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    My satellite dish is not working due to bad weather.
    I had some spare time.
    So I wanted to share with WFC and Granada fans this quite interesting article about the "Who's who" in the Pozzos' group, published originally on http://www.udineseblog.it/index.php...-udinese-tutti-gli-uomini-del-presidente.html.
    Translation is by google translate with a lot of adjustments from me. Forgive me if English is not perfectly accurate, it was a quick work.
    I'm not sure about how accurate the original article is, but I hope you find it interesting.

    The Udinese Calcio holding has as commander in chief the majority shareholder Gianpaolo Pozzo, to the helm of the club from 1986. Since then, however, when he was president and absolute ruler, he made use of many figures, some known and some less and others that, in time, could rise in the hierarchy of the Bianconeri control room.

    GIANPAOLO POZZO To describe the Paron we take as a cue what was said by Gianfrancesco Turano, a journalist for L'Espresso, in his wonderful book "Fuori Gioco": "In the interview room of Massimino stadium in Catania, after having hit the second consecutive qualification to the Champions League preliminaries, an euphoric Gianpaolo Pozzo said: "A great result if we take into account that my son and I manage the club in our spare time, when our business activity allows it." In the book it’s explained how, on the contrary, "with the sale of nearly all Freud group, Gianpaolo Pozzo becomes in effect an entrepreneur who lives on football. (...) In the engineering sector Udinese owner has retained only the 49 percent of Talleres Casals in Catalonia. " The words Udinese and model are often - rightly - side by side. A model that is taken as an example, but also has garnered critics.

    GINO POZZO will he be the new Billy Beane? Will he, like the legendary American baseball coach played by Brad Pitt in the movie "Moneyball", succeed in making his creatures winning teams as well as economically viable? Some say that he is the real mind of Udinese, but surely every choice is also taken with his father. His strength has been studying economy in the U.S., making him one of the better prepared men in football from this point of view. Some time ago he said that "When dad bought the Udinese, my sister and I were studying in Washington. He involved me, after graduation, for the transfer of Mariottini to Inter. My family encouraged me and helped a lot. We are all involved but mostly we rely on top level professionals. The project is to invest in Udine on quality to be valued within three years, playing a nice football in Spanish style." Very fond of the black&white team, he says that from Barcelona, where he lives, his children do not lose a match of the club and lately he is often much more present both at "Friuli" stadium and away from home. From him came the ideas to buy Granada and Watford, with the aim to enlarge the number of players under contract. Surely those are good investments, given that Granada has already earned 90% of what was his cost when it has been acquired in third division. Watford, if it were promoted to the Premier, at a cost of about 30 million, would gain at least twice. “Merkel” of football, some claim, but that cannot be denied.

    FRANCO SOLDATI "official" President of Udinese, confidant of Pozzo for the experience in the commercial field that he acquired in his long career. His presence is guarantee, as he is the most listened financial advisor.

    STEFANO CAMPOCCIA Attorney and vice president of Udinese club: he recently stated that "The Football League works hard, has a lot of really good professionals, but should also become" observatory "of some phenomena. Paradoxically, the playing time of the visibility of the single brand is measured in a field, but then often the clubs do not even send their sponsorship contracts, as prescribed in the League, which would allow us to create at least one tariff for reasoning about business strategies, or to provide support to companies in difficulty. We, like others, are rethinking our business strategy following the best benchmark of the market: we think of the Premier League and the Champions League as a model, e.g. for the centralized or consortium sale. The Football League should create a platform for additional marketing opportunities that can, for example, involve "institutional" business groups like Alitalia, Autogrill ... which probably do not have conflicts of interest with the main sponsors of the individual clubs". It is no coincidence that more than one person see him as a possible successor of Beretta as President of the Football League, also thanks to alliances of Udinese with Juventus, Napoli, Palermo and Fiorentina. A strategic axis that could see the lawyer presiding over the most coveted chair. There is the competition of Paolillo, but the application is strong, even if it has never been expressed officially.

    ALBERTO RIGOTTO - Head of Administration / Finance & Control: translated, he is the man who helped to build the new stadium project. Pozzo has entrusted him with the task, he, with many difficulties, has completed it. The foundation stone is in March, the dedication of the success to Paròn.

    CLAUDIO VAGHEGGI It is said that in Udine he is one of the aides of Gino Pozzo on the market. Definitely, as players’ agent, he has many avenues opened in this sense, and a lot of power, as among his assisted there are Kwadwo Asamoah, Pablo Armero and Mauricio Isla and many others. He is the expert regarding the African market.

    MANUEL GEROLIN After finishing his career as a player he worked in management, at Siena, Udinese and Cremonese. He currently works as an observer for Udinese for the Brazilian market. His are the discoveries of Amoroso and Felipe, the latter discovered on a beach. The latest arrivals are Maicosuel, Allan, Gabriel Silva, Danilo, Willians.

    ANDREA CARNEVALE - Udinese manager for years, at first responsible for the youth, then also reference the scouting system. As it happens, since he sits on the bench, the Udinese started to have great results. Merit goes to the technicians but his experience in football is unique. Recently he was also involved in the transfer market, this leads to envision a future in this sense.

    FABRIZIO LARINI Sport man, gentle and quiet, but in the end he is the executor of the formal decisions of the club. The experience with Tanzi’s Parma was definitely formative, his best skills are being able to do the "dirty work", like giving false trails to the press (not always successfully!) and connect with the various players’ agents.

    QUIQUE PIÑA - Enrique Campuzano Pina (Murcia, January 20, 1969), known as Quique Pina, is a former football player, entrepreneur and agent of Spanish players. He is currently president of Granada CF, sports director in Cadiz (after being president in 2011) and currently exclusive agent for all players of Udinese Calcio in Spain. He has friends in Tenerife, in Oviedo and in many third division clubs.

    RICHARD MOAR - Taken two years ago from the role of Sporting Director at Deportivo la Coruña he arrived in Udine where he immediately said: "It's a new job for me”, he says to Riazor. “My role is to watch players in Portugal, France and Brazil and make reports about the players I see. Sometimes I meet Gino Pozzo, who lives in Barcelona, and I update him on the situation .. I signed up for three years and I am very happy at the Friuli club. "

    GIANLUCA NANI has held during his career roles as sporting director and technical director. Born in Rome, Nani has a degree in law and takes the first sports management experience as an organizer of football tournaments in Spain.
    The first major assignment is in 1999, when he becames sports director of Brescia. During that adventure, lasted four years, he has shown a good ability to discover talent both Italians, like the World Champions Andrea Pirlo and Luca Toni, and foreigners, among these Marek Hamsik. In Brescia he is best remembered for having persuaded and led into the ranks of the Rondinelle one of the greatest Italian champions of all time: Roberto Baggio.
    On 17 March 2008 he was announced by the British team of West Ham United as a consultant to the market, but in June he signed a three-year contract to play the role of technical director, taking responsibility for managing the youth sector, the group observers, the transfers market (in close collaboration with Londoners technical manager at the time, the Italian Gianfranco Zola) and the structures of the sports center.
    In February 2010, however, after two years of work on British soil, Nani was removed from technical director role of the Hammers and returns to Italy to become, although not officially, one of the market's consultants for Lazio President Lotito and for his former team of Brescia, which in November, puts him officially on the staff. But he leaves the rondinelle in June 10th, 2011.
    In February 2012 Gianluca Nani acts as an intermediary between Lotito and Zola in the matter of succession to Reja as manager of Lazio. But then he accepts the proposal of Pozzo to become the General Director of Watford. With him comes Gianfranco Zola, his trusted manager.

    FRANCESCO GUIDOLIN In Pozzo’s mind he is not only the current Udinese manager and “Panchina d’Oro” (Translator’s note: yearly prize to best Serie A manager). For him, if he wills, a management role alongside Gino Pozzo is ready, to find and bring to Udine more new talents. A Technical Director to work alongside the Sporting Director who should deal with transfer market.

    GIANFRANCO ZOLA We name him although he, so far, has nothing to do with Udinese, but he’s part of the Pozzos’ universe. Many in England say that, after some apprenticeship, he could become the heir of Guidolin in Udine. He says he loves the land of Albion. But never say never. Also because, in the football management that Pozzo likes, English experience is a bonus.
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    Nice article. Thanks for taking the time to translate. Interesting to see the working parts that come together to create the Pozzo empire.
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    I remember Carnevale playing for SSC Napoli. Not a bad player at all.

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