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    Interesting. I would have thought that if (somehow) we win the league at a canter and axing him has become unpopular amongst fans, the media and most importantly players then they would be interested in keeping him despite the obvious reservations. But there are certainly lots of very well qualified managers who are desperate to manage a decent squad in the premier league - especially with a full pre-season, a blank slate and some backing in the transfer market (as opposed to joining a club marooned in a relegation quagmire one third of the season in) - and their availability certainly undermines Xisco's job security.

    Re Sarr: the price will certainly go up if we get promoted. There are probably better fits/better value for City and Liverpool at 50-60m (though not at our championship price of 35-40m). Liverpool's front line is aging a little bit and they may be interested in cashing in on Salah now - but I'm not sure Sarr is good enough to replace him. City have Sterling, Bernardo, Foden, Mahrez and Ferran Torres. Maybe Mahrez leaves but hard to see Sarr getting much game time then. I like Sarr but if I'm City/Liverpool/United and I need to spend big to bring in a RW, I'd sooner stump up 100m to get Sancho than 50-60m to get Sarr.
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    To be honest I have no interest in Utd or what players they have or haven’t got, but I watched a bit of their game yesterday and Martial was hooked for being pretty rubbish. They said he’d rather be playing on the left rather than the right, but he’s got no chance as that’s where Rashford plays, so if that’s true you could see Sarr slotting in to their team on the right.

    Either way he’ll definitely be off, he would’ve been off even if we hadn’t been relegated, we literally advertise ourselves as a stepping stone for players like him and the only reason they invested £30m for him is to try and make £50m+ from him.

    If we get promoted obviously they’ll be able to get more for him, the only question is will they view figures with Covid in mind, in other words will they accept a lower figure on the basis that the landscape has changed for everyone, and values will be hit relatively speaking across the board.
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    Yeah I agree on Leventhal, I like him and enjoy his contributions on FTRE as well.

    But this Q&A missed the 'A' part in my opinion. A lot of the 'answers' he gave were long winded versions of saying "I dont know" or "I cant say much more".
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