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    Quote from skysports.

    The Stevens inquiry into alleged illegal payments in football has been extended by two months, with the former Metropolitan Police commissioner revealing that 39 transfers will require further examination.

    The transfers revolve around eight English league clubs and Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has confirmed that Lord Stevens' Quest team will be given a further eight weeks to complete their work.

    An exhaustive investigation has taken place with forensic accountants examining 362 transfers covering the period from January 1, 2004 to January 31, 2006, but Stevens has revealed that he is unwilling to 'sign off' 39 deals and that there is a 'large amount' of work still to do.

    "I have briefed all of the chairmen and chief executives of Premier League clubs and this interim report remains a work in progress," Lord Stevens told a press conference televised by Sky Sports News.

    "Quest, under my leadership, has managed to examine 362 transfers and reduced that down from that to 39.

    "They are within the English game and require further investigation before I am prepared to sign them off. These involve eight league teams.

    "The work conducted led me to make a number of observations regarding administration and monitoring of the transfer market. These were made to the chairman and chief executive of The Premier League.

    "Once the inquiry is complete we will report these as recommendations for consideration by the league.

    "I would like to express gratitude to the clubs and regulatory bodies and others involved in the game for their unanimous support.

    "This is not an easy inquiry but we will do everything in our powers to make sure it is a successful one.

    "We will focus, we will be thorough, and we will get to the bottom of what the problems are."

    Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore also revealed that Watford, Reading and Sheffield United will not form part of ongoing investigations as they have only recently joined The Premier League and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the inquiry.

    Leeds United have also been excluded as they did not complete any Premiership transfers during the period covered by the probe.

    Confirming the extension, Scudamore added that all the clubs had been keen for Stevens to continue his work.

    "Those four clubs are no longer party to the inquiry, but the 25 clubs which remain are," Scudamore said.

    "Those 25 clubs wished to express solidarity with their colleagues, and there was no call for the eight clubs to be identified and therefore - mathematically what would be the remaining 17 clubs - to be released from the inquiry.

    "This [the extension] is something Premier League clubs wanted to do, and has been done with full support of the clubs who wanted a thorough, professional and credible process to deal effectively with any irregular transfer payments.

    "We have as a group unanimously agreed to extend the period of inquiry by two months in order to investigate transfers that are in need of further investigation."

    As part of the ongoing investigation Stevens' team will forensically examine agents' bank accounts as well as meet with the unnamed clubs still under investigation, with the 39 deals being 'mostly domestic' transfers.

    The former Metropolitan Police chief insists he will also pass on evidence of any wrong doing to The Football Association, and any evidence of criminal activity to the police.

    "There will continue to be forensic investigation of entities both offshore and onshore," added Lord Stevens.

    "There also will be further meetings with appropriate clubs."

    The FA have also confirmed that they have the right to request information regarding agents' bank accounts, with a misconduct charge possible for any who fail to comply.

    "We have co-operated fully with the Stevens inquiry so far and will continue to do so," said an FA spokesman.

    "If we are asked to try to obtain information from agents under our powers of inquiry we will of course do so."

    I found this on sky, and i put it here to let you know. Watford Sheffield United and Reading have all been released from suspicion in this enquiry for the reasons stated in this article. Thank the lord.
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    Transfers and bungs go hand in hand, always have, always will. I wonder what sweetners we had to "give" QPR for Shittu's signature? There's probably loads more goes on behind the scenes than we'll ever know.
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    Correct me if im wrong, but wasnt Shittu about to start the last year of his contract with QPR and had already stated to them he would be looking to move on?
    If that is the case then they would have sold him to get the income offered.
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    Absolutely, but with several clubs after his signature how do you gain favour? Now I'm not saying we're involved in anything illegal, but what if a holiday for the chairman sealed the deal? Trouble is I wouldn't trust an agent as far as I could throw them, and if they know 2 or 3 clubs are after the same player then once a ceiling has been reached regarding price, what's another 50K to the right person?
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    I think it was more likely the chance to play prem football and an almost guaranteed place in the starting line up that did it.
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    I would also think that there is not enough cash floating round to pay these over inflated egomongers. MAybe why Aidy said that the transfer market was frustrating.

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