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Discussion in 'This Site' started by Defunct, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. fan

    fan slow toaster

    i always saw that board as a means for postmodern irony via subversive rhetoric, but i guess we only see what we want. which apparently is wrong! there is a universal value!
  2. M4ROON

    M4ROON First Year Pro've noticed this has been a tactic of yours a few times now...its poor at the very can try to wrap it up with what ever words you want, including trying to belittle it with such phrases as....'but i guess we only see what we want. which apparently is wrong!'......errrm yes its wrong, its racist/sexist/homerphobic puerile mundane abuse thrown out from folk that have issues and have not got the avenue to express themselfs. Once again ...nerds that havn't got the balls to address their issues in the real world rather than a forum.......the lowest of all cowards.
  3. fan

    fan slow toaster

    i'm not defending racism. given my family history that would involve a fair amount of self hate when infact i love myself very very very very much! i'm saying what i do on there and what appears to be the same for a significant amount of others doesn't go beyond what i outlined.
    the racism is undefendable but thats when the idea of universal values comes into it. i got to say, though, from what i've seen there isn't too much of it happening. if you look at the amount of times people on here use casual homphobia (without it ever being removed!) is it really any different. i wouldn't want to accuse anyone of being selective in their criticism after all!

    and when the racism does occur, i notice that the majority of the replies belittle the offender. i'm all about empirisim me! have a proper look, and when you see something offensive, take stock at the amount of people who actively agree and then compare it to the amount of people on here who passively accept the use of gay as a legitimate term of offence!

    my tactic of actually saying what i use the board for? if there weren't idiots on that board ripe for that kind of shenanigans, then where else could i do that? at least there when it goes over people's head i feel good knowing that they're idiots anyway. unlike on this board. witness this conversation, where i get the feeling what i am saying will be intentionally misunderstood. screw it, i'm gonna go and get angry about the situation in taiwan without fully informing myself of the goings on and then i'll make vast and somewhat unfair generalisations. bang!
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  4. fan

    fan slow toaster

    looking at it now, would anyone guess that was just an attempt to use as many google and wikipedia inspired buzzwords as i could!?
  5. orn2000

    orn2000 Reservist

    There could be a job for a type of interpreter for some of the idiots not mentioning any names.

    A sense of humour? are joking?.....whats funny about racist remarks? People pretending to be a 3 year old girl thats missing aswell as a serial killer that killed 13 innocent women.............yeah right, thats a right barrell of laughs right there.

    Can you please tell me where the humour is?.......unless you find the fact that every other poster seems to use the word c@nt.........ha ha ha ha .....has anyone got any tape? sides seemed to have split.

    I'm no psychologist but I think I might be right in saying its just a bunch of sad nerd/geeks that are venting their anger in the only way that nerd/geeks with no social skills can....maybe i'm wrong but I doubt it.

    I think youve thought about this far too much.If you dont find it funny and im not saying i find everything funny or condone everything on there but im saying just dont go on there or moan about it.
  6. gymgirl

    gymgirl First Year Pro

    My daughter (MiniGym) has a long term b/friend who is half Jamaican and half Indian. I showed him some of the board stuff that is (ahem) racist. He thought the term 'jigaboo' was hilarious. He intends to use it in reference to himself.

    You see, he has a sense of humour and proportion. I was born in Ireland. I should be offended by the persistent reference to Thick Paddies (and I am not thick by any stretch of the imagination), but one can't always take oneself too seriously.

    As a moderator on that board, if I thought anyone was being racist with clear intent of promoting hatred, I wouldn't hesitate to act. Indeed, I probably wouldn't have to. There are more than enough posters on there with considerable intelligence who would sniff out ignorance at 20 paces and they would do the job nicely.

    The posts that contain the largest number of swear words and the highest levels of antagonism have been at the behest of a 'select' (I use the term loosely' band of posters from this forum who are like kids let loose in a sweetie shop - because they can swear.

    At one point, some of them were pm ing me asking for details of peoples IP addys so they could 'get them back'. I ended up almost becoming a net nanny for this silly boys. It's not on.

    (*shakes head at this point)

    TDS is largely 'self policed' and has multi-ownership (a bit like a collective).
    Until then, appreciate that one person's meat is another person's poison. If you don't like a forum, don't go there.

    Simple, eh?

    (oh... and very grown up... that too)
  7. Roger Mellie

    Roger Mellie Academy Graduate

    By and large a concept that is lost on most people here! and one individual in particular who has an active perversion for exactly the opposite. Hence I've largerly lost interest.....
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  8. afanof

    afanof First Team

    'If you don't like a forum, don't go there', seems to be a concept that is lost on a lot of people.:rolleyes:
  9. Roger Mellie

    Roger Mellie Academy Graduate

    Largely, not totally just yet...;)
  10. To pints of Lager now

    To pints of Lager now Squad Player

    Ive never posted in TDS and never will either,the only time I took a look at it was when a number of complaints were printed in the Luton Herald paper when they attacked disabled people,which caused a massive stir.

    Its a poor site generally where peeps think they are funny but in hindsight they are not.

    Gloryhorns is ok but you get the pretend in the know people that say things that are stickly not true,ie,Marlon King will never play for us again.they only make themselves look idiots at the end of the day.
  11. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    Again I think the original intent of this thread has been lost somewhat. My point is not what any of the normal Darkside users post, it was concerns that users FROM HERE were using it as a soundboard to attack other users FROM HERE, knowing full well it would be seen.

    For the record I'm a fan of TDS myself, even if I'm a **** and a coward ;)

    Otherwise read Gymgirls post for sensible post of the week.
  12. To pints of Lager now

    To pints of Lager now Squad Player

    Just name and shame them,then if you think its worthy of a ban then go for it,beside if they can attack users from here over their then just do as you see fit,dont beat around the bush :]]
  13. afanof

    afanof First Team

    Keep up will ya! We know what the original intent was, and very correct it was too, and we have noted the bannings, so now it's :sign8:

    I don't think I've been on TDS this year. I'm with DJStation on this in that a Slightly Gloomy Side would suit me better but it doesn't bother me and I don't visit often.

    As for the kids, well they are kids and should be valued and nurtured and not dismissed for doing childish things, 'cos that's what kids are supposed to do. The novelty of eating all the sweets will wear off and they will go for something more substantial.

    I don't have a problem with TDS. I have to say I'm surprised to hear it has moderators. I do have a problem with the kind of pernicious posts that are acceptable on there being dropped onto another board with the Watford name, especially when it is trying to build up users.

    But it would be nice if posters on here who have visited TDS and not enjoyed the experience could engage in discussions about what exactly the appeal of TDS is without having their sense of humour or intelligence questioned. It's not for everyone and at least they are having the discussion here and not there.
  14. fan

    fan slow toaster'
  15. afanof

    afanof First Team

    depends if you think it was the chicken or the egg.....
  16. watford_pyro

    watford_pyro Squad Player

    i think the goat came first

    gotta think outside the box man
  17. Sir Chez

    Sir Chez Reservist

    OB have apparently taken notice
  18. gymgirl

    gymgirl First Year Pro

    I understand what you are saying DJ. However, giving details of your age is a voluntary thing. Any 10 year old can check a box claiming I am over 13' (or whatever age)

    The internet is largely accessible to all ages. If parents are responsible, they should check what sites their kids are visiting and apply the appropriate parental controls.

    I don't really see why the puerile behaviour of a bunch of kids on TDS should be allowed to curtail my inalienable right to freedom of speech. If this 'was' allowed, then all you porn watchers out there (I don't mean you, dj, I'm being general) would no longer have access to the jollies that you do 'because' a 13year old could access it.

    Just my viewpoint... etc etc
  19. albangura9

    albangura9 Squad Player

    who unwittingly stumbles across it? Most of its users join in full knowledge of its content, alot being recommended (or warned ;)) to the board because of its dark comedy etc. But also join in the knowledge that most of its users are not happy, sensitive users but rather evil gits who will poke fun at certain people.

    A safe guard is not needed, no-one unwillingly stumble across the darkside, but rather is told about it and either enjoys it, or sees one post and leaves :]]

    I think some people should chill and relax. If you dont like the darkside dont visit it. The users of the darkside, however, should not post stuff about people unprovoked or who are unable to defend themselves.
  20. Tring Hornet

    Tring Hornet Reservist

    Glad to see that Big Brother is alive and well.

    Im afraid Admin that you are being over protective and rather over zealous with your powers.
    Whilst you have the tools to dish out bans Im afraid that free speech is very much part of our lives and as a moderator you can only moderate what goes on in your own chat room. You will be over stepping the mark if you give banning orders for what someone has said about someone else on another forum.

    There are a number of users on this board that have a problem with a particular moderator. What happens when you hear a bunch of WFC Forum users slagging that person off in a pub. Are those members then dished out with a ban?
    What about MSN, private e-mails and various other chat rooms? You cannot hide behind the fact that the comments are being made on another unofficial WFC board - its a fact of life that with so many users you are going to have conflict and if they cant air their views here then they will do it somewhere else.

    Start banning people for comments made elsewhere and you and your fellow moderators will become a laughing stock.Think very carefully before you ban someone using a chat room that you have no power over because I can assure you it will come back and haunt you.
  21. Tring Hornet

    Tring Hornet Reservist

    I agree that he can do it but it does rather smack of Big Brother. I would still like to know if a bunch of users making the same comments in a pub and Admin hears it are they in turn banned?
  22. Tring Hornet

    Tring Hornet Reservist

    And Chinese whispers go on forever becoming more intense and powerful every time repeated.
  23. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    The trouble is Tringy it was the same old usual suspects using other websites to abuse people from here, usually after having tried on here and having been stopped. Their intention was never to voice an opinion, it was simply to provoke. Anyway, no one is preventing them voicing their opinions elsewhere, they're simply having it made clear that attempting to get round a legitimate ban/deletion on here will have repercussions on here. Given your profession you surely know freedom of speech only extends so far, and certainly not to outright abuse...;)

    I have to say I also agree with what DJ says about the difference about talking in pubs etc. We're all big boys and girls so I guess people can sort out their differences in person in those kinds of cases.
  24. Tring Hornet

    Tring Hornet Reservist

    Hi UEA - You can tell its the close season eh.

    The problem I have with this is that if I go onto The Darkside and say something that in Admins mind is damaging to a member of this forum then he says that if proven I will get a banning order .

    Now I appreciate its his site and he can do what he wants but in my mind he is taking it a little bit to far.
    What happens if I register with The Darkside, sign up as UEA, copy your profile and then slag off all and sundry. Thats what will happen if he starts throwing his weight around with a load of morons that we shouldnt even be wasting our time with.
    Its been said so many times on various forums if you dont like the content then dont read it or rise to it. To start dishing out bans for comments on a site that has nothing to do with Admin makes me wonder just how much free speech we are allowed on any football related site that Admin might stumble over.
  25. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    You have PM Tringy.
  26. removed

    removed Guest

    well tring i got banned on here because of something i said on there what i said was not that bad but because i said it on the darkside it made it look worse. i was banned before any warning had been given out to tell us not to post rubbish on there. i find it harsh i was banned when i had no warning and has no idea i was doing anything wrong. i just thought what i post on there has nothing to do with here. also i get banned for saying stuff on there yet others on here have gone over there made up a new name and have got away with it, how is that fair. admin needs to stop this power trip he is on.
  27. another_mrlizard

    another_mrlizard Squad Player

    I think you're all being very unfair.

    Admin is in Germany (or is it Japan? I don't know, he never rings me anymore the ignorant.....).

    Personally, I blame that Faith woman. In my experience she can't keep her hands to herself.
  28. removed

    removed Guest

    Admin sent me an email with a link to the new casuals board but he did not send it on his admin email account he used a different one so i would not know it was him. in the email he said he was given me a tip off and therefore not many people knew about the board. i have to ask why he did this. he has ban me once for something i said on another forum while banned on here so why would he said me a link to a different site making me think he knew nothing about it. he also knew people who i do not get on with were on there therefore he knew i might have an arguement. you could say he was trying to frame me but i ask him this and he said he would not of banned me for anything i would of said on there, so then why ban me for what i said on the darkside?. i really know what he is up to.
  29. Bails

    Bails Reservist


    All very cloak and dagger. Shame people cant be offered a bit more freedom of opinion on what is afterall a MB. If its on another board it shouldnt bother admin from this board. And I honestly dont see why they have such a problem with disagreements on this board unless it gets seriously out of hand - and I dont think I can think of an instance when this has been the case.
  30. removed

    removed Guest

    I know admin paided to set up this site but people dont come on here because of they come on here cause the old board got shut down and glory horns is a rubbish site. at first i had alot of respect for admin but he has nobody to answer to and makes decisions about bans and important stuff on his own. i think it would be much more fair if the mods had more of a say as at the moment its not fair there are people getting banned for thing other people dont.
  31. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    All mods have admin powers and can ban althought these sorts of decisions are not taken lightly.
    A lot of discussion goes on between mods before action is taken.
  32. removed

    removed Guest

    Dont kid me i know admin does as he likes, he dont care if you agree or not.
  33. soton_orn

    soton_orn Reservist

    I've worked it out- Admin is Graham Simpson
  34. Tenhourslater™

    Tenhourslater™ The Late mod

    The powers of being at the top of the tree i guess, but ultimately as has been said before by many others (sorry i cant quote who or when ) We have our choice as to whether we use this site or not .
  35. Tenhourslater™

    Tenhourslater™ The Late mod

    or is it that Graham Simpson is Admin :confused:

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