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    The 2018/19 season has now started in women's football with yet another league re-structuring.

    The league set up is now as follows;

    Tier 1 - The FA Women's Super League (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/womens-super-league/table)

    Tier 2 - The FA Women's Championship

    Tier 3 - The FA Women's National League (regional divisions)
    Northern Premier Division
    *Southern Premier Division (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/womens-premier-league-south/table)

    Tier 4 - The FA Women's National League Division 1 (regional divisions)
    Division 1 North
    Division 1 Midlands (https://fulltime.thefa.com/ff/Divis...=495841721&leagueid=872938&seasonid=276724461)
    Division 1 South East (https://fulltime.thefa.com/ff/Divis...=288343254&leagueid=872938&seasonid=276724461)
    Division 1 South West (https://fulltime.thefa.com/ff/Divis...=539269006&leagueid=872938&seasonid=276724461)

    *Watford FC Ladies are in Tier 3 - National League, Southern Premier Division.
    Promotion can be attained to the FA Women's Championship.
    Relegation will be to a FA Women's National League Division 1, regional section.

    Information for Watford can be found on the official site with the following links;
    Club information (dedicated page) - https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/watford-fc-ladies-information
    Club news (shared page) - https://www.watfordfc.com/news
    Club fixtures & results (dedicated page) - https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/ladies-fixtures-results
    Player profiles (dedicated page) - https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/ladies
    Twitter feed (dedicated page) - https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook (dedicated page) - https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies
    Instagram (dedicated page) - https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/

    Home games are played at Kings Langley Football Club, more information here;

    Live Women's football on TV is shown on BBC, BT Sport and Eurosport in the UK.
    The BBC broadcast live coverage of the FA Women's Cup on TV & stream a live match each week from the FA Women's Super League.
    The BBC will also show every match from the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.
    BT Sport screen live coverage of the FA Women's Super League and the FA WSL Continental Cup.
    British Eurosport screen live women's international football and the UEFA Women's Champions League.
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    Watford's first game of the season was at home to Cardiff City Ladies FC on Sunday, August 19.

    Result: Watford 5-2 Cardiff City
    Watford Scorers: Ward (7, 42, 84), Carid (64, 75)

    Team: Baranowska (gk); Peck, Kettle, O'Halloran, Huggins; Stojko-Down, Scanlon; Afuakwah, Bell, Shakes; Ward (c)
    Subs: O'Leary for Shakes (h/t), Carid for Bell (62), Baker for Kettle (73)
    Unused subs: Martin (gk), Akerman

    Attendance: 151

    Official match report: https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/ladies-watford-fc-5-2-cardiff-city-ladies-fc

    Extended highlights
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    So we’re in the third division. Traditional Watford.
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    Things have changed for the better down there with the ladies now having an official youth pathway behind them. Things should start to improve at last.
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    I thought the club decided to bin them off? Yet it seems the partnership is stronger than ever in recent months. What changed?
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    Good question. At the beginning of last season they quickly put together a new youth setup, (completely separate from the current Watford Ladies), called Watford FC Girls. This is more of an academy type setup that leads from U9's all the way to the U23's and then I suppose into the first team. Last season's late setup meant many of the teams were small in number, but this summer saw a massive influx of players at the trials meaning all teams are fully represented.
    My own daughter has joined, (I would have said re-joined as she used to play for the old ladies setup, (which is still going but not affiliated with the club)), and I know some of the people running it as they came over from the ladies setup, so I'll ask some questions and see if I can find out what changed with the club.
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    Next Fixture: Watford FC v. Loughborough Foxes

    Kings Langley Football Club

    Sunday, August 26th. Kick-off: 2pm

    Loughborough Foxes come into Sundays game on the back of an impressive 7-0 victory against Queens Park Rangers.
    However, it's difficult to know just how good that win was as their opponents had totalled a measly 8 points in each of their previous two seasons. The goals were spread around the side with four different players finding the net along with the hapless QPR contributing twice with own goals. Becky McGrother looks to be a threat upfront after the mechanical engineering student bagged a brace while striker Charlotte Cooper and midfielders Katie Lowder & Shauna Chambers each scored once.

    With Watford netting five against Cardiff in their opening League fixture following a pre-season which saw them score freely in wins against Stevenage (3-1), Enfield Town (4-0), Maidenhead (7-0) and Cheltenham Town (3-2), Sundays game looks like a tough 90 minutes for the defences of both National League sides.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.05.59.jpg

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/
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    I saw the Ladies play Stevenage in a friendly and thought their fitness levels were very impressive. They have a few outstanding players but for me one of the central defenders, (no 6), was top drawer.
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    I went to the game today and despite an undeserved 1-3 loss to Loughborough Foxes I was quite impressed with a number of the performances put in.
    Watford created a host of chances and on any other day would have been deserved winners.
    I must admit to the 2nd-half rather passing me by though as I got talking to one of the players partners, so any comments below are mainly about the first period.

    The back five (gk & flat back four) had 16 year old keeper Amy Martin making her competitive debut.
    As a unit they looked pretty good and I think the defender you saw Diamond must have been Georgie O'Halloran. She was very good today and looks a decent defender who reads the game superbly. Her partner in the centre was Samantha Hallsworth who looks just as good at defending but, today at least, didn't have the same presence as O'Halloran. The two full-backs, Lauren Peck & Kat Huggins, defended well and also linked up impressively with the players out wide. Both also showed good fighting qualities and mental toughness against opponents not afraid to try and intimidate physically. Quite often Watford tried to play out with Amy (gk) rolling the ball out to right full back Peck. With Loughborough pressing high it was quite a risky tactic and possession was surrendered too often for it to be truly effective but when the first player was bypassed it did provide space for the midfield to attack in, so I can understand why they persevered with it.

    The midfield was outnumbered at times and the holding player, Alysha Stojko-Down, was often left exposed defensively. When Alysha did break up play her passing was generally neat & tidy. I must admit to having difficulties telling Danielle Scanlon & Leanne Bell apart and as the PA was appalling with all the wind and rain I didn't hear who was wearing what number. What I can confidently say is one of them is very quick! As I watch the team more and more I hope to be able to comment more on both players.
    Andrea Carid, a former futsal player in her native Spain, is a little terrier of a player! Short but physically strong, she also possesses very quick feet and is able to get out of tight situations with some delightful step-overs, side-steps and feints. It was her partner I was speaking with and she told me Andrea still speaks little English but this didn't stop her communicating well enough throughout. Watford legend Helen Ward played behind the main striker but didn't affect the game enough in the middle of the pitch. Once the team was moving forward in attack it was a different story though and her quality really shows around the penalty area. Helen had a more than decent chance very early in the game and I expect she will be bitterly disappointed not only not to have scored but not to have worked Loughborough's keeper more with her effort. Had that gone in I feel Watford may well have flourished in front of goal but sadly, today, it rather set the tone for a wasteful Watford attack.

    Katie 'Leggy' O'Leary was upfront and worked herself into some very good positions at times but looked a little hesitant when an early shot may have served her well.

    Overall I really enjoyed the game. It was played in awful conditions on an uneven pitch and credit must be paid to both sets of players for showing some decent skill-sets and excellent fitness. The players weren't without mistakes, either individually or weather induced, but as this was my first live viewing I was more interested in what they did well.

    I'll post the link with the official match report when it appears on the WFC site along with any highlights provided.
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    Wait. You went to the Ladies game in preference to Watford v Palace at Vicarage Road?
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    Yep. And I had a great afternoon. I'm also a jinx on any side I go to watch. It's best I stay away from Vicarage Road for our Premiership survival but the ladies and under-23 sides may be in for rotten seasons!
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    Watford FC versus Loughborough Foxes full highlights.

    ••WARNING•• A more one-sided defeat will not be seen this season.

    The next fixture will be on Sunday, September 2, away to Poole Town Ladies in the FA WPL Cup.
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    Why did someone shout, "Man on!"
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    That was meant to be a genuine question but I ca see how it could be mis-interpreted.
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    Next Fixture: Poole Town Ladies v. Watford FC
    (FA WPL Cup)

    Venue: Milborne St Andrew Sports Club
    Milborne St Andrew - Lane End - Blandford Forum - Dorset - DT11 0JA

    Sunday, September 2nd. Kick-off: 2pm

    Poole Town play one division below Watford, plying their trade this season in the FA Women's National League South West Division One.
    A mixed start sees one win and one defeat with very contrasting score lines. An 8-1 reverse against current league leaders Southampton Ladies was followed last Sunday by a win against Larkhall Athletic by 6 goals to 3. It's fair to say defence isn't Poole Town's strength and Watford will fancy their chances of progressing to the next round if they can continue to carve out the same number of opportunities as their opening two fixtures.

    With the likelihood of Helen Ward not playing due to international commitments on Friday, it gives an excellent opportunity to any number of the forwards in Watford's squad to open their accounts for the season.
    Katie O'Leary, Roschelle Shakes and Linda Afuakwah will, if selected, be looking to get their names on the scoresheet against the fragile Poole defence.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 23.40.20.jpg
    Midfielder Alysha Stojko-Down (left) and winger Leanne Bell prepare this week for Sundays tie against Poole Town Ladies

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/
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    Latest Fixture: Oxford United WFC v. Watford FC

    Court Place Farm


    Date: Saturday, September 8th. Kick-off: 3pm

    A 2-1 win for Watford on Saturday saw a third win out of four overall and they won't come more hard fought than this. Early Oxford pressure saw young goalkeeper Baranowska keep the hosts at bay until the 19th minute. The game became more even as it progressed with the Golden Girls finally levelling in the 55th minute through Katie 'Leggy Legs' O'Leary's first for the club. As chances were shared between the sides it was Watford's Helen Ward who scored the winner in the 87th minute. Leanne Bell continued her fine start to the season and, although not getting her name on the scoresheet this week, the talented and pacey midfielder did chalk up yet another assist.

    Watford match report: https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/ladies-report-oxford-united-1-2-watford
    Oxford match report: https://www.oufc.co.uk/news/2018/september/women-watford/

    PRIME Media Image.jpg
    Helen Ward wheels away after scoring the winner against Oxford United. Photograph courtesy of PRIME Media Images.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/
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    Next Fixture: Watford FC v. Queens Park Rangers Women
    (FA Women's National League South)

    Venue: Kings Langley Football Club


    Wednesday, September 12th. Kick-off: 19.45pm

    A quick turnaround for the Hornets this week and they'll look to put together back to back victories with a win over lowly QPR.
    Currently in 5th place, Watford have 2 wins from 3 games while Wednesday's visitors sit one place off the foot of the table with just a solitary point to their name.
    The Hornets defence will be confident of keeping a clean sheet against a misfiring Rangers frontline (3 goals from 4 games), especially as Georgie O'Halloran and Samantha Hallsworth are proving to be a formidable central pairing so far.
    The QPR defence looks vulnerable with 11 conceded in 4 games so Helen Ward and her fellow forwards will be looking to add to their current tally of 8 league goals.

    Watford will look to celebrate another victory when they welcome Queens Park Rangers Women to Kings Langley on Wednesday.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/
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    For those whose interest has been piqued by the goals, here are 8 minutes of highlights from the Oxford United game.

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    A very feisty affair last night at Kings Langley with Watford beating QPR 2-1.

    It started well for Watford with Linda Afuakwah scoring in the 1st minute. It looked like a cricket score could be on but slowly Rangers clawed their way back into the game before finding the net with a long range effort after 35 minutes.

    On a cold evening - seriously, it must have been -10˚C inside the ground! - things progressively warmed up on the pitch as the tackles started to get tasty and, led by a very vocal & aggressive bench, the QPR side got more and more petulant in the 2nd-half.

    Watford wouldn't be put off though and more than held their own with the physical side of things, Georgie O'Halloran at one point wrestling her opponent to the floor. This had QPR's contingent baying for a card to be shown and the ref, who wasn't great, got fed up of being told what to do and ended up sending off a member of the away sides coaching staff.

    The Hornets seemed to be relishing the derby atmosphere and dominated without finding the net. Please, somebody tell them it's ok to shoot from outside the area! It looked as though shot-shy Watford were only going to come away with a draw until on 83 minutes, a great ball out of defence from my player of the match, Samantha Hallsworth, put Helen Ward through. With her marker struggling to gain any ground, Ward cooly drove the ball into the far left-hand corner before being mobbed by the other nine outfield players.

    Moody Rangers finally put some pressure on Watford's goal in the time remaining but resolute defending from the home side saw the game out.

    Without being brilliant, Watford never looked in any real danger of not winning other than their own reluctance and hesitancy around the area. It's an obvious game plan to knock the ball behind the opposition defence for either the pacy wide players or forwards to run on to but when they decide to play on the floor they can be very very good.

    A special mention for the back four tonight. I love watching a decent defensive set up and Georgie O'Halloran, Emily Hill, Kat Huggins and Samantha Hallsworth excelled. O'Halloran & Hill in the middle combined really well, Hill being the aggressor she made the QPR lone forward have a fruitless evening by constantly beating her in the tackle and O'Halloran sweeping up behind her. Both passed the ball out well and I can only recall two hoofed clearances. The full-backs worked tirelessly up and down the pitch and almost acted like wing-backs at times. Rarely beaten by QPR's wider players, both showed amazing levels of fitness to maintain an attacking threat for the full 90 minutes. Like the centre-backs, their passing was very good throughout with both short and long balls usually finding a team mate. And if you ever want to hear how to harangue a referee, just listen to Hallsworth's constant chat - it's brilliant!

    No official match report or extended highlights online yet, I'll post them when I see them.

    Watford open the scoring in the 1st minute through Linda Afuakwah.

    Helen Ward's 83rd minute winner.
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  29. Well done girls you are on a winning streak keep it going ladies :cool:
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    Next Fixture: Portsmouth FC Women v. Watford FC
    (FA Women's National League South)

    Venue: Baffins Milton Rovers FC
    (Eastern Road, Portsmouth. PO3 5LY)

    Date: Sunday, September 16th. Kick-off: 14.00pm

    Watford will be looking to continue their winning ways on Saturday as they aim to make it four from four against a Pompey side who have lost their previous two.

    The Hornets had an influx of new signings before the season started and will need to make use of the whole squad as a third game in eight days will test the legs of Armand Kavaja's players. But with confidence high and a pattern of play becoming more familiar with every game, these Golden Girls have already showed they're willing to leave nothing on the pitch in search of three points. Winning goals in the final ten minutes of their last two fixtures bodes well in terms of desire and fitness, while a combative fixture last time out against QPR showed they won't shy away from the physical side of the game either.

    Helen Ward is the in-form striker for Watford with five goals while Katie O'Leary will be wondering how she's found the net just once so far. When fortune starts to mirror the hard work the tall forward puts in then the goals will surely come sooner rather than later. Leanne Bell is catching the eye with both goals and assists from out wide while Danielle Scanlon has lost none of her ability or energy following a serious knee injury suffered in February 2017. In goal, young Polish 'keeper Weronika Baranowska is an excellent shot-stopper and the side was strengthened still further on Wednesday with Emily Hill's commanding first performance of the season in central defence.

    But to highlight individuals is unfair on those who may be perceived to be in the background because there is a real togetherness within this set of players. They look to define the meaning of the word team right now and nothing highlighted that more than watching them warm-up for the game against QPR. Whether it was the stretching exercises performed together or when split into small groups for ball work and movement, there was constant encouragement, self-admonishment and good natured ribbing throughout the whole squad. Put together with their high skill levels, this is a very impressive group of players.

    Lauren Peck will be determined to help Watford to their fourth consecutive victory on Sunday when they visit her previous club Portsmouth.

    Official preview: https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/ladies/ladies-portsmouth-preview

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/watfordfcladies
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watfordfcladies Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watfordfcladies/
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    The FA Women's National League, Southern Premier Division table prior to Watford's game versus Portsmouth this weekend.

    Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 20.26.28.jpg

    A note of caution; I used information from where I've taken this screenshot - the BBC - before the QPR game where it showed the C&K Basildon Ladies and Queens Park Rangers Ladies teams the other way round. I'm presuming the BBC have now got their act together and as it's the clearest to view of the ones I've looked at, I'll keep using it for now.
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    An excellent 4-2 win on Sunday against Portsmouth has moved Watford up to second in the table.
    I'll post the full highlights if/when they're posted.

    Here's the official report from the Watford site;

    And the Portsmouth perspective is here;

    Even the Watford Observer are reporting on the game;

    Goal clips;

    Katie O'Leary scores Watford's first to make it 1-1 in the 21st minute.

    In the 79th minute Anaisa Harney equalises for Watford for the second time in the match with her first of the season.

    It's two in six minutes for Anaisa Harney as she puts Watford ahead for the first time in the 85th minute.

    All the fours! Helen Ward scores Watford's fourth to seal their fourth win in four games.
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    I noticed that the U18s team beat lu*on away 0-3 on Sunday. Quality.
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    Not sure Watford's third goal does the standard of women's football any favours:eek:
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    It's nothing to do with Watford, but the goalie in this game makes the Portsmouth one look like De Gea:


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