Lloyds on the move

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    Gone from Hemel to moneybags Billericay!

    Former Watford star leaves Tudors for league rivals

    Hemel Hempstead Town have mutually agreed a termination of Lloyd Doyley`s contract in order to allow him to sign for previous manager Dean Brennan at Vanarama National League South rivals Billericay Town.

    Doyley signed for Hemel in October 2017, the 36-year-old being a free agent having left SkyBet League Two side Colchester United at the end of the 2016/17 season.

    He had joined the U`s from Rotherham United, for who he played just three Championship games towards the end of the 2015/16 season after joining in February 2016.

    Doyley won nine caps for Jamaica between 2013 and 2014 and spent 24 years with Watford after joining the academy at the age of nine, going on to play 443 times for the club in the Championship and Premier League
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    hm...after a final pay day eh?
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  4. RookeryDad

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    Why 'former' star?

    Star Emeritus.
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    Best of luck to him. Your goal vs QPR will forever be remembered.
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    Has anyone else seen he's on the hall of fame in the shopping centre with Elton John and Anthony Joshua
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    Opposite the club photo.

    As we went back on Saturday, there was a dad quizzing their kid, about 3 years old, on all the players.

    He got most of the front row right although we didn’t loiter to see if he mastered the advanced level crowd at the back (ie Jakubiak, Williams, Pen, etc).
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    Found this pic recently. It just aint right!

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    He should be #12.
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    Not sure they are moneybags anymore.

    It seems they haven't been paying the players so half the squad left before Christmas.

    Their odd owner, Tamplin, has left the country because of 'burnout'.

    Lloyd may be getting into something dodgy here.
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    I agree - the marking's awful.
  14. Sell on clause ?
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    More chance of Santa Claus!
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    Sign him up.
  17. Sad to hear you are leaving us Lloyd. I hope you've enjoyed your time on this forum and will remember always remember the bantz wherever you choose to post in the future (reddit?). Always had you down as one of Moog's but life is full of surprises.

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