All Powerful Nfl Thread, Now With 100% More Cheerleaders

Discussion in 'General Football & Other Sport' started by Fitz, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. BeersThen

    BeersThen First Year Pro

    Crap three weeks for the Niners. Can't see us beating the Rams tonight either.
  2. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    End of the road for the Bucs now.
  3. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    Can't believe the Lions with all the talent they have are still again picking first. Surely at some point they will really turn it around.
  4. I hate the gap between our clocks going back and theirs. I usually pop out on Sunday evening and get back for 9 for the full 9.25pm game so will miss the first hour.

    I guess it means I can catch more of the last game before going to bed.

    I think it's only for a few weeks.

    Edit: it looks like it's just this weekend! I can live with that!
  5. BeersThen

    BeersThen First Year Pro

    Funny old NFC this year.
  6. The Bills are just ridiculously good this year.
  7. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    Snyder selling. Finally
  8. Ever watch a game of NFL and think a team are just trying not to win making stupid plays?!

    Same with pointless defensive fouls on 3rd downs. Why get done for holding when you're opponents are 3rd and 20.

    Baffles me sometimes to the point it seems like match fixing. Or are some players just idiots?!!!
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  9. Ever watch a game and think "this sport is fixed"?!

    Bucks only score 9 points all game. Get to 1 minute 45 to go with the ball in Rams hand. Rams lose ball. Bucks score a touchdown in 44 seconds after failing all game.

    It's a bit weird. That and I lost money on it!

    I'm not bitter.
  10. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    Lost a 250 quid accumulator thanks to the Falcons deciding they didn't want to win last night. Some very dubious play calling going on there to say the least.
  11. tonycotonstache

    tonycotonstache Reservist

    Check out the Falcons last few plays. Mariota threw some shockers to open players that were too low or too fast. Any extra yards to first down and the game was won. They ended up punting. Then they get an interception which they then fumble. Then they let Chargers get into field goal range in 1 play to lose in the last second.

    Unbelievably dodgy!
  12. Minnesota vs buffalo. Absolute fix.

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