Ex Watford Players Now National League Managers

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    Not rating Bassett was easier
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    I thought they had another shake up 4 or 5 years ago, where there is now four leagues at step 3 (Northern Prem, Southern Prem Central, Ismithian and Southern League South) feeding into step 2 (National N and S). They formed the new league by taking the top clubs in step 4 (six leagues at the time) up to Step 3 and then re structuring the boundaries and who went in what league. Teams like Royston went automatically from 4 to 3 without kicking a ball and have stayed there. Harrow Boro and Hendon were moved from the Ismithian to Southern League Prem South.

    And the divide from Nat League North and South is pretty much North/South divide and Bishops Stortford and Gloucester have played in both in recent years, but they do take into account travelling, a few years ago a team from East might of been Lowestoft (memory is going) got a South place instead of Bishop Stortford as it was more difficult for them to access a road to the North than Stortford.
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    Ah yes – three leagues (Northern League, Southern League, Isthmian League) but you're right four divisions as there were two Southern League divisions, as you say.
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    Kind of, there was a decision to add another league at Step 3 by the FA. It was then put it out to tender to the three existing leagues at that level for who was going to run it. And Southern won, so they do the admin for two of the leagues at that step but are run as separate leagues and as such feed to Step 2 independently. The other two have more levels at step 4 than the Southern so it equals itself out.

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