Should emojis be used on this forum?

Discussion in 'This Site' started by Sahorn, Jul 31, 2017.


Should emojis be used on our forum?

  1. Yes, the more the better, we're all young at heart.

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  2. Sparingly, and only to really make a point.

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  3. Never, I'm over 30 and not a child. #grumpyface

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  1. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    As we await in frustration the signing of a 20 goal striker/quality winger etc and the big season kick off, the only other really serious topic for discussion is the use of emojis on this forum.

    Five Live had a chat show last week sayin people over the age of 30 shouldn't use them as they try to make you appear young and trendy, but you ain't :( so it makes you look ridiculous.
    (see wot I did there :D )

    Our players use them on social media, with (the annoying) 'crying with laughter' and 'fist in your face' being very popular.
    On this forum we used to have Vic Road jumping scoreboard men, dancing bananas and my favourite, the rolling tumbleweed.

    All we have now is:
    :);) :( :mad: :confused: :cool: :p :D :eek: :oops: :rolleyes: o_O

    So the question is:
    Should emojis be used on this forum?
    What do you think?

    And a supplementary for the mods is:
    Can we have our jumping scoreboard men back please? #sadface.
  2. Keighley

    Keighley Squad Player

    I liked the dancing banana.
  3. Meister

    Meister Administrator Staff Member

    Yes and we need one for posting in the right section.
  4. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    Haha, I know Meister, I deliberately posted in The Hornets Nest so the title is hopefully still there when you moved it. :p
    More exposure as many people don't often visit other sections. ;) :D
  5. Meister

    Meister Administrator Staff Member

    In that case we need a sneaky ******* emoji as well.
  6. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

  7. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    If we get rid, then TVOR would be left naked.

    Picture that for a moment before making your vote.

    Remoji not emojogon.
  8. Leighton Buzzer

    Leighton Buzzer First Year Pro

    What is an emoji ?? It is not in my Collins English Dictionary, although I admit it is not the latest one.
    It is from when I first went to School (1956)
  9. Meister

    Meister Administrator Staff Member

    They had school back then?
  10. Sahorn

    Sahorn Reservist

    Of course they had skool back then, when pupils used a personal slate and chalk, and if you asked for more at dinner you got 6 of the best with a whippy cane by a nasty teacher wearing a mortar board and black gown.

    It was hell, but my God there was discipline, and none of this modern PC nonsense. Back then teachers could clip an errant boy round the ear or make him stand in the corner with a 'D' pointy hat - or so I'm told o_O
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
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  11. Levon

    Levon Squad Player

    I posted something in the Tom Cleverley thread in the Team Bus section just now, and noticed that the little Cleverley 'emoji' is no longer available (presumably along with all the others). Are these things that can be reinstated?
  12. Keighley

    Keighley Squad Player

    Gon 2 Villa m8.
  13. Meh!

    Meh! Pre-Dictator

  14. Meister

    Meister Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry chaps the new software needs a rocket scientist to work it so I'll have to pass this one to @Admin
  15. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    **** off, next you will be posting pictures of players with instagram filters etc, **** right off.

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