Deeney charged

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by hornetboy1, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Deeney has been charged for violent conduct for the incident on Saturday
  2. wfcwfc

    wfcwfc Academy Graduate

    Not sad that he will be missing a few games. Can't behave like that and I thought Troy Deeney the thug was behind him. Evidently not!
  3. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Absolutely ridiculous. The FA really don't help themselves. Opens up a massive can of worms. His yellow card will presumably be rescinded then?
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  4. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    So anyone who behaves that way is automatically a thug? Troy was stupid to get involved, especially as captain. But since Troy was released, I think you’ll see he had done far more good in his life than bad. Hardly a thug.

    Will be interesting to see if Okaka is drafted in from the cold now for a few games. Or Folivi is given a seat on the bench. Deeney’s van will at least tell us if Okaka has a future here.
  5. zztop

    zztop Eurovision Winner 2015

    I think the incident was just so ugly, the FA thought they had to act - even if it wasn't actually "serious".
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  6. R4E

    R4E Reservist

    I think the Stoke players have got away with one here. Joe Allen was the instigator, and Shawcross put his head in Deeney's face. Where are their charges?
  7. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    I didn’t think you could rescind a yellow? The problem here is that Michael Oliver has punished him at the time (whether too leniently or not) so The FA are making a fairly unprecedented step in charging someone who has been punished already. I don’t see how Oliver can’t have put in his report that he punished Deeney according to what he thought he saw at the time.

    I actually think the rule needs changing to what The FA have done here. But given their previous guidelines on these types of thing, I wholeheartedly agree that they let themselves done.
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  8. zztop

    zztop Eurovision Winner 2015

    Ah! That explains where Okaka's been, Troy had kidnapped him, and locked him in his van hoping for a run in the side.
  9. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Is it possible that Oliver reviewed the footage and decided it was worth further investigation?
  10. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Yes, they've brought into the media controversy rather than considering their wider responsibility. I bet I could find 5 worse scraps than that this season that have gone unpunished. But the 3 man panel of Mark Hughes, Danny Murphy and Graham Poll have said he should be charged so I guess they had no choice.
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  11. Ágætis Byrjun

    Ágætis Byrjun Reservist

    Can't really argue with that.

    Okaka absolutely dominated Everton last time out, but I'm 99% sure he won't make the bench.

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  12. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    Terrible decision.. Allen should be charged as well.

    One count of aggressively shoving his cheek into Deeney's thumb.. for thrusting his neck into Deeney's hands.. for jumping in the air to give the impression he was being lifted off his feet... and just for being too small really. Oh and for playing for Stoke i forgot that one.
    Banged to rights!
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  13. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Again this seems to be trial by media, intent on focusing on Watford for whatever reason. I remember only a few weeks ago Ashley Williams completely lost it for Everton in Europe but hardly anything was mentioned about it. Certainly not the outcry this has caused.

    I actually think this is the right call, by charging Deeney, as the FA could not be seen as condoning this. What gets me is the media hysteria over incidents involving Watford players. On a positive not, I suppose it's the only time we get a little bit of attention.
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  14. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Yeah, like you Allen is completely traumatised by the whole episode!
  15. wfc4ever

    wfc4ever First Team Captain

    Deeney was booked for the Shawcross push it seems so they could charge him for the Allen incident.

    Better hope Gray comes good or Okaka gets a chance .
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  16. Cassetti's Beard

    Cassetti's Beard First Team

    Fantastic news! Okaka has to be on the bench for Everton, surely!?
  17. Stevohorn

    Stevohorn Watching Grass Grow

    Wondered how long you'd take to make it personal.

    Though i should have guessed it would be about the time you were proved wrong as ive noticed you cant handle that.
  18. Vicarage Road

    Vicarage Road Reservist

    good news. Troy has been a bit of a ***** of late
  19. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    There is no conspiracy against Watford. As much as we think Richarlison didn’t dive against Arsenal, the FA could have acted and didn’t. What possible reason can you give why The FA would have a problem with us?

    The Ashley Williams incident was overshadowed by the man with his child getting involved. Pretty understandably really and obviously The FA had no jurisdiction in that affair anyway. I haven’t noticed any media ‘hysteria’ over this. People who are paid to have an opinion (pundits, journalists) have spoken about it, as should be the case if it was a highlight of a fairly boring, turgid game, and they have all said what you are saying - that Deeney should be punished.

    I remember before the WBA game, you said there would be some sort of conspiracy to give WBA decisions or a penalty off the back of their game against Arsenal beforehand...didn’t happen though did it?
  20. HELGO

    HELGO Reservist

    Yes, Troy guilty and bang to rights.

    So the photo evidence of Shawcross head butt not an issue then?. Shaqiri punching Carrillo in the face could be seen if they want to charge using video evidence.

    Mmmh going by recent past FA handling of issues, Why am I not suprised at this outcome.
  21. good

    didn't realise the **** was still here
  22. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    You're actually SO boring. Ashley Williams and the fan punching a player was all over BBC, Sky Sports & trending on Twitter. Just shut up.
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  23. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Did I say anything negative about the FA? Read it again before giving your opinion.

    Certain people in the media seem to have an agenda and take glee in highlighting Watford in a possible bad light. This is my perception, and having spoken to a lot of other fans who also share this view.

    Your last point is a lie, so I won't even comment on that.
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  24. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Nope.....I'll keep on posting....and I couldn't give a t0ss if it bores you.
  25. Medio

    Medio Academy Graduate

    Personally don’t believe it was worth a ban. Now time for Gray to step up and he HAS to step up, hopefully Okaka will resurrect from the death. If not we’ll have Jakubiak or Folivi on the bench for the next three games as Jerome Sinclair is also dead
  26. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    The meltdown on here when Jerome Sinclair gets named on the bench for the Everton game ahead of Okaka is going to be epic.
  27. hornetgags

    hornetgags McMuff's lovechild

    Personally I'd ban Deeney...and Watson, Britos and Holebas for reverting back to his bad ways when trying to take on the defender and losing it several times and shooting on his weaker foot when players better placed.
  28. Markoa$

    Markoa$ Squad Player

    Especially when he comes on for the last 10mins and misses an open goal from 5 yards to win the match.
  29. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    Okay. My apologies. But there is no media campaign against Watford. Again, I ask you why there would be? Who are these repeat offenders? Martin Samuel, we all know about. Who else?

    And YOUR last point is a lie. You spoke openly on here after the WBA/Arsenal game about Pulis trying to manipulate a situation where the officials might feel compelled to give them something unwarranted against us.

    (For your reference on the above,
    Thread: ‘Officials’
    Page 2 of 3)
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  30. Ágætis Byrjun

    Ágætis Byrjun Reservist

    Don't. We've been through this before with Liam Henderson.

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  31. Ekstranding

    Ekstranding Academy Graduate

    This, can't believe more hasn't been made of this. Even the commentator at the time just said 'oh he went down easy there' after Shaqiri whacked him in the head off the ball.

    Quite right to ban Deeney though. Booked for the push, deserves a red for throttling Allen, and hopefully does us some good if Okaka gets some minutes out of it.
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  32. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Lol. That wasn't personal. It probably should have had a smiley face on the end to convey my actual intent.

    And I've no fuss with being wrong. Yeah, I'm amazed they've done it. It's without precedent for the FA to re-open a bog standard no injury incident that's already been punished by the referee after the event. Now managers know this sort of retrospective action is fair game the FA are going to be inundated with allegations to review after every match. Wenger and Hughes have both managed to get incidents involving our players reviewed in the three weeks. The threshold seems pretty low. Silva needs to wise up and start playing the same game.
  33. Lloyd

    Lloyd Reservist

    Am I the only one who found the whole incident quite funny? Troy deserves a ban but please keep a sense of perspective. He has been superb on and off the pitch for years. He grabbed irritating Welsh short arse Joe Allen by the face, so what??!! Enjoy your break Troy
  34. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    That's nothing to do with a "conspiracy" though. You used that word twice, and I never have done, as I do not think there is. This is why what you said was a lie, nothing more than that.

    You've only got to turn on the TV to see pundits riddled with contempt for Watford. They rarely portray the club in a good light, only looking at negatives when they see them. Even a positive they turn into a negative, such as Silva should go to Arsenal or Everton, Richarlison won't be at Watford long, etc.

    Graham Poll was foaming at the mouth over the Deeney incident, after he was made to look a mug on the Richalison penalty, which he saw as a blatant dive. The list is long with pundits that regularly give Watford a bad press. On Sky you've got Nicholas and Merson who usually bad mouth Watford. Micky Quinn hates us on TalkSport, so does Andy Jacobs. I will add Lineker, McManaman, The Redknapps, Souness, Carrigher, Wright, Savage, Lawrenson Claridge. I'm sure there's more if I put my mind to it. The Telegraph seem to want to dish the dirt whenever they can, like the HSBC letter. I'm sure there's loads of skulduggery at clubs far worse than Watford, but they do not go for those stories. Look at QPR, Leeds, Bournemouth and Leicester. If you want a story, lift the lid on these clubs.

    It's probably easier to list those who are regularly fair and decent about the club. Shearer, LeTiss, Murphy, Stelling. These guys normally say it how it is without an edge but they are in the minority.

    All this is my perception, which I know is shared by others. Maybe I notice it more when it's my club, but there do seem to be favourite clubs and clubs which the media love to hate. I think we fall under the latter.
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  35. wfcwarehouse

    wfcwarehouse Strangeland

    I have to say I think it’s rignt Deeney has been charged. Really stupid behaviour that reflects poorly on the club and as captain should know better.

    Surprised with no action against Shawcross though.

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