House Prices - Bound To Nosedive

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    There is always a deal to be had with a new build. They’ll often want to try and keep the asking price as close to original as possible, but they’ll normally be happy to pay your stamp duty (less beneficial at the moment) or upgrade your fixtures and fittings. Basically rather than reduce the asking price too much (and undermine the pricing for the rest of the development) they’d rather give you the money elsewhere. That said some developers just want to shift the properties as soon as possible. The development will have cost them x amount and once they pass that figure it’s all profit, so towards the end of the development there are probably more deals to be had. Ultimately you can normally play hard ball
    With a developer a lot more than you can a private seller, because they’re less wedded to an actual emotional price, they always look to weigh up the benefit of a guaranteed buyer vs the asking price.
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