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    It's the new bedwetters vs COGS.
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    I think it was a couple of weeks ago that we saw the devastation wreaked upon a stretch of the River Lugg a SSSI. The slow inadequate response of government bodies was alarming. Private landowners need to be reeled in from thinking they can do as they will with regards to the natural environment. The sad irony being that the said landowner is close friends with the local Conservative MP who just happened to have a junior ministry involved in environmental issues. Conflict of interest ? It is despicable how these people get away with this. There needs to be more stringent laws and heavy punishments including time in jail for these vandals.

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    I saw two tree creepers at the club today,lovely birds.
    Feeders need constant replenishment and the birds and squirrels are enjoying an apple a day!
    Might see the red wings soon if this cold weather persists.
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    While we have idiots destroying living creatures and habitats all in the name of mammon which will not serve anyone in the future at least those who try and protect the environment do not have to face the the threat of death. Indigenous peoples much like the native flora and fauna they now live in balance with are threatened by the greed of national governments, the urban population and multinationals. Indigenes in the Amazon basin have faced renewed violence as Bolsonaro the bastardo allows companies free rein and in Honduras another indigenous leader Felix Vazquez was murdered.

    It is appalling and a crime beyond the reprehensible all so that a few greedy scumbags can earn a quick buck. Money they say is the root of all evil and they are not wrong.


    It is a pity the UN cannot send an armed force to Honduras to sort out the criminals both politicians and their cronies many linked to drug trafficking and restore law and order. For a long time economists have neglected the inherent value of the environment as an intangible but as the planet lurches forward on the road to disaster those are becoming ever more tangible not just in terms of infrastructure damage, but exposure to new pathogens and the loss of a huge well of future discoveries in the fields of pharmaceuticals and engineering innovations for instance not to mention keeping crops genetically variable and viable (allelic preservation).
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    Very hard to see in the wild compared to the Nuthatch unless you are very patient but they are well worth waiting for as they scurry up and down tree trunks . There is another species of Treecreeper in the UK if you include the Channel Islands. This is the Short Toed Treecreeper which overlaps with the Treecreeper in distribution throughout Europe. It shows clinal variations in plumage throughout it's range. These are changes in the hue and sometimes minor changes in patterning of individuals as you go say west to east in the area that the species occupies. Usually hundreds of miles and caused by differences in the environment, diet, sunlight levels.


    West to east changes in plumage of the Brazilian Reed Finch.​
  6. Treecreepers scurry up, nuthatches scurry downwards.
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    Usually knock around with fieldfares too. Likely in places with lots of berries.
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    These were upwardly mobile,bless them.
    They appear near the woods first,about half a mile away and come here if it's cold.
    I've been stocking up on the apples.
    I took the club feeder down today and have washed it and will refill it tomorrow.
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  9. Fieldfares. If we get a covering of snow you can get ridiculous numbers coming to a packet or two of apples on the snow. At last house we had 20 on the lawn, fighting over who got which apple most of the time, though the apples were all gone within an hour.
    They prefer them after a few frosts have softened them really so it’s best to bite a small hole so they can get at the flesh.
    At great risk of being taken by sparrowhawks though....
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    Some very lovely pictures on the latest RSPB update.
    Fieldfares , a black squirrel and a blue *** being scared off the feeder by a nuthatch!
    A good piece about the origins of bird names. A lot are onomatopoeic.
    Not long to the Big Garden Bird Watch.
    My new feeding station is up and running and already taking clients!
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  11. The redwings made short work of our pyrocanthus berries this year!
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