watching to the end as we take both the GOLD and BRONZE medals in the goal of the month competition with Mighty Mo in third on the podium, but a corker from Cally (v Derby?) as the winner.
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    It was “Sims” and he was of course playing against his former club.
    Cally’s goal was away at Notts Co, the better of 2 crackers he scored in a 5-3 away win.
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    Shouldn’t this be in “The Golden Years”?

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