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  2. Cthulhu

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    Im not sure how you would be able to stop people bringing illicit substances in? Very easy to conceal. No pat down is going to find it. Unless they get some drug dogs in?
  3. Abdi

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    Yes please mate! Can you meet me on Shady Lane?
  4. Burnsy

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    This forum hasn’t seen such open talk of drug-taking since Highgrade told us he had a grandad who was 374 years old, and wanted to fight us somewhere in Croydon.
  5. Cthulhu

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    That's an understatement Cocaine in a provincial town will be about 2% Cocaine the rest is cut
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  6. Wasn't it "Arnos Grove" ?
  7. Burnsy's is guaranteed 99.6%, or your money back.
  8. Burnsy

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    Woah. I don’t do refunds.

    Don’t like what I’m selling? Take a long bath and dry yourself off with it.
  9. Burnsy

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    Oliver Grove I think?
  10. Keighley

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    Yep, TUT’s memory is fading as he approaches his significant birthday (still no invite, incidentally :D).

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  11. Maybe. I recall it was something Grove and started with a vowel. Hadn’t heard of a Oliver Grove, had heard of Arnos Grove !
  12. Sorry, Charlie is being difficult with the guest list. Apparently you made some “pro-Diana” posts in the past ??
  13. Jumbolina

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    Arnos Grove is on the Piccadilly line you daft old grandpa :)
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  14. Yes I know. And ?? That why I’ve heard of it. What is Oliver Grove ?
  15. Jumbolina

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    It's an urban colosseum where we go before crossing Styx.
  16. Ah, so out in the styx then ?
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  17. Keighley

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    A side street near the Palace ground which was where the next match was taking place at the time of the thread.

    Do keep up.
  18. Sorry, I'm not as switched on for the times and places for organised rucks as you are. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
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  19. AndrewH63

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    As a 60 year old who goes to fewer away games than I did in the past, it’s not the behaviour, clothing or habits of others at the game that is putting me off attending. It’s the performance of the team and coaching staff.

    At QPR I was in the upper tier, at the end of the row on the right looking at the pitch. I was surrounded by younger men. Yes they seemed to have a few sherbets of their choice, but they were no trouble, having a laugh, and we talked about the game. The most disturbing thing was one thought Masina was a great defender.

    I do think there is a distinct extremes in the away fan demographic. People like me, older more affluent with a bit more time at the weekends for leisure activities, as other responsibilities have faded away. Then you have younger people, maybe more up for a broader day out rather than a narrower focus on getting to and from the game. With everything else in between.

    There is one core unifying factor and that’s the attitude, behaviour and performance of the young men, (with all their odd haircuts, dress code, and private leisure activities), who take to the pitch for our team. Play well, try hard, entertain.

    So forward to my next away day at Kenilworth Road. Let’s hope it’s the team rather than supporters that we are talking about on the way home.

    PS. I would say though that attending away games in general is less appealing as you get older. Due to the travelling time and the generally poor facilities offered by clubs to visiting customers.
    PPS. On racism, it’s horrendous whether monkey chants of songs with stereotype tropes like the lazy Gypo one heard home and.away.
  20. Keighley

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    That’s not what Mrs TUT has told me. ;)
  21. Yes, well she loves a scrap !

    (and, yes, I know what you meant !)
  22. I fear we may well be talking about the team on the way home....
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  24. BigRossLittleRoss

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    Is that from the ‘Spot the ****” competition in the Daily Mirror Jan ‘64?

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