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Discussion in 'This Site' started by Prentice, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah same here. A lot easier to use on my S3 now.
  2. JH93

    JH93 Squad Player

    Yup, automatically shows the mobile skin.
  3. hollywood

    hollywood 1881/singing section organiser

    my mobile skin has pictures of beauties with no clothes on, apart from watford fc oriented teeny boppers.

    nice one prentice.
  4. lm_wfc

    lm_wfc Squad Player

    Yep, defaults to mobile.
  5. LPC213

    LPC213 Reservist

    It didn't for me although that was before you made this thread - I've manually changed it so not sure if I can test that again other than clearing cookies which will be a right arse.

    Anyway, one slight change I wouldn't mind seeing if you can is to have a "go to first unread" link on the forum view.
  6. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    I'll have a look at customising the mobile skin tomorrow, no reason why I can't.
  7. lendal

    lendal Reservist

    can we have a ' next thread' button - a pain to keep going back to the main forum...
  8. Scalexman

    Scalexman Reservist

    Hi Prentice, Just wondering: The normal site has always worked absolutely fine on my Andriod and Windows mobiles and mobile skins more often than not reduce functionality and useability - is a mobile skin actually needed? and what mobile platforms can't deal with the 'full' site?
  9. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    You can revert back to the full site if desired, Scalex.

    The mobile skin doesn't reduce functionality in terms of posting on the forum so much, it makes it easier and clearer with a small navigational button in the corner. It's just personal preference whether you prefer to have that on a mobile or not I guess.
  10. Scalexman

    Scalexman Reservist

    Cheers, the new Activity Stream addition is excellent by the way :sign15:
  11. 99mph

    99mph 4th Prediction league 2011/12

    The mobile skin looks good!
  12. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    I'm currently working on changing its colours etc. could be a lengthy process at this rate!
  13. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

  14. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Will like/follow as appropriate. Thanks Prentice.
  15. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator


    You may start to notice that links appear in your posts, this is part of a new advertising initiative brought in to help raise funds to keep the forum running.

    Basically, when you write a particular product, i.e.

    Canon Powershot G12

    It'll automatically be turned into a link to an affiliate, in this case, John Lewis, where you could go and buy said product.

    It'll also work with URL's to external websites that are part of the programme, i.e.
  16. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain


  17. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Of course, if you're feeling generous like Padds and don't mind being a rich benefactor, feel free.

    That's a joke.. don't send me money
  18. magyarorszag

    magyarorszag Squad Player

  19. magyarorszag

    magyarorszag Squad Player

    :( didn't work eh

    Sony Vaio E1511M1E Laptop
  20. simms

    simms vBookie

    The Bible

    EDIT: Didn't work.
  21. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Unfortunately, I'm not 100% sure on what this does/doesn't work with just yet.
  22. simms

    simms vBookie

  23. PaddingtonsYellowArmy

    PaddingtonsYellowArmy First Team Captain

  24. magyarorszag

    magyarorszag Squad Player

    theo walcott
  25. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Alright alright, you can stop now!
  26. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

  27. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    How would I go about doing that as i have ad block and this new feature sounds awful. Wouldnt mind chipping in to the running of this place though.
  28. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    That's a path I don't really want to go down, but thanks for your generosity anyway Cyan.
  29. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Mobile Skin

    If you haven't noticed already we now have a Mobile Skin. So on your phones, it should auto detect, but feel free to bookmark on there.
  30. JH93

    JH93 Squad Player

    Can you change the background from the disgusting yellow that's being used now? It's vile!
  31. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator

    Believe it or not, it's the same yellow that's used in parts on the main forum.
  32. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    Don't you like cus7ard?
  33. Timbers

    Timbers Apeman

    I don't think it looks that bad at all, there is less options with the mobile forum software.

    Nice and easy to use Prentice and loads a lot easier than trying to access the main forums on 3G.
  34. Prentice

    Prentice Administrator


    Facebook Connect now works, if you wish to connect accounts, then click the button at the top.

    You will also notice a button at the bottom when you create threads, that allows you publish what you're creating direct to Facebook too.
  35. NathWFC

    NathWFC First Team

    Still think the button should be the standard Facebook blue. Good feature though, not that I'll be using it.

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