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  1. Agreed. Note sure how many of our starting X1, if any, would be able to bridge the gap to PL standard.
  2. UEA_Hornet

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    Pedro at most I reckon.

    Sarr if he ever regains his confidence is probably good enough for a lower third PL side. And I want to see more of him but Porteous has shown some good signs of quality and competitiveness so far. I guess possibly Louza too but that's a tough call given his injury proneness.
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    Maybe replacing richarlison is a bit OTT but he was one of the few offensive additions! I’m assuming making Delefeu a perm is a zero sum game squad wise.
  4. Yes even Pedro is more about skill and potential at this stage rather than actual PL quality output in terms of goals and assists.
  5. PowerJugs

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    They picked a worthy successor.
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    Up there with Joao and Sarr for goal contributions this season.

    He's a fantastic example of a player that works hard to get as much out of what talent he has. Its a shame his talent isn't up to Prem standard as he's definitely got the mentality for that level
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  10. Otter

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    Just had an interview on BBC Breakfast talking about his stammer.
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    Sema is utterly wonderful. I wish all our players were Nordic and had stutters. Imagine a team with Sema sending crosses into Helguson. That's a Watford team we could all get behind.
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    Generally quiet today, and did occasionally get caught out at LWB, but he got his assist so I can't really grumble!
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