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Discussion in 'Match Day' started by Beekayess, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Beekayess

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    Referee: Paul Tierney
    Assistants: Harry Lennard, Mick McDonough
    Fourth official: Stuart Attwell

    Part of me hopes that Mr Tierney sustains an injury during the match, as I would relish the abuse that Stuart Attwell would receive.
  2. Otter

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    Atwell's reffed us a few times since the ghost goal, which is now almost 10 years ago.

    Secondly, was Atwell really 100% at fault with the ghost goal? He talked to the linesman and went with his word and gave the goal, at the end of the day both the lino (Bannister I think) and Atwell gave a decision based on what they thought was correct. The blame really lies with the Reading team and their captain, they knew the ball didn't cross the line, they should have let us score unchallenged either directly from the kick off or from kick off from the second half.
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  3. wfc4ever

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    Had Tierney at Brighton - didn't notice him that much but then we were so poor we could hardly blame him for our defeat.

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