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    C+P from Watford FC Website


    AMERICAN defender Jay DeMerit has welcomed the increasing stateside influence on the domestic game as Watford prepare to welcome Randy Lerner's Aston Villa to Vicarage Road this weekend.
    Randy Lerner
    Following the American businessman's takeover of the Midlands' side DeMerit admitted that football is becoming increasingly important to his fellow countryman, and that that could only be good news for the game.
    "I think people in the US are starting to realise that football is a huge business. Sport is a huge business in the States, but just not on the football side.
    "I think they see opportunities here now and I think it'll become a good relationship between the two nations."
    Focussing on his own game DeMerit is now keen to re-establish himself in Aidy Boothroyd's thinking, having been left out of the starting-XI at Bolton last weekend.
    "It was a bit disappointing because I didn't think there was a reason for it, but the gaffer makes the decisions and he wanted to try Malky in there, which is fine.
    "He did really well and it's created more competition for the spot. All I can do is work hard and get back in.
    Jay DeMerit puts Watford in front
    "The manager likes to throw tests in there and throw spanners in the works to see how people will deal with these types of things, but similar things happened to me last year as well.
    "You learn to take things on board and if you do that you know things will turn out alright.
    "The gaffer's made it clear to me that I haven't necessarily done anything wrong, it's just that Malky's done great in pre-season, he's deserved his chance and congratulations to him for getting in there.
    "I'll continue to do what I'm doing and create competition for our spots and that's what the gaffer wants because it will only make us better as a team."
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    Agreed. Malky deserves a shot in the premiership after havign been promoted 3 years in a row, he hadn't actually had a match.
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    Malky is a great player and it is criminal that he has been a major part of 3 successive promotions and not played in the prem yet... i think he will help turn things around.

    As for american influences, one of my all time favourite players, dont laugh, is Damarcus Beasley, played superb football for the Chicago Fire and had a good term in Holland for PSV, Now he is at Man City (on Loan) and I for one know he will prove to be a formidible player against other teams and will fit in well into premiership football!
    Would love to see him become a permament fixture for any team in the premiership and i would love it to be us... he would add the excitement and goal scoring ability we are struggling to find at the moment.
    Kinda helps he has the same last name as me and that would mean i would automatically have a shirt with my name on it!!... lol

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