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    You say that but the guy has at least accepted that supporting the local team isn't a rational option. An individual living in Muff and supporting L*t*n would be worse.
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    Mark Bailey, 55, is a Bournemouth fan from Luton who has not missed an England game for 22 years, and has spent £450 on travelling to Rijeka and back.

    Bailey is also driving from Ljubljana and explained: "My idea of going there was just to be in the same town, and you never know who you might bump into who could get you into the ground."

    Paying £450 to maybe get into the ground.
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    Supply and demand given their ground holds about 5,000.
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    Maybe Clive could give him the lowdown on Ljubljana and the Ljublyanians, together with a reasoned analysis of the relative merits of Luton, Lyubljana and Bournemouth.

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