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    Clearly missing out by the tiniest of margins (goals scored) deflated Northampton’s spirits as some of their fans feared it would - and they lost to a Mansfield side who it seems didn’t turn up in the final.

    But that’s the nature of League 2, it’s even more competitive than the Championship (look at FGR only getting one point and conceding nine goals away to Oldham and Barrow as a sample) and anyone from the play-offs could’ve gone up, especially as only three points and seven goals separated 4th from 7th.
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    Who's going to join us in the Chump then?

    Will it be Forest? Who, imho deserve to go up based on the job Cooper has done.

    Or will it be Huddersfield? Who were a surprise package when they went up first season but suffered severe SSS the following season?

    I vote Huddersfield will be going to Millwall and Preston.
  3. Brain says Forest. Heart says Forest. Forest more likely to challenge again next season.
    So we will of course be welcoming “league leaders” Forest to the Vic in the autumn whilst Huddersfield set a new low points record in the prem.
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    I cannot believe that there hasn't been more outrage over the decision not to award Huddersfield a penalty for the 2cnd incident. VAR was introduced to stop any injustices. And it failed so why bother with it ? . The 1st penalty claim was a "is it , isn't it ?" situation. Whereas you don't need to be a referee to know that the 2cnd one was a banged on nailed on penalty.
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    Yes tend to agree there .

    Least they looked at the first one .

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