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  1. The undeniable truth

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    Brentford and Southend came up with us in 1977/78 so there was rivalry there then, but that seemed to dissipate a year or two later as we headed in different directions. Can't be a valid reason today. Brentford clearly renewed in the last 4 or 5 seasons.
    Bournemouth only recent due to the promotions/relegation battles of 2 similar sized clubs though of course they had greater funds available.
    I expect the B&B rivalries will have been lost 3-5 years from now unless we are again in close competion with them in league one.
  2. Halfwayline

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    looks more of a one man crusade
  3. The undeniable truth

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  4. Robert Peel

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    The worst racial abuse I ever witnessed was at Everton in 1985. We were in the posh seats as well, with complementary tickets provided by GT himself. Every time Barnes got the ball it was shocking, I have never heard such outpourings of vile hatred directed at a player since thankfully. It wasn’t just a few bigots, it was pretty much everyone around us calling for the Everton players to ‘kill the ******’. Fark nose what it was like on the terraces.

    I remember after they beat us in the 3rd round of the cup in January 2001, the editor of ‘Look at the Stars’ received mobile calls from Everton fans on their way home and again the levels of foul abuse directed at him was sickening.

    I know they also have decent fans like ToffeeBlue but I’m certainly not going to shed any tears for them if they do go down.
  6. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth First Team Captain

    ...but a few tears if it keeps Luton up ?
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  7. SkylaRose

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    Muff rivalry is fan implemented and always has been. Yes, there is a bit of extra spice when we play them, and as @The undeniable truth rightly stated, it's to do with our very recent history competing with them in the same league being on a very similar level technical wise back then. As far as I know both sets of fans' get on with each other and the longer we stay in a separate division the less we will care about them as a club.

    You could also say the same about all our 'rival' clubs, bar QPR who are probably closer in the scale of rivals than Palarse are. Technically our only rival is and will always be Lootown. I guess it does make certain matches more excising on a fanbase level. Most of our players we have now will only have a fleeting understanding of the grudge match which is the Herts/Beds derby.
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    Neverton will be fine, playing full Dyche ball this season and this will just galvanise them even more.. I honestly cant see any of the three promoted clubs staying up.
  9. Happy bunny

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    Because Muff were cheating bastards under Howe and their fans have been obnoxious since we lost the Championship to them after Troy dragged that moron off the pitch and hadn't got back into position when Wednesday scored.
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    Quite right about AFC Bos-scum & Cheatmouth. There was a nasty undercurrent from the game (January 2014) where Angella was incorrectly sent off onwards, let alone the following season when we were down to ten men after thirty seconds.

    That smug smirking pr*ck Howe used to (& still does now at Nuke-@rsehole) really irritate me. The sooner Bos-scum are back in the bottom division the better. Wonkers.

    But above all (being a Middlesex/West London boy) the "club" I REALLY want to see taken apart is C*****a, or the Blue Vermin to give them correct title. Boris should have had them asset stripped and put out of business when he had the chance a couple of years ago. Can forgive him for most his indiscretions but he should have buried this vile institution once & for all.
  11. Cassetti's Beard.

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    ******* LOL

    At least they'll be able to have another pitch invasion again if they stay up!

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