League (carabao) Cup - 2019/2020 - Newport County

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by Malteser2, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Teide1

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    Agree, Watson still doing it in the Championship had a brilliant season last season for Forest! Connolly local lad I believe, only just left Cardiff although I was never Quite sure what he brought to the party, and Gueds had some very good moments, all action until his elastic band broke!
  2. wfcmoog

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    If we’d lost but played well, this conversation would be flipped. Clappers going on about performance and positives.
  3. reids

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    Pretty sure Stevenson was signed as squad filler for the U23s rather than to fire us to promotion.

    That was Pedro.
  4. hornetboy1

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    I'm not too worried by this signing on it's own, but it's the general direction we seem to be taking which is concerning me. We seem to be doing all we can to water down this unbelievably good squad we have. Not selecting key players while they are still with us, trying to sell anyone we can and bringing in vastly inferior replacements.

    I've seen the match, and Stevenson did ok. He put in a few decent crosses, but I cannot see how he could be ever a first team player. He just doesn't have the pace to play as a wing back, so what's the point in signing him?

    Sierralta and Navarro were extremely poor, and should not be considered as first team options for any Championship fixtures. Why have we signed Sierralta, when Mariappa is a much better option and we let him go. Wilmot is looking decidedly shaky too, although he's a player we can invest time in, he shouldn't be a first team player at the moment.

    Chalobah looks done. How many more chances is he going to get? I'm so disappointed that he's now looking a shadow of the player he used to be. Quina needs to get going again, but that's what I think you're going to get from him. Fluctuations in performance. He has bags of talent, but he needs to be consistent, or will be little use to us.

    Perica, maybe useful to us, but again only as a bench warmer. He can mix it in the box and is decent in the air, but I'm not sure how good his finishing is or his instinct to sniff out a chance. The academy players that played did a couple of good things, but it's clear they are way off being first team players, or even viable options from the bench.

    The only guy who really came out with any credit is Bachmann. Now that was the game of his life. It's going to be tough for him to replicate that sort of performance, but he is a good reaction keeper. However, I'm not convinced with his ability to command his area and take high crosses.

    Sinclair maybe a little pleasant surprise, but again, I think he's one of those players who is playing above himself and will soon fall into old habits. His career to date should indicate his natural level. League One and he's pretty average. Not a player that should be in and around a promotion chasing Championship club.
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  6. Back into the sub-prem wilderness m8.
  7. wfcmoog

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    I think the difference in perspective hinges around just how far these lot will be from our actual 11 going forward.

    Who will we sell, who will we buy, who is never going to play again etc.

    It comes down to faith in our owners to do the right business in the time left. I am one who doesn’t have that faith in them. I suspect that Quina and Chalobah will be playing a lot and have looked poor.

    I suspect that Perica will be 2nd or 3rd choice striker.

    I suspect that our wing back positions will be very weak once the window closes.

    I think that some of the kids we saw tonight will be called on to at least be on the bench as our squad gets depleted by injury and suspension and we don’t have adequate replacements.

    Unless half of those listed as ‘gonners’ can be rehabilitated and a good handful of astute signings made, I think we are screwed. Given our transfer performance over the past 4 or 5 windows I can’t see how anyone can be otherwise without blind hope overriding logic.
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  8. miked2006

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    I just hope we get a sterner test in the next round.

    I'm fed up of breezing through Micky Mouse competitions with our excellently capable reserves.
  9. barely1egal

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    I have no issue with that as long as we have players of the quality of Gray and Suarez as first and second choice.

    Sema is a very good option, but he can't play LWB, central midfield and one the wing all at the same time. Masina is poor at left back and even worse at LWB. Stevenson looks okay as a 3rd choice back-up but nothing more than that - looks like an English Masina. We really need to bring someone in here.

    Ngakia on the other flank is promising and looks good and if Kiko and Janmaat are kept around that seems more than adequate for the championship.

    On the basis of the games so far we desperately need another midfielder. Hughes coming back is a big plus and Dele Bashiru will add a bit more depth. Need a quality player to put his foot on the ball like Grimes.

    That just is the reality of championship football. I'd rather have a quality first choice option and academy players as 3rd/4th option than waste wages on squad filler.

    If we are still playing a squad of the quality we did against Boro I will be just as negative as Nath, but I can see some logic in what the club and Ivic are trying to do so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
  10. Loyalhornet

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    Didn’t see the match last night but can’t say I’m not concerned about reports that Chalobah and Quina were poor again. Would expect them to be dominant against league 1 opposition .

    Think Quina isn’t ready , but we know Chalobah can do it . He just seems to have lost something , hope he can rediscover it .

    Expect Hughes to come back in and if we lose Capoue we will more than likely replace with a Championship quality midfielder but in that case I think we will also need one it 2 more to be genuine contenders if Chalobah and Quina aren’t up to it.
  11. Sort of OK

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    Stick a few on ignore Pozz, I have (not you obviously), it makes it a much more pleasant environment, even if some comments look a bit random because you can't see what they are replying to.
  12. WatfordTalk

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    The point in signing him is so the u23s can put out a decent squad. As for him not being fast enough to be LWB, I don't think the first team or the u23 will be using wing-backs in every game this season.
  13. Burnsy

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    Think people need to let this Grimes thing go. Not a single rumour now for weeks and the strong indication is that it was either nonsense to begin with or (more likely) we were told the price and have run a mile.

    Same with the Greek LB. He played and won in the CL against Benfica last night so it’s unlikely on that front and is an even older rumour.

    Their prices are only going to go up as the window draws to a close as their clubs will know they will be hard to replace...

    In the transfers section, I’ve seen some predicting that they will likely come in...think we need to temper our expectations on those two names.
  14. Vicarage Roadie

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    By far the biggest positive to me after two games has been Ivic. Early days but his communication to players and supporters has been excellent. Especially the “I’m only going to pick you if you want to be here”. And his teams are well drilled and motivated. Subs excellent as well (a continual issue last season).

    The owners need to back him by reinforcing where we are short which especially in midfield. Last night showed we are laughably light there even with Hughes and DB coming back.

    This year might well be (Only!) rebuilding, my concern is the impatience of the owners. Give Ivic time. Let him drill the squad. Get rid of people who don’t want to be here.

    the biggest mistake of the last five years (which let’s be honest have been great !) was the continual chopping and changing of the manager which ended up giving all the power to the players. “Don’t like this manager?” “Don’t worry another one will be along in a minute”. The coaches job became impossible because when push came to shove the owners seemed to back the players.

    Choose a good manager, let him run and coach the team and improve it over time. Ivic first impressions very positive only 45 more games to go!
  15. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Academy Graduate

    My thoughts the morning after the night before..

    A fairly poor showing last night overall, and a night where the result of a lottery penalty shoot out at least gave us a little cheer whereas we could have all gone to bed last night feeling even more miserable. Fine margins.

    Good use of the bench from Ivic and pro-active substitutions early enough in the match to affect the result (though ironically it then left us a man short as we’d used all the subs by the hour mark). Something we’ve been crying for over the past year or so.

    It’s silly judging a new player on just one appearance. Give them time. Keep minds open. Had you watched Chelsea on Monday, you’d have thought Havertz was the worst player on the pitch. Players need time to settle. Judge the new boys in 10 matches time.

    These are exceptional times. A health pandemic, meaning some players needing to quarantine. The shortest break ever between seasons. A transfer window lasting a month after the season starts. Relegation. Our income slashed dramatically. Nearly all our best players being linked away. Very unsettling times. It feels as if Ivic is working with his hands tied behind his back, and I hate that. He’s doing well so far but my goodness he needs some support from the owners. Give him a few diamonds to work with and I’m sure he will get us competing for promotion. Sell all our assets and don’t replace them and I fear a long season ahead, no matter how good the Coach (and I believe him to be very very good).

    We desperately need a good number 6, a ball winner in midfield. It’s so disappointing the Grimes move never happened. The return of Hughes cannot come fast enough, but we need more experience in the midfield alongside him. I’m disappointed that, for whatever reason, it’s not happening for Chalobah so far as he was one we really needed to step up. Quina I think will look better with better players around him. He’s still very inexperienced in terms of actual appearances in his career to date.

    I was worried about the back up keeper position, but no longer. Bachmann looks the part and it’s nice we have competition for the Number One.

    Other posters were correct here when they predicted during the summer that Sema returning would be good news.

    I never got the point of the Navarro signing when it was made, and I’m afraid I still don’t.

    As the only person on the forum who actually likes and rates Sinclair, I was pleased that he did well. There’s a good player in there, he’s just lost his way and drifted and maybe Ivic is the coach who can get him back on track.

    So we are through to the next round. Another opportunity to put miles on the legs and for Ivic to have another look at the squad.

    It’s pointless worrying too much or even arguing about the future because none of us can see it. We think we can, but none of us know what the next few weeks will bring. The time to review the transfer window properly is when it shuts. The time to review the season is when it ends, or at least when it reaches a point where we can all see that we are going to be serious challengers or not. I think many of us have our doubts based on the recruitment so far, the expected departures, the rumours about the balance sheet but mixed in with the odd bit of optimism based on the obvious qualities of Ivic and the fact that at least some of our younger players have started the season quite well.
  16. WatfordTalk

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    Extended highlights here:

    Good to see Perica get in decent areas and looks a threat in the air. Unlucky with a couple chances but should have scored a couple. Hopefully that's rustiness. As mentioned Bachmann made at least 4 brilliant saves in normal time and judging by Ivic's comments, we could see a proper battle for no1. Chalobah's bottling of the challenge for their goal kind of summed him up post-injury, just looks scared to get hurt. First real experience of watching Navarro and wow, is he always that slow??

    Side note that Joao Pedro may be the best playmaker in the squad. His vision and weight of pass is incredible for his age.
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  17. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    I agree. Ivic is the one shining light to come out of the sorry mess created by Gino and the board.
  18. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    Very good post, I totally agree. Let him rule the roost and if players don't like it then deal with it rather than just binning the manager.
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  19. First half it looked like the team was instructed to stay in shape and let Oxford play in front of them

    Second half it looked like the team were instructed to play a higher line and be more aggressive

    I suspect yesterday was as much about Ivic learning as it was for the players. Until Hughes is back I’m not sure we have the midfielders for 343.
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  20. barely1egal

    barely1egal Academy Graduate

    If this was in response to me mentioning him, I am not fussed if it is him or someone else, but we need a player with his skillset - i.e. who can both tackle and actually pass and dictate. It seems a vitally important role in Ivic's system, and on the basis of Chalobah's performances so far, we seem to be selling the only player capable of it in Capoue.
  21. Hughes can be that player in this league
  22. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    While I think we would all encourage that approach, the 1-year deal given to him more or less tells you that isn’t the plan.
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  23. Supertommymooney

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    Is it now safe to admit how many times I had to watch the highlights before remembering we weren't the team in yellow?

    Shame as the yellows had some decent youngsters.
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  24. reids

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    Think people are being a bit too harsh on Perica - came on for his debut and whilst he didn't score he got himself into a number of good positions and took a decent amount of shots, most of which were good saves or slightly unlucky, on another night he could've had a hat-trick! He's not gonna bag us 10-15 goals but he's a good option to have
  25. Burnsy

    Burnsy Squad Player

    I think a lot of the negativity around the club and with fans could have been easily dampened had they given the manager a 2-3 year deal. Then the massive upheaval would be easily framed as a real rebuild under the manager and I think more fans would have faith in what's happening.

    Giving him a 1-year deal and stating that promotion is the only aim - that is currently flying in the face of what seems to be happening at the moment.
  26. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Yes, it's a total contradiction. Gino has no patience and expects a head coach to be hitting promotion targets throughout the season. If he drops below that, he'll be gone, regardless of the ridiculously poor standard of player he has to choose from. One year deal tells everyone he's not here long, so there's no need to get fully behind him.
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  27. Hornpete

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    He certainly will get 10-15 if he gets that many chances in every match and indeed if he plays often enough id see him getting 20.
  28. I Blame Bassett

    I Blame Bassett Squad Player

    Yes,I came in from the kitchen to watch the penalties of SSN and saw 'us' have the first saved,then remembered!
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  29. Malteser2

    Malteser2 Academy Graduate

    Last night was the first time a Watford keeper has saved three penalties in a match/shoot out, and the first time we’ve had a shoot out in which our opponents failed to score.

    As an aside, last night former Hornet Jobi MCAnuff was on target. His last goal in this competition was in 2002. An 18 year gap!
  30. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    [QUOTE="WatfordTalk, post: 2900814, member:]
    Side note that Joao Pedro may be the best playmaker in the squad. His vision and weight of pass is incredible for his age.[/QUOTE]

    This last point, absolutely. In the Boro game, there was a point where he chipped the ball between two players and picked out Ngakia with a brilliant ball, and another round the corner pass, also to Ngakia, that were both excellent.

    I thought he'd be more of a poacher but having seen two full games, I'd say that his ceiling looks a lot higher than Richarlison from a technical perspective. They both have a real streetfighter quality and will to win. The key for me will be whether he also has Richarlison's knack of being in the right place at the right time and taking his chances. He's done the former so far, and if he adds goals to his game, he's going to be some player.
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  31. Knight GT

    Knight GT Predictor extraordinaire 2013/14

    All three he had one foot on the line as the kick was taken so perfectly fine
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  32. Squibba

    Squibba Predictor Choker 14/15

    To be fair, 4 out of 5 is pretty good.

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  33. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    Plus the fact I've never seen a penalty shoot-out spot kick ever ruled out and retaken. The keeper has carte blanche to do whatever he wishes in these situations.
  34. poakley

    poakley Academy Graduate

    It's all been said about how poor we were, but there are some positives in the shape of Sema, Pedro from both games, and the first choice defence from Friday being fairly resolute against a typical championship attack - just need to find a LWB for Saturday. I think Perica will prove useful as well. Not a great player but will manage to score 10+ goals as a back up striker which is fine.

    The biggest concern is that, Kabasele aside, Chalobah was the most experienced player in that side, having started 10 games last year, and is considered to be not up to scratch by most on this forum. Myself included. Yes, we may keep the likes of Hughes, and a couple of others but the squad we have right now is not nearly good enough to mount a promotion challenge.

    Coupled with our diabolical transfer record in the past 2-3 years, as fans we have every right to be sceptical about the season. There's very little evidence that points to this being a good year.
  35. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    fair enough. This is down to faith you have in the owners that I don’t share.

    I will reserve an adult nappy for you so you can join us pantwetters when the window slams shut and the paucity or our squad is confirmed.

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