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    Nice write up Oxhey, cheers. Sad to see the worst part of the mens game slowly coming into the womens side.
    The club players have all been given season tickets now so I'll see if I can drag my U18 down to watch one when they haven't got a game.
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    It was a horrible watch but quite satisfying when the final whistle went.
    The Chichester players were really vocal throughout, even during their warm-up routines. Nothing bad about that, it just put me off reading my book! Anyway.

    Once the coaching staff really started haranguing the ref the players followed suit.
    You could see they were getting narked by Watford's ability to stop them playing when the referee halted play so a player from each side could receive treatment for knocks to their heads. Watford had the ball when he blew so Chichester were to return the ball to us, presumably to the keeper. But no, that wasn't to their advantage so they tried kicking it off for a throw-in deep in WFC's half. They somehow failed at that - I can't recall how precisely, I just remember thinking 'Wow, that was supposed to go near the corner flag!' Not so long after the ref stopped play again - it got really niggly - and WFC had to return the ball to them this time. Helen Ward, with a hint of retaliation, tried putting it out for the corner flag throw-in too. She got it to perfection with the ball just striking the pole on the touchline side.

    The only other team I've seen (heard) anywhere near as bad as this lot were QPR but that night the ref had a bit of a shocker so didn't think too much of it. This lot though - just wow! One of the reasons I rarely watch mens football now is the behaviour (cheating) by players and this contesting of every decision by the multitudes on the sideline. It's just boorish behaviour and hopefully Chichester will be the exception rather than the rule.
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